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UMVoices on February 15, 2021

A CHURCH IN SCHISM: An African Perspective on the Theological Impasse in The UMC

Prominent African Delegate Reflects on UMC’s theological impasse and impending schism, the 2019 General Conference and the future.

John Lomperis on February 17, 2021

Time for New Complaints, Charges Against Renegade UMC Clergy?

Delaying the 2020/2021 General Conference may require new complaints against renegade liberal United Methodist clergy.

John Lomperis on February 22, 2021

Data about the Two New Methodist Denominations

We already have data on much of what to expect from the two new denominations emerging from the United Methodist Church’s split.

on February 16, 2021

Forward with United Methodist Separation via Protocol

John Lomperis and I signed this statement with United Methodist bishops and other leaders urging our denomination to move forward by ending our theological conflicts and adopting the Protocol for dividing our denomination into separate new churches.

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