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Grayson Jang on June 24, 2022

Bishop Mike Lowry Lays Out Global Methodist Blueprint 

Bishop Mike Lowry of the Global Methodist Church Transitional Leadership Council outlines three main aspects of the new denomination.

Church Universal

Mark Tooley on June 28, 2022

Abortion & Methodist Split

As United Methodism splits, individuals and congregations, will choose between the Church Universal and postmodern U.S. progressive Mainline Protestantism.

Giovanni Del Piero on June 23, 2022

Presbyterian Church in America Cuts Ties to National Association of Evangelicals

Presbyterian Church in America commissioners vote to withdraw from the National Association of Evangelicals at the governing General Assembly.


Jeffrey Walton on June 24, 2022

Protestant Churches Lament, Cheer Dobbs Ruling

Mainline Protestant church agencies and officials issued a series of statements on Friday following the release of a U.S. Supreme Court opinion.

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