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Rechurchifying America

Mark Tooley on April 30, 2021

Rechurchifying America

Sustaining religious communities requires compromise, sacrifice, grace, mercy, patience, humility. And all of these qualities are needed for wider society and nation. Hence churches are nurseries and building blocks for decent and sustainable society.

John Lomperis on April 30, 2021

About the UMC Protocol’s $25 Million

Understanding the UMC Protocol’s $25 million, and the full context of its often misunderstood financial settlement.

Christ Church Accokeek

Jeffrey Walton on May 4, 2021

Christ Church’s Amicable Episcopal Separation

Historic parish Christ Church Accokeek outside of Washington amicably separates from Episcopalians and is received into the Anglican Church.

Transgender bishop

Mark Tooley on May 10, 2021

Transgender Lutheran Bishop & Nicaea

Transgender Bishop Rohrer says she’s glad her liberal Mainline Protestant denomination is “beginning to dismantle” the injustice at the Council of Nicaea.

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