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VIDEO: Watch Providence Journal’s Official Launch Event

November 9, 2015

Watch all three sessions from the official launch event for IRD’s new magazine, Providence: A Journal of Christianity & American Foreign Policy.

Photo Credit: Eddie Petros

Religious and Political Leaders Warn of “Dying Middle East Religious Diversity”

March 27, 2014

Officials ranging from U.S. Catholic leaders to a former president of Lebanon are expressing concern about the increasing persecution of Christians throughout the Middle East.

Global Assault on Christians

March 28, 2013

By Mark Tooley (MarkDTooley) Religious liberty scholar Paul Marshall, journalist Lela Gilbert, and human rights lawyer Nina Shea have released a new book on international torment of Christians by Islamists and communists called Persecuted: The…

Christianity and Freedom in the Contemporary Middle East

December 27, 2012

By Rick Plasterer Tenuous religious freedom for Christians in the Middle East is now complicated by enormous social unrest, panelists seemed to agree at an afternoon session of the inaugural symposium on Christianity and…

A Christian in Israel

December 11, 2012

Author Lela Gilbert just delivered a talk about her fascinating new book Saturday People, Sunday People: Israel Through the Eyes of A Christian Sojourners. She spoke at the Hudson Institute, where she is an…

Standing with Besieged Mideast Christians

June 27, 2012

Tuesday I attended a superb symposium on how to help besieged Christians in the Middle East amid surging Islamist movements, especially the Muslim Brotherhood presidential victory in Egypt. Speakers were Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn of…

Events Detail: Promoting Religious Freedom in Sudan

October 24, 2008

October 28, 2008,  11:00AM – 12:00 PM – Hudson Institute, Washington, D.C. Headquarters 1015 15th Street, N.W. 6th Floor Washington, DC 20005 Phone: 202.974.2400 The Center for Religious Freedom and the Institute on Religion and…