Visiting Nixon Library

This week I’m in the Los Angeles area speaking about Christianity and global statecraft at several schools: Biola, Pepperdine and Westmont, along with our Providence managing editor Marc LiVecche. Today I visited the Nixon…

Sanctity of Life


UCC Pastor: In Praise of Planned Parenthood

Most Christians lament the atrocity of abortion, not praise one of its catalysts.

Religious Liberty


Albert Mohler Sees God’s Sovereignty in a Time of Darkening Skies

In today’s trial, Christians “are to be a people of justice, mercy, and humility.” Jesus is the “once and future king,” and we can sleep “in the knowledge that all of our lives have been a preparation for this moment under God’s sovereignty.”


10 Encouraging Scriptures to Remember During Election 2016

Whatever the outcome of election 2016, one thing is clear: God is in control. Scripture assures us that our Lord ordains governments, rulers, and nations.

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