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Reformed Church in America

Jeffrey Walton on January 12, 2022

Reformed Church Split Mirrors Mainline Divides, Minus Acrimony

The Reformed Church split may be an instructive example for United Methodists preparing to vote upon a negotiated split of their own.

Anti-racism rally sign. Sadly, liberal bureaucratic United Methodist anti-racism efforts have needlessly chosen to undermine their own effectiveness. (Photo credit: United Methodist News Service)

John Lomperis on January 14, 2022

Ineffective Liberal United Methodist Anti-Racism

United Methodist anti-racism efforts sadly falter because of bad, unnecessary choices by liberal denominational bureaucrats.

lesbian activist Karen Oliveto

Collin Bastian on January 17, 2022

Lesbian Bishop Seeks to ‘Reshape United Methodism for a New Era’

Pleas for inclusivity and togetherness in the face of an impending United Methodist split characterized a seminar in support of lesbian activist Karen Oliveto’s contested episcopacy.

Could the UMC's 2022 assembly be switched to the format of a virtual General Conference?

on January 11, 2022

UMC Has Experience to Prep Virtual General Conference

With recent jurisdictional conferences, United Methodists have now gained experience to organize a virtual General Conference, if needed.

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