Filipino UMC Leaders Affirm Traditional Values

In response to recent controversies, a group of United Methodist lay leaders in the Philippines have recently declared their support for traditional biblical values on the definition of marriage. Every single lay leader in the Cavite Annual Conference signed the statement, making the conference’s voice strong and clear.

Prominent Liberal Caucus Leader Publicly Gives Up and Leaves UMC

Dr. Dorothee Benz, a prominent LGBTQ activist in the United Methodist Church, is leaving the denomination after many years of leading resistance efforts. She describes current efforts to overturn the Traditional Plan as a “delusional” waste of time.

International Religious Freedom

IRD Contributor Scott Morgan Testifies Before Canadian Parliament

Mr. Morgan’s testimony to the Canadian Parliament highlighted the false narratives put forth by malign actors seeking to obscure the frightening truth about the horrific human rights abuses and violations taking place in Cameroon.

Sanctity of Life

Rob Schenck

Former Pro-Life Activist Pastor Rob Schenck Embraces Abortion

Pastor and former pro-life activist Rob Schenck announced in a New York Times op-ed that he now favors abortion rights, offering up secular liberal talking points and little theological rationale.

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