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John Lomperis on May 22, 2023

United Methodists Mixing Christianity, Other Religions

Liberal United Methodists embracing the spirituality of other religions demonstrates the denomination’s lack of boundaries.

United Methodist Exits

Mark Tooley on May 18, 2023

United Methodist Exits Accelerate

Does United Methodism even have a meaningful future in the Deep South?

John Lomperis on May 20, 2023

The United Methodist Schism was a Long Time Coming

The present United Methodist schism had been developing for decades, but barriers to separation were removed only recently.

Josiah Hasbrouck on May 19, 2023

Declining Church Council Prematurely Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Given the National Council of Churches’ precipitous decline in influence and size, it isn’t apparent that the organization will last another 75 years.

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