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Quitting denominations

Mark Tooley on June 4, 2021

Christianity Sí, Denominations Non

Russell Moore’s quitting the SBC to affiliate with Christianity Today magazine will possibly expand his influence and fan base. His departure may reveal less about Southern Baptist divisions and more about how denominations are becoming irrelevant.

Fort Worth Episcopal Property

Jeffrey Walton on June 7, 2021

‘An Experience of Restoration’ in Fort Worth’s Episcopal Saga

Almost everything old is new again in the messy property handovers between Episcopalians and Anglicans. Only this time the roles have flipped.

Miguel De La Torre

Corey Gunter on June 11, 2021

Liberation Theology Professor: Historic American Christianity Embodies White Supremacy

Methodist liberation theologian Miguel De La Torre disregards historic American Christianity as “satanic” and as a justification for “white supremacy.”

Mark Tooley on June 9, 2021

Mainliners, Evangelicals, Catholics & Sexual Abuse

Ironically, evangelical churches might be more susceptible to abuse by leaders because they are larger, more vibrant, attract greater commitment, command more trust and are invested with more authority and importance.

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