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antiracism antichristian

on September 14, 2020

Anti-Racism 101 is anti-Christian

An antiracism course created by the United Methodist Church to address racial issues both in the church and society at large is itself racist, argues Derryck Green.

methodist split

Carolina Lumetta on September 22, 2020

Abraham: Methodist Split on Identity Politics and Salvation

A leading United Methodist theologian tells Evangelical Virginia Methodists that the denomination will choose between “a version of Christianity where the primary focus of missions will be on so-called social justice and to identity politics versus a church where the focus will be on the salvation of souls.”

uae israel peace agreement

on September 16, 2020

Anti-Israel Protestants Bemoan UAE-Israel Peace Agreement

Mainline Protestant churches have, for years, been fed the line that Middle East peace is not possible until Israel enters into an agreement with the Palestinians. Activist groups like Friends of Sabeel North America fume that “The choice of the UAE and Bahrain to sign agreements with Israel formalizes their complicity with a settler-colonial country.”

Wesleyan Political Theology

on September 18, 2020

Dale Coulter Explains Wesleyan Politics

Dale Coulter of Pentecostal Theological Seminary explains what’s unique about Wesleyan political theology, how it differs from Calvinist, Lutheran and Catholic perspectives, why it’s so rarely articulated despite Methodism’s transformative political impact, and how it’s being enacted globally through surging Pentecostalism.

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