Walter McDougall

Walter McDougall’s Flawed Foreign Policy Gospel

Author Walter McDougall offers a tonic against Christian heresies of bringing heaven to earth in a fallen world where foreign faiths and ideologies do not share America’s biblical anthropology. Yet he obscures the notable fruit of enduring U.S. expenditures in blood and treasure.

What are young Christian women reading?

What Are Young Christian Women Reading?

I quizzed 21 young Christian women I know either personally or professionally, asking them directly, “What publications are you reading regularly?”


Prerequisites for Cultural Transformation

The efforts of Christians in the late twentieth century could have been much more successful, whereas they turned out to be disastrous, because they focused on political action without the necessary cultural support.


Clergywoman’s Patriotism

A Free Methodist Church clergywoman recounts here how she rediscovered her American patriotism from her immigrant friends.  A Congolese friend particularly persuaded her.  She had thought after his difficult time in substandard housing and…

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