Mary Ailes

Remembering Mary Ailes

A renewal lay leader and prolific communicator amidst the Anglican realignment passed away on Monday following treatment for cancer. Mary Ailes understood that it was our job as lay people to speak up for the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Columbus Day

Indigenous Peoples Day vs Columbus Day

Demonizing one culture while sacralizing all others replaces history with ideology. It also offers a spiritual mythology at odds with the Christian narrative

Domestic Religious Liberty

domestic religious liberty

Good News on Domestic Religious Liberty

During the previous U.S. administration, religious adherents felt somewhat besieged. It appeared ready to respect freedom of worship, but not freedom of religion. But the current administration has adopted a radically different policy.

Punishing Religions?

Last night in a Democratic presidential debate Beto O’Rourke promised his administration would seek to withdraw tax deductible status from religious groups not approving same sex unions, amid applause and whoops. So the federal…

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