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Rev. Adam Hamilton Backs Possible “Reordering” of UMC

May 18, 2016

Well-known Methodist minister Rev. Adam Hamilton has backed a proposal that could lead to a three way split of the United Methodist Church (UMC).

The Sermon on the Mount by Carl Heinrich Bloch

Preaching the Truth in Love

July 13, 2015

I recently blogged about an interview between Adam Hamilton and Mike Slaughter, both pastors of United Methodist mega-churches. Much of the conversation involved ideas prominent in liberal theology and in liberal churches. They accused…

Bible from MinistryMatters

Talbot Davis: Reuniting Christology and Sexology

July 10, 2015

United Methodist pastor and author Talbot Davis explores if it is intellectually and biblically sustainable to maintain a “high Christology” and progressive sexual ethics.

"Woe unto You, Scribes and Pharisees"
by James Tissot [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Pharisaism of the Left

July 9, 2015

Those on the religious left often accuse more traditional Christians of Pharisaism, of wanting to be separate from sin and sinners, of being too closely identified with the state, and of ignoring Christ’s call…

Bishop Ken Carter, episcopal leader of the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church, performs communion. (Photo courtesy of the Florida Conference)

UM Bishop Ken Carter: Local Option “A Step Forward”

August 23, 2014

In an interview with Ministry Matters, Bishop Ken Carter said that he believes “the conversation about the local option is a step forward.”


Choppy Waters Ahead: A Discussion with a UMC Bishop

July 16, 2014

Increasing pressure to address the issues of same-sex marriage and the ordination of LGBT persons have set a rather precarious stage…

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Detailed Analysis of Hamilton’s “Way Forward” for the UMC

June 10, 2014

I earlier gave a summary response to the proposal of the Rev. Adam Hamilton and others for the United Methodist Church to follow the lead of the Episcopal Church on sexual morality while adopting…

UMC megachurch pastor Rev. Adam Hamilton uses a bucket as a prop to explain his understanding of biblical interpretation in a speech at Foundry UMC. (Photo taken from Ustream)

Adam Hamilton: Parts of Bible Don’t Reflect God’s Will

April 25, 2014

United Methodist megachurch pastor Adam Hamilton spoke at Foundry UMC Wednesday, where he expressed the opinion that certain parts of the Bible never actually reflected God’s will or character.

Maxie Dunnam on Adam Hamilton’s “Seeing Gray”

April 9, 2013

Former Asbury Seminary President Maxie Dunnam is one of the great elder statesmen of United Methodism, widely respected even by many who don’t share his evangelical beliefs. In a recent Facebook post, he offered…

Report to UM Action Steering Committee: Challenges and Hope for our Historic Turning Point

April 2, 2013

The following remarks were delivered by UMAction Director John Lomperis to the UMAction Steering Committee on April 2, 2013. Shortly before Christmas, I was honored to accept and formally begin my work as your…

Talk Grows of Liberal Exodus from UMC

February 27, 2013

By John Lomperis (@JohnLomperis) Since last spring’s General Conference, there has been an unprecedented mushrooming of talk of liberal exodus from the United Methodist Church.  For all of the surrounding frustration, that landmark event…

Responses to Adam Hamilton on Marriage, Slavery, and Bible

February 25, 2013

Maxie Dunnam Kansas United Methodist mega church pastor Adam Hamilton’s essay in “The Washington Post” comparing church disapproval of homosexual practice to early 19th century support for slavery has provoked several published responses. Check…