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Decorated Christmas Tree

Christmas & Christendom

December 30, 2015

Liberal Baptist ethicist David Gushee opined in his latest column against conservative Christians supposedly obsessed over the “war on Christmas” while he personally observed this year an increasingly less Christian Christmas.

Christians are on the rights side history celebrating Christ's birth on Christmas.

Christmas & Right Side of History

December 25, 2015

Christmas is the ultimate reminder that Christians and all who pursue decency and humanity in a corrupt and vicious world are on the right side of history.

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Christmas Song for the Lost and Broken

December 25, 2015

And if we are honest, we understand that all of us are lost and broken — just that with some, the lostness and brokenness are more visible than with others.

Christmas Lights

Rethinking Christmas Lights, Part Two

December 23, 2015

How could liking pretty Christmas lights lead to apostasy? It’s What Lies Beneath that’s the problem!

Church During Christmas Season

Millennials Say Christmas “Cultural” Holiday, Not Religious One

December 22, 2015

More American millennials now identify Christmas as a “cultural” rather than a “religious” holiday. Younger Americans are increasingly likely to embrace secular Christmas traditions while abandoning its faith-based ones.

Christmas Lights

Rethinking Christmas Lights, Part One

December 22, 2015

I have always considered Christmas lights to be “Christmas-lite.” They are the fun and festive part of Christmas, but what do they have to do with the “Reason for the season”?


Militant Atheists Unleash Fervor on Nativity Scenes

December 17, 2015

It’s the time of year when militant atheists and their fellow freethinkers coordinate attempts to prevent and disrupt Nativity displays around the country.

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The Wonderful, Burdensome Message of Christmas

December 23, 2014

The message of Christmas is actually very burdensome for those who would be Christ’s true followers. And this is wonderful.


Christmas Is Undefeatable

December 18, 2014

A new Pew survey shows overwhelming majorities of Americans believe in the historical actuality of the Christmas story, including the Virgin Birth, the angels appearing to shepherds and the Wise Men following the star…

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Christmas and “The Least Common Denominator Jesus”

December 18, 2014

Christians from a Muslim background do not look for fake similarities between Jesus and Isa, in hopes of appeasing those who oppose Christ’s Sonship.


The Evangelical’s Guide to Advent

December 15, 2014

Editor’s note: The original version of this article was published by TheBlaze. Click here to read it. Many conservative evangelicals crusade against the War on Christmas, but we’ve neglected the equally important celebration of…

American Atheists Launch "Skip Church" Billboard Campaign

Atheists Launch “Skip Church” Christmas Billboards in the Bible Belt

December 3, 2014

This Christmas season atheists are taking the Left’s “War on Christmas” to new heights. Literally.