“Uniting Methodists” Leader Misrepresents Traditional Plan, Calls for Splitting United Methodist Church

Pastor James Howell of the Uniting Methodists caucus puts out a misleading video about the United Methodist Traditional Plan. IRD’s Dan Moran identifies and rebuts a flurry of misrepresentations, errors, and mischaracterizations.

MOPs, Methodists, and Kids Who Ask About Sexuality

MOPs, Methodists, and Kids Who Ask about Sexuality

My daughter is only a toddler and already my husband and I are navigating how to equip her with historic Christian teaching in a broken society aiming to reframe one of her most basic foundations—the family unit.

2019 UMC General Conference

United Methodist Agency

United Methodist Agency Responses to General Conference 2019

Passage of the Traditional Plan was a landmark moment, but United Methodist agency stated goals to carry out programs adopted by General Conference are not being upheld.

Notre Dame & Christendom

One of Christendom’s greatest and oldest sanctuaries has suffered great damage but largely survived. According to whom you read, its devastation is a metaphor for European Christianity’s collapse or for its rebirth through fire….

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