Denominations, Methodism, Trumpism & Ecclesiology

In our own often impatient age of frequent ingratitude and hyper individualism, there is declining patience with durable institutions. Much of the Trump and Bernie Sanders movements wants to blow up the “system,” whatever…



Bill Hybels on “Hope for the LGBT”

Willow Creek Community Church Senior Pastor Bill Hybels switched gears from the classic sermon format to a 45 minute Q&A with congregants. Of course, homosexuality came up.

T4G cropped

T4G 2016 Reflections: Part 1

This month I joined 10,000 others in attending the Together for the Gospel conference, a biennial conference held in Louisville, Kentucky, for pastors and church leaders who are committed to the gospel of Jesus…

Dr. Vanderbijl and students at St. Frumentius Seminary
(Photo from Johann Wilhelmus Vanderbijl III)

Pray for Gambela

Such moments keep hope alive that all of the people groups of Gambela might one day be able to repent, forgive, reconcile, and restore.

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