Hate Speech Doctrine

The Threat of Hate Speech Doctrine – A Warning from Europe

What leftists call “hate speech” has now been prohibited in Europe by law, and is being censored on American social media controlled by tech companies owned and operated by people who agree with the Left in the areas it wants to censor.

rejecting good news

Rejecting Good News?

The world may be a veil of tears, but it’s also under redemption, which we are called to celebrate. More millions have received and heeded the Gospel than ever before.

Mark Charles

Evangelical Left Native American Activist Mark Charles Running for U.S. President

Mark Charles found an audience as World Relief and InterVarsity ushered him before young Evangelicals to denounce the U.S. founding documents as systematically racist and charge “Everything you own is stolen.” He is now taking that message to voters as an independent candidate for U.S. President.

catholic lgbt

James Martin’s Three Lessons for the Catholic LGBT Community

In a special Pride Month mass for LGBT-identifying Roman Catholics, Fr. James Martin urges advocacy for their right to be involved in the Church’s ministry.

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