americas largest seminaries

What are America’s Largest Seminaries in 2019?

Predicting the future of Protestant denominations in the United States seems simple when analyzing seminary data.

Lambeth 2020

Archbishop of Canterbury Speaks on Decline, Lambeth Conference and Brexit

Interviewed before a progressive audience at the annual Greenbelt Festival, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby insists he “pushed it as hard as I could” to invite bishops’ same-sex spouses to Lambeth 2020.

Religious Freedom Steven Waldman Asma Uddin Craig Parshall

Religious Freedom Under Threat for Christians and Muslims

Religious freedom discrimination is an increasingly common threat against both Christians and Muslims, according to a panel of journalists, lawyers, and authors hosted by the National Religious Broadcasters.


collectivized medical care

The Mortal Threat of Collectivized Medical Care to Freedom of Religion and Conscience

The very attempt by the state to define morality is contrary to Christian faith. It is important for people to know the benefits of the faithful practice of medicine by individuals and Christian institutions as opposed to health care provided by the state.

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