Rev. John Chol Daau

February 7, 2017

VIDEO: Rev John Chol Daau Presents about Ministry in South Sudan

The Rev. John Chol Daau presented at the Institute on Religion & Democracy (IRD) about his efforts to promote human flourishing in his home country of South Sudan. Watch a video of Daau’s presentation and view photos below from the event at the IRD on February 7, 2017.

Daau is a former Lost Boy, an author, and founder of the Good Shepherd Leadership Training Center and Good Shepherd Academy. He also helped to launch The Christian Times, a South Sudanese news site, in 2004.

He published his memoirs in March 2016. The book is entitled God’s Refugee: The Story of a Lost Boy Pastor. Daau tells his dramatic story as a Lost Boy and how God called him to his current ministry:

God’s Refugee spans the first thirty years of Rev. John Chol Daau’s life as a boy pastor, wandering refugee, and Anglican priest… As an orphan and refugee, John is denied every advantage in life, but God makes a way for him… Ultimately, John becomes, as his uncle prophesied at his birth, Chol Makeyn, “a true compensator for his people.”

In April 2016, Daau shared about his book and his dramatic story during an event at the IRD. Video of that event, plus an exclusive one-on-one interview with IRD’s Religious Freedom Director Faith McDonnell, are available here.

McDonnell said in a press release announcing the event in April 2016:

IRD has been working with John Chol Daau for some 15 years. We never cease to be amazed by all that he has done for the Kingdom of God.

As a former Lost Boy, familiar with the ravages of jihad in South Sudan, and never flinching from the truth of that evil, John demonstrates Christ’s love and the power of the Cross to enable forgiveness and reconciliation that is so desperately needed in South Sudan today.

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