A Nun on a Mission- But Whose?

on September 12, 2012
Sister Simone Campbell speaks at the DNC
(Photo credit: Politico)

By Addie Darling

Following three days of speeches by Sandra Fluke, Nancy Keenan, and Cecile Richards, among others, that stressed the party’s stances on reproductive issues- including a new position that firmly endorses on-demand abortions, the head of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Timothy Cardinal Dolan gave the convention’s closing blessing.

Of course, Cardinal Dolan and the USCCB have come into conflict with President Obama and the modern reproductive orthodoxy due to oft-referenced “HHS Mandate”This mandatory addition to the Affordable Care Act requires all employers to pay for their employees’ preventative care – including the provision of contraceptives, sterilizations, and some abortifacients.[i]  This coverage is mandated for all but a select few institutions deemed religious enough to qualify for an exemption. It has prompted a string of lawsuits filed by various dioceses, schools and charities throughout the country against the mandate.’

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