Religious Liberty


Will the Supreme Court Turn against Religious Liberty – Part 1

Religion is supposed to provide meaning and value to life, yet … religious belief and practice has been increasingly removed from mainstream American life … a future turn against religious liberty may make earlier court decisions that are in fact hostile to religious belief and practice seem moderate.


Who are America’s Non-Religious?

We are witnessing the rise of a new kind of religious orientation. The nones.

End of White Christian America

Book Review: The End of White Christian America

“The End of White Christian America” narrates the historical development and decline of a religious and national phenomenon, functioning not only as a eulogy for the once prominent majority but also the obituary.

Episcopal Church Membership

Episcopal Church Continues Uninterrupted Decline

New statistics show a denomination continuing a gradual, uninterrupted decline in 2015, while dioceses in New England, the Rust Belt and rural areas face an especially grim future.

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