Liberal UMC Leaders: “We Cannot Affiliate” With Traditionalist United Methodists!

A notable group of liberal United Methodist caucus leaders has declared that they can no longer bear to remain affiliate with traditional Christian believers.


long term social well being

Traditional Faith, Marriage, and Long Term Social Well Being

Traditional religious belief and strong commitment are beneficial both to quality of life and the long term survival of society. It may be possible to live life without it, but decades after the 1960s, the data collected shows that society is not better off in the areas examined.

United Methodist Women Abortion

United Methodist Women Claim Pro-Life Laws an “Attack on Women’s Reproductive Health”

Swiftly declining UMW rails against state abortion limits, placing the group at odds with an overall Pro-Life trajectory of United Methodist General Conference.

Christian Doctrine and Practice

Separating Christian Doctrine from Practice?

Supposedly disputes about discipline should not divide the church since discipline is not on the same level as doctrine. But if the law is a Christological issue, as John Wesley taught, with the church’s apostolic and catholic tradition, then downplaying the status of discipline is misleading.

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