St. Paul, Romans 13 & USA Border Policies

Attorney General Jeff Sessions defended the separation of children from detained immigrants by quoting Scripture back to his critical “church friends.” For this, he has been widely denounced by religious voices. “I would cite…


No “Fence Sitting” For GAFCON Anglicans

The Gospel of Jesus Christ requires people to make a choice, and that Gospel message must be transmitted faithfully, according to speakers at the Global Anglican Future Conference in Jerusalem.

Israel, GAFCON

Traveling to Israel When Israel is 70

My almost 25 years as director of the International Religious Freedom Program at the IRD, my identity as an Anglican Christian, and my theological perspective as a follower of Jesus, one who has been “grafted onto the vine” all help shape what Israel means to me, writes Faith McDonnell.

The Cult of Death and California’s Physician-Assisted Suicide

Choosing to die when life becomes difficult can be an extraordinarily tempting option, but the Bible speaks about the value of life numerous times.

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