International Religious Freedom

What We Can Learn From the History of the International Religious Freedom Movement

On Thursday, September 20, the Save The Persecuted Christians (STPC) coalition held a summit in Washington, DC to discuss steps forward in the most effective way to help persecuted Christians around the world. In…

Azusa Pacific’s Compromise on Sexuality is Significant, but Nothing New

Azusa’s decision to compromise on sexuality amidst social pressure is not new, but such decisions are likely to have the same decline results as the capitulating schools before it.

Domestic Religious Liberty

freedom of religion

Freedom of Religion Requires More than Freedom of Speech

Religious freedom is both more specific and broader in scope than freedom of speech, so that specifically religious freedom is needed to protect religious belief and practice.

world relief

Evangelical Group Advocates for Immigrants

In addition to physically providing for immigrants, World Relief’s Jenny Yang argues at a Justice Conference gathering that Christians ought to advocate politically on their behalf. Yang says Jesus advocates for humanity before the Father, and so Christians have a responsibility to advocate before human governments.

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