Jessica Lagrone interviews band members

GOOD NEWS: New Room Conference Breathes Fresh Life into the Church

A report from perhaps the largest regular gathering in America of evangelical United Methodists and other Wesleyans.


Americans: Heaven and Jesus, Sure. Hell and Sin, Not So Much

It’s bad news for theology lovers. Americans accept God, not doctrine.

Religious Liberty


Will the Supreme Court Turn against Religious Liberty – Part 2

Religious freedom did not come into existence so people could have the religious activities that they find appealing, but to accommodate hard religious requirements for which people were willing to sacrifice their life and liberty. Traditional Christians must be willing to do the same in the coming years, to show society’s need for religious freedom and liberty of conscience.

New DC Churches

Launch Season Arrives for New DC Churches

The beginning of the school year marks an important launch window for many new churches. We’ve compiled a list of several new congregations that have either recently launched or prepare to do so.

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