Women's Issues


A Woman’s Plea to Christian Leaders: Oppose Forcibly Sending Women to War

As a young Christian woman, I’m astounded that even certain conservative Christian candidates entertain ideas to forcibly send women to war.

Abraham Lincoln

Methodist Recollection of Lincoln

Friday is Abraham Lincoln’s 207th birthday. Here’s how Methodist minister Rev. Bernard Nadal remembered Lincoln’s cordiality and mercy.

Equal Symbol

We’re All Incest-Phobes Now

There is a growing campaign from the legal, academic, and cultural nerve centers of society to push for the legitimization of incestuous relations.

Saint Josephine Bakhita

Bakhita: Daughter of Darfur, Daughter of Christ

The life of St. Bakhita is a reminder of how God can use for good the most evil and despicable actions of men. And it is a demonstration of Jesus’ love for the daughters of Darfur.

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