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May the Pope Challenge Obama’s ‘Freedom of Worship’ Talk for the Sad, Watered Down Thing That It Is

September 27, 2015

All around us we see the attempt to privatize religion, to make it an entirely interior matter in order to reduce it to quiet obscurity.

In this Monday Sept. 7, 2015 photo, a sand sculpture pays tribute to three year-old Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi, whose haunting image hammered home the Syrian migrant crisis to the world. He died along with 5-year-old brother and their mother when their small rubber boat capsized as it headed for Greece. (AP Photo)

Keeping the Human in Humanity

September 10, 2015

Where we see crowds, God sees individuals. Each has a name and a face, a history and a future, a family and a purpose.


A Tale of Two Coasts: Religious Freedom and the Churches

March 21, 2015

Assaults on the religious liberty of religious schools are underway by the Washington, D.C. City Council and by parents, teachers, and others in San Francisco.

"N.I.C.E." from C. S. Lewis' "That Hideous Strength"

Is It Good to Be Nice?

February 7, 2015

Mean and nice are thoroughly subjective judgments. They say something about us and our feelings, but nothing about abortion, marriage, or any other moral question, public or private.

Brother Lawrence on work and prayer.

Why ‘Ordinary Time’ is Most Extraordinary for God’s Work

January 14, 2015

It is precisely in the midst of our ordinary that God works his extraordinary. That’s because it’s during Ordinary Time that we answer the question, “So what?”

Clemente Alberi (Bologna, 1803-1864): Paolo e Francesca da Rimini sorpresi da Gianciotto, 1828. Rimini, Musei Civici

Why Human Desire Can Lead to Hell

December 29, 2014

The phrase “If it feels good do it,” may be a relic of the seventies, but the sentiment is still with us and it’s on steroids. Our feelings and desires, we believe, cannot and should not be resisted.

DC Wilson Building

Throwing Religious Freedom Under the Washington, DC Busses

December 13, 2014

The DC City Council seems to be working overtime to eviscerate the religious freedom of private schools.

Still of Robin Williams, Candice Bergen, Clark Duke, Lauren Graham, Joel McHale and Pierce Gagnon in A Merry Friggin' Christmas.

How to Adapt a Dysfunctional Family into a Community

November 28, 2014

While it’s unlikely that John Paul watched dysfunctional-family Christmas movies, he knew the difficulties families face and saw ministry to families as “an inescapable requirement of the work of evangelization.”

Author Anthony Esolen (Photo Credit: Joel Pidel/Catholic Artists Society)

Holding On to the Joy of God-Designed Marriage

November 22, 2014

In his new book Defending Marriage: Twelve Arguments for Sanity, Anthony Esolen uses his considerable wit and insight to break our self-deceit, the lies we tell ourselves about life, sex, meaning, and marriage.

(Photo Credit: Kimberley Stokes)

Food for the Body is Food for the Soul

November 15, 2014

In the kitchen and around the table friendliness leading to true friendship happens as we share “fire and food and drink and the recognition of rain or frost,” that is, as we come together in our common physicality.

Houston Mayor Annise Parker (Photo Credit: David Ortez/Wikimedia Commons)

Religious Liberty and the Bullies

October 21, 2014

Bullying and the censorship that comes with it appear to be the primary tactics for progressives these days.

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“A Terrible Slaughter is Coming”: Kobani, Lepanto, and the Cycle of Terror

October 15, 2014

“For those who know little history,” writes theologian Michael Novak, “today’s battle with the Islamic State in the Middle East may seem new and unprecedented. It is not…. What we are seeing in 2014 has a history of more than 1,300 years — a very bloody, terror-ridden history.”