Christians Against Religious Liberty?

One of the weirder developments in the American battle over religious liberty is that some liberal Christians have come out against it for traditional Christians. Indeed, some claim the concept is a tool of…

Nigel Biggar

Oxford’s Nigel Biggar: Anglicanism Sustains Democracy & Religious Freedom

Nigel Biggar argues that Christianity is an important part of a free and fair government. An ordained Church of England clergyman, Biggar sets out to demonstrate that England’s state-sponsored religious establishment is “compatible with liberal rights to religious freedom and political equality.”

Church of the Wild

Worshipping Among Trees

Last week The Washington Post reported on a new “Church of the Wild” of about 50 worshipers that meets in the woods: Worshipers drum, sing and listen to recitations of poetry in an effort…

UM Voices: Do No Harm?

As local churches discuss the three plans to be presented at the called 2019 General Conference, those who support the Bible’s teaching on sexual behavior express anxiety as to how these plans, if enacted, wonder how each would affect their local congregations.

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