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Are Methodist Sunday Schools, VBS for LGBTQ Indoctrination?

January 22, 2016

A recent liberal United Methodist caucus events promoted transgenderist ideology and using Sunday school and vacation Bible schools to indoctrinate young children into LGBTQ+ liberationism.

One of my fellow marchers (Photo credit: John Lomperis / IRD)

Of Pro-Life Marching and the Social Irrelevance of Liberal United Methodism

January 20, 2015

A wonderful pro-life march in Chicago points to the social irrelevancy of liberal United Methodism.

Amy DeLong watches a Connectional Table increasingly bending itself to her will.  (Photo credit: IRD)

Amy DeLong Promoted to Chair of United Methodist Connectional Table

May 1, 2014

Top leaders of the United Methodist Church recently gave up on earning the trust of the denomination’s orthodox majority, instead choosing to allow a handful of outside LGBTQ activists to determine its agenda, priorities, schedule, and relationship to the rest of the church.

Cultural Pandering No Boon for Shriveling United Church of Christ

February 3, 2013

By John Lomperis (@JohnLomperis) Advocates for churches and Christian institutions reconsidering biblical teaching on sexual morality frequently claim that such cultural accomodationism is “needed” if Christian communities are to have any hope of surviving…

United Methodist Bishops as Echo Chambers of Secular Culture

January 15, 2013

United Methodist Bishop Sally Dyck of Chicago has generated a brouhaha by announcing to her Northern Illinois Conference her support for legalizing same sex marriage, which is currently before the Illinois legislature. She admits…

Chicago United Methodist Bishop Misrepresents Denomination’s Position

January 14, 2013

Bishop Sally Dyck of the Northern Illinois Conference was a part of the Unity Task Force of the United Methodist Council of Bishops, but has also been a longtime champion of the LGBT cause….