The Bible’s Significance for the American Founders

The founders, whether Christian or not, believed that the Bible provided an important source of morality for the country. The enormous success of the American nation since the founding must thus be attributed in fair measure to its Biblical basis.

The Liberia Annual Conference meeting in February 2017 (Photo:

Decision of the Liberia Annual Conference, United Methodist Church on Five Proposed Constitutional Amendments

Some leaders of the United Methodist Church in West Africa offer their recommendations on five proposed constitutional amendments on which all UMC annual conferences must vote.

PCUSA Stated Clerk Rev. Dr. J Herbert Nelson II

As Losses Mount, Presbyterian Official Declares: “We are not dying. We are Reforming”

New figures released this week show the denomination has shed more than a third of its membership in the past decade, an unparalleled collapse even among its swiftly declining Mainline Protestant peer group.

Sanctity of Life


How Should Christian Schools Respond to Teen Pregnancies?

It is an issue of both speaking the truth and demonstrating love, a challenge for every Christian.

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