Former Lost Boy Rev John Daau at IRD

April 25, 2016

VIDEO: Former “Lost Boy” Speaks at IRD

The Rev. John Chol Daau, former “Lost Boy” from South Sudan, spoke to a lunchtime gathering at the Institute on Religion and Democracy (IRD) on April 20, 2016. Video of his talk and subsequent Q&A with the audience is available below.

Daau shared about his new book called God’s Refugee: The Story of a Lost Boy Pastor. The book covers more than three decades of Daau’s life, as a “boy pastor, wandering refugee, and Anglican priest.” Reviewing the book, Baroness Caroline Cox said she was “profoundly humbled and inspired” by Daau’s story.

Once a Lost Boy refugee fleeing violence in Sudan and Ethiopia, Daau currently serves as priest in the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan. He is part of the Archbishop’s task force to bring healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation in South Sudan, and he is the founder of The Good Shepherd Foundation. This foundation helps to educated South Sudanese by funding the Good Shepherd Academy, in addition to the Good Shepherd College and Seminary. Daau also founded the first and only Christian newspaper in South Sudan, The Christian Times.

Faith McDonnell, IRD’s Director of Religious Liberty Programs and of the Church Alliance for a New Sudan, organized and moderated the event. “IRD has been working with John Chol Daau for some 15 years,” she said of Daau in a press release in advance of the event. “We never cease to be amazed by all that he has done for the Kingdom of God.”

She continued:

“As a former Lost Boy, familiar with the ravages of jihad in South Sudan, and never flinching from the truth of that evil, John demonstrates Christ’s love and the power of the Cross to enable forgiveness and reconciliation that is so desperately needed in South Sudan today.”

McDonnell interviewed Daau individually following his talk. That video is also available below.

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