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John Lomperis on April 7, 2021

The Seven Churches of the UMC Today

As the United Methodist Church (UMC) prepares to split, here are the seven churches into which the UMC is already divided.

Church Decline

Mark Tooley on April 8, 2021

Religious Right Causes Church Decline?

Conventional wisdom among some liberal Christians is that conservative Christianity is to blame for U.S. church decline. But serving as “me too” echo chambers for aggressive secularism isn’t a faithful alternative.

Anglican Bishop Bill Love

Jeffrey Walton on April 3, 2021

Bishop Love Joins Anglican Church after Release from Episcopal Church

A former Episcopal Church bishop compelled to resign for upholding traditional marriage has joined the Anglican Church in North America.

Christian Nationalism

Kennedy Lee on April 1, 2021

Evangelical Left: American Christianity “Exported Patriarchy Around the World”

American evangelicalism has led to the “deadly union between patriarchy and racism” according to a panel of Evangelical Left speakers.

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