Warriors as Exemplars of Faith

The Revised Common Lectionary of August 18, 2019, has several lessons on the nature of war. The Lectionary is the fruit of collaboration between the North American Consultation on Common Texts (CCT) and the…

2019 UMC General Conference

Asbury Theological Seminary

Asbury Alumni Attack Students and Staff

In an open letter to the faculty, administrators, students, and alumni at Asbury Theological Seminary, a group of current and former students attack the seminary for its support of the Traditional Plan at United Methodist General Conference 2019.

Hong Kong’s Fight for Freedom

Above the Hong Kong protest are the specters of other brave freedom fighters, let down by a watching world and allowed to be crushed by the forces of tyranny. There have been missed opportunities to change history. Many believe that this current fight for freedom is also a moment to change history – a Kairos moment, not just for Hong Kong, but for us.

Stephen Colbert on Suffering, the Goodness of God, & Hobbits

Stephen Colbert steps out of the comedic routine to show off his theological chops with a cogent reflection on human suffering and the goodness of God–all while taking the scenic route through Middle Earth.

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