Synod on the Family

Prospects and Perils for the Synod on the Family

A church which is liberalized in its response to the world will not advance or defend the Christian virtue of holiness, a key point of conflict between traditional Christianity and liberalism; really the key doctrine of God which is in dispute. It is also the key doctrine involved in the conflict in the western world over religious liberty.


Death of Methodist Friend (David Stanley 1928-2015)

IRD board member David Stanley died yesterday, age 86, just a few weeks after his dear wife of 67 years, Jeanie.  He was a marvelous man in every way: generous, smart, patient, kind, meticulous,…


A Weak Christian Response to Iranian Nukes That Could Make War More, Not Less, Likely

The National Council of Churches has organized a letter of religious voices effusively praising the Iran nuclear deal and urging Congress to support supposedly the “most robust monitoring and inspection regime every negotiated” that…


IRD’s Evangelical Action Director Advises Counter Culture Millennials

IRD’s Chelsen Vicari advises Millennials who want to counter the Left’s distortion of Christianity.

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