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disaffiliate from United Methodism

Mark Tooley on August 5, 2022

Exiting United Methodism Now

United Methodism as a sprawling USA 1960s bureaucracy is dying. But Methodism as a movement, unchained from that expiring behemoth, can now anticipate some of its best days.

Global Methodist Church on Abortion

John Lomperis on August 5, 2022

The Global Methodist Church on Abortion: Challenges Ahead

As it separates from the United Methodist Church, challenges await the new Global Methodist Church on abortion.

Biblical Sexuality

Aaron Vriesman on August 10, 2022

Christian Reformed Church Stands Strong for Biblical Sexuality

The Christian Reformed Church denomination-wide synod made landslide decisions in favor of the historic church view of sexuality.

UMC on abortion

John Lomperis on August 4, 2022

The Post-Separation United Methodist Church (psUMC) on Abortion

As the denomination separates, the record is clear that the leftward shift of the United Methodist Church on abortion will be dramatic.

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