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Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

Jeffrey Walton on November 17, 2020

Pro-Abortion Religious Coalition RCRC Shrinks Further

Financial and staff support for the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice seems to have decreased further according to data from the organization’s annual report.

on November 23, 2020

Rev. Mark Holland: United Methodist Traditionalists Are Divisive Trump Evangelicals

Rev. Dr. Mark Holland, director of the liberal Mainstream UMC caucus, a group whose purpose he says is to now…

progressive umc inclusive church

Dan Moran on November 20, 2020

Progressive UMC Leaders Explain Global Trends, Hold Hope for an Inclusive Church

Progressive officials are optimistic that they will soon be able to craft a church that meets their hopes for a greater focus on social justice and uncontested freedom to celebrate same-sex weddings and ordain partnered gay clergy.

John Lomperis on November 24, 2020

United Methodist Accountability Continues

As United Methodists wait for our delayed General Conference to reach a comprehensive separation agreement, it is important to remember…

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