Worldvision Rich Stearns

Relief Groups Launch “National Refugee Sunday”

Christian relief and development groups World Vision and World Relief are promoting a call for churches to be more involved in supporting and resettling refugees.



10 Things Evangelicals can be Thankful for in 2015

Our human nature grants us a choice between appreciation and underestimation of God’s goodness. We choose gratitude.

Thanksgiving Dinner

IRD: Thanksgiving “models harmony possible by divine grace and good will”

IRD President Mark Tooley reminds us all that this Thanksgiving there is much reason for gratitude, and as always even more reason for prayer on behalf of many globally who lack religious liberty.


Pilgrims, Indians, God & Scheming

The Thanksgiving story, or mythologized versions of it, once was sacrosanct before targetted by a hyper political correctness anxious to discredit any hint of early American nobility. But this week there was a welcome…

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