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Religious Social Service

Why the Little Sisters Should Prevail – Part 2

April 7, 2016

Without liberal/left ideology, most people could easily see that people should not be required to pay for other people’s choices that they believe are immoral, or contribute to behavior believed immoral. This must be offered as the final argument for religious conscientious objection to a society which professes pluralism, and a state which professes neutrality.

Religious Social Service

Why the Little Sisters Should Prevail – Part 1

April 4, 2016

Religious educational and social services are not primarily educational and social services, but exercises of religion, teaching, broadcasting, publishing, or healing as religious acts, or as Christians would say, in obedience to Christ. They cannot be simultaneously irreligious in disobeying the commands of their faith (or again, as Christians would say, the commands of God).

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Irrationality in What Matters Most

March 5, 2016

The rationalist doctrine of moral autonomy, which at least presents itself as protecting human dignity and a rational encounter between human beings, ends in destroying both.

In McCullen v. Coakley, the US Supreme Court considers the constitutionality of a Massachusetts law banning protests immediately outside abortion clinics.

Episcopal Priest in Supreme Court Brief Had Abortion to Finish Divinity School, Later Tanked Parish

March 4, 2016

Religious groups weighed in prior to this week’s U.S. Supreme Court hearing about safety regulations for abortion clinics. Mainline Protestant clergy were among them.

Mary Dyer Led to Execution

Religious Freedom for Me but Not for Thee

February 20, 2016

Religious freedom should protect all, even the adherents of exclusivist religions, not merely those who agree with the liberationist vision of the cultural left.

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UCC President: ‘Religious Right’ Wants ‘Theocratic State’

February 8, 2016

United Church of Christ (UCC) President John C. Dorhauer accused the “Religious Right” of attempting “to turn America into a theocratic state.”

Anglican Church in North America Bishops (L-R) David Hicks, John Miller, Julian Dobbs, Archbishop Foley Beach,  John Guernsey and Clark Lowenfeld stand for life. (Photo credit: Faith McDonnell)

Anglicans Celebrate, Protect, and Honor Life

January 25, 2016

As the electric green posters they carry in the March for Life proclaim, Anglicans celebrate, protect, and honor life.

Anglicans for Life

Anglicans Mobilize for Life

January 23, 2016

For the first time, Anglican Christians have presented a conference timed with the national March for Life aimed at mobilizing U.S. and Canadian churches to address sanctity of life issues.

Bishop Dyck introduces Bishop Carcaño, who looks on with Rev. Tracy Smith-Malone

Harming Others in the Name of Opposing Harm

January 23, 2016

The oddly named liberal “reconciling” movement in the United Methodist Church does a lot to hurt other people, all for the supposed sake of opposing harm.


Churches’ Pro-Life Witness Grows in 2016

January 21, 2016

“Pro-Life Christians are witnessing an awakening among the American public on Sanctity of Life issues. These events are an encouraging start in advocacy and ministry to defend the most vulnerable at both ends of life,” says IRD’s Chelsen Vicari.

Roe v Wade

Parallel Courses: Ruling on Roe & Legalizing the PLO

January 19, 2016

With Roe and with the legitimization of the PLO, the direct and unapologetic slaughter of innocents is rationalized and institutionalized.

Chastity as an Irreducible Element of Christian Faith

Chastity: An Inseparable Part of Religious Freedom and Liberty of Conscience

January 19, 2016

Americans must not allow the cultural left to edit the concept of religious freedom to exclude the requirements of chastity. The legal right of conscientious objection against homosexuality is integral to religious freedom because the condemnation of homosexuality is integral to Christian and other traditional religious morality.