Bishop Ryan Reed

Anglican Bishop Ryan Reed on Seeking the Gospel Amidst Litigation

The Supreme Court of Texas recently handed down a unanimous ruling favorable to the Diocese of Fort Worth as it defends itself against litigation brought by the Episcopal Church. In an interview with IRD’s Jeff Walton, Bishop Ryan Reed shares what his diocese has learned in the past decade, and about the importance of seeking the Gospel while eschewing triumphalism and hardness of heart.

presbyterian membership

Presbyterian Church (USA) Chief: Ignore Decline Behind the Curtain

In a bold feat of illusion, Presbyterian Church (USA) chief executive says denomination is not reporting membership losses for first time in 30 years … as church reports membership drops 50,635 in 2019.

Collin Hansen

Collin Hansen and the Gospel Coalition

Gospel Coalition Editorial Director Collin Hansen joins IRD’s Mark Tooley for a conversation. As one of the more influential Christian networks in America, TGC provides teaching in the Reformed tradition.

Wilfred McClay

Author Wilfred McClay and “Land of Hope”

IRD’s Mark Tooley speaks with Professor Wilfred McClay of the University of Oklahoma about his new book Land of Hope: An Invitation to the Great American Story.

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