July 19, 2013

#Facepalm Friday – Camp Crossdress

From the Slate article:

Over the past three years, photographer Lindsay Morris has been documenting a four-day camp for gender nonconforming boys and their parents.

The camp, “You Are You” (the name has been changed to protect the privacy of the children and is also the name of Morris’ series), is for “Parents who don’t have a gender-confirming 3-year-old who wants to wear high heels and prefers to go down the pink aisle in K-Mart and not that nasty dark boys’ aisle,” Morris said with a laugh.

It is also a place for both parents and children to feel protected in an environment that encourages free expression.

“[The kids] don’t have to look over their shoulders, and they can let down their guard. Those are four days when none of that matters, and they are surrounded by family members who support them,” Morris said.

Don’t you just see the droves of parents removing their sons from the sexually repressive Boy Scouts of America to join this outfit? No?

This is a sober reminder that children are the casualties in our sexuality culture war. It was as if this camp’s organizers were told to “go sit under the weirdo tree and wait for something to fall out and bop them on the head.” Rod Dreher understands my pain.

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