A Tale of Two Coasts: Religious Freedom and the Churches

on March 21, 2015

Former IRD president, Jim Tonkowich, is now writing for the new website, The Stream.

His latest article, “A Tale of Two Coasts: Religious Freedom and the Churches,” addresses the assaults on the religious liberty of religious schools by the Washington, D.C. City Council and by parents, teachers, and others in San Francisco. Tonkowich writes:

Typically we think about religious freedom only in individual terms: I have my right to my beliefs. But religious freedom includes the freedom of churches and religious organizations to define and propagate their beliefs and to pursue their missions even when — make that especially when — those beliefs and missions are out of step with the prevailing culture inside or outside the church.

Read the rest here.

Jim is also the author of The Liberty Threat: The Attack on Religious Liberty in America Today. His writings about religion and public life can be found at www.jimtonkowich.com.

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