Welcoming Persecution?

Recently a staffer with an advocacy group for persecuted overseas Christians suggested American Christians should step back from defending religious liberty in this country.  “When we busy ourselves with fighting legal battles to maintain…


Indiana United Methodists Expand Concern from LGBTQ Youth to ALL Vulnerable Youth

Youth members of the UMC’s Indiana Annual Conference broaden resolution on “LGBTQ youth” to express concern for ALL youth.

Pcitured: Iron Fist (Photo credit:

Why Are Some U.S. Bishops Being So Heavy-Handed on UMC Constitutional Amendments?

Why have a geographically and theologically wide range of American United Methodist bishops been using rather heavy-handed tactics to effectively influence the results of voting on amendments to the denomination’s constitution?

Yellowstone Methodists

Sudden Financial Crisis Hits Yellowstone Methodists

Election of a partnered lesbian as a bishop has compounded problems facing the tiny and financially strapped Yellowstone Annual Conference, with an “unprecedented level of deficit that could end normal operations of the conference.”

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