Sanctity of Life

Pro-life March for Life

Some Christians Need Reminding Pro-Lifers Do More than March

In conjunction with the 47th annual March for Life, I noticed several Evangelical friends post head-scratching comments about the pro-life movement. Their general sentiment is that, while they believe life is sacred, Christians need to do more than march.

United Methodist schism

United Methodism as We’ve Known It Is Gone. No one is “Leaving” It.

Rather than talk about “leaving” something that we will no longer actually have, the choice should be understood in terms of continuing, writes John Lomperis about United Methodist schism.

Arthur Collins

Man the lifeboats!

Arthur Collins writes that some people are certainly leaving the UMC, and in the end, the American church will flip to meet the progressive side’s demands. He considers the many cost of separation and the costs of staying together in an increasingly dysfunctional denomination.

Churches Abortion

Churches & Abortion

In the United States, abortion is the leading cause of death with almost 1 million abortions per year. Read about the stances on abortion of the top 20 Christian denominations by membership in the U.S.

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