IRD President Mark Tooley with UM Action Director John Lomperis

UM Action Response to UMC Commission on a Way Forward

UM Action was invited to provide feedback to the UMC Commission on a Way Forward as it seeks to resolve the UMC’s differences over homosexuality. Here is our response.

The Religious Left's Abortion Gospel

The Religious Left’s Abortion Gospel

A Center for American Progress panel “At the Intersection of Faith and Reproductive Justice” gives disturbing insight into the Religious Left’s abortion views.

Evangelical leaders praying for President Donald Trump

Praying with Presidents

Liberal activist clergyman William Barber accused conservative evangelicals of “theological malpractice” for praying with the President and Vice President in the Oval Office.


Can the Church Make a Difference in Venezuela?

Despite economic and social upheaval, perhaps Christians in Venezuela will be able to speak with a growing prophetic voice in these troubling times.

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