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Avoiding Death by a Thousand Cuts

It is imperative … that faithful Christians not be complicit in sin, although it means loss of opportunities, jobs, property, or friends. The difficult and insidious problem, that will work against long term faithfulness, is knowing when an accommodation to the world we find ourselves in becomes sinful. Beyond that, a disciple of Christ cannot go.

Islamic Drag Queen

Methodists to Host Anti-Israel Islamic Drag Queen

San Francisco church touts “vital connections” of drag and spiritual identities, with artists of “Islamic, Native American & Christian spiritual traditions.”

Bishop Timothy Whitaker

Methodist Bishop Tim Whitaker on Christianity & Liberalism

Many Mainline Protestants somehow missed the overcoming of liberalism, considering themselves to be “progressives,” writes Bishop Timothy Whitaker. “A moniker of ‘progressive’ indicates a belief in an ideology of ‘progress’, which is descended from liberalism. Perhaps many progressives are anxious to profess their allegiance to the authority of scripture and doctrines of the church, but their profession of orthodoxy is belied by key interpretations which convert the meaning of scripture and doctrine which have been characteristic of Christianity from the beginning.”

Azusa Pacific University

Azusa Pacific University Flips on LGBTQ Ban (Again)

How exactly will APU maintain its evangelical witness when its Board of Trustees seems to be saying one thing and doing the opposite?  

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