Resurrection of Jesus

The Reality of the Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth

The resurrection of Jesus is something that happened in space and time, and what happened to Jesus happened for us, writes retired United Methodist Bishop Timothy Whitaker in our UM Voices series.

Joyce Rupp

Easter Sunday Doesn’t Have to be Perfect, Remember the “Little Easters” of Everyday Life

In a week meant to be about hope, fulfillment, and joy because of Christ’s defeat of death, Katy Vanderkwaak reminds of “small trials” and “little easters” that remind us of the presence of the Lord in daily life.

Good Friday

Useless Atonement or Reckless Love?

Well, I would agree with Williams that we don’t need folks hanging on crosses. But we do need the Son of God, the Sacrifice Lamb, hanging on a cross. Because if Jesus didn’t die, He couldn’t be raised up to life again. He couldn’t be what Paul called “the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep.”

Significance of burial

Christian Burial, Easter Resurrection and the Image of God

As Christians on Good Friday consider the entombment of Christ, we can consider the care shown to the Lord’s body and what it represents at our own natural death.

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