Global Christian Persecution

Christians in India: Targets of “Saffronization”

If the Indian government truly believes in democracy, it should promote religious freedom for all. It must see Indians of all religions and castes as equal citizens under democracy.

Copper Scroll Project

Book Review: “The Copper Scroll Project” by Shelley Neese

Hitch your reading shovel to “The Copper Scroll Project” and dig into a story about the most renowned treasure hunt in history!

Bodily Resurrection

Anglican Envoy to Rome Walking Back Denial of Christ’s Bodily Resurrection

An interim director of the Anglican Center in Rome is qualifying and expanding earlier statements that appear to question the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ after coming under criticism from clergy and lay leaders across the Anglican Communion.

Abortion, race, and Wheaton College

Wheaton College Under Scrutiny Over Race, Abortion, and “Offensive Rhetoric” Talks

Wheaton College, one of the nation’s leading Christian colleges, is under scrutiny for its treatment of two very different presentations about race.

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