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indigenous peoples day

Mark Tooley on October 11, 2021

Indigenous Peoples Day vs Columbus

Columbus Day, which some now call Indigenous Peoples Day, could be a reminder not of human glory or pretended innocence, but rather of Divine Providence’s redemptive acts in history and throughout the world today.

James Diddams on October 12, 2021

New Religions of Wokeness, Nationalism Filling Faith Vacuum?

Western Europe and America have abandoned Christianity for “woke” religious fervor according to a leading theologian.

Spiritual Abuse

Bart Gingerich on October 19, 2021

Mark Driscoll Won’t Be the Last

Christians mustn’t be naïve about spiritually abusive groups. People really are driven to strong personalities for leadership and identity.

methodist split

Jeffrey Walton on October 15, 2021

William J. “Billy” Abraham 1947-2021

Billy Abraham was a tireless and courageous voice for Christian orthodoxy with Wesleyan distinctives.

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