Thomas Oden speaking at the National Press Club

Thomas Oden (1931–2016), Theologian and Friend

May Thomas Oden forever rejoice with the early saints whose lives and teachings he so closely studied—that we might know them and our triune God better.

Thomas Oden

Methodist Theologian Thomas Oden 1931-2016, Champion of Christian Orthodoxy

Theologian Thomas C. Oden, one of Methodism’s and American Christianity’s most esteemed theologians, passed away at his home in Oklahoma last night.

The Beatles, known for such hits as "Love Is All You Need" (Photo:

Rick Stiles: It’s All About Love

From the heart of the Western Jurisdiction, Rick Stiles reflects on what it truly means to be loving in sexuality debates, in light of John Wesley’s General Rules.


False News Claim of Methodist/Islamist Convergence

Having tried for many years to report accurately about United Methodism, I am troubled false news is no longer abstract but has now afflicted my own church.

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