May 1, 2019

Dead on Arrival?: GBCS Rewrite of Social Principles Redefines Marriage, Rebuffs General Conference

31 Responses to Dead on Arrival?: GBCS Rewrite of Social Principles Redefines Marriage, Rebuffs General Conference

  1. Rev. Dr. Lee D Cary says:

    The GBSC is another example of an unelected, unaccountable, bureaucratic agency – one tail of several on the dog – seeking to wag the dog – namely, the whole UMC, where the laity vastly outnumber both clergy and bureaucrats.

    • William says:

      Exactly. A petition must be brought before the 2020 General Conference to ABOLISH this board and rid the church of this nonsense and blemish. This is just one example of several of these boards and agencies, hijacked by liberals, that operate virtually independent of the church, do little or nothing to carry out the mission of the church, have little or no connection or relationship with the local church, are mostly inaccessible and unresponsive, are vastly unknown by the laity and most clergy of the church, and hold these endless, money wasting secretive meetings in order to look busy and important while stroking each others’ inflated egos, relishing in their titles, and strutting their church hierarchical status while pressing their mostly self designed agendas — too often secular looking agendas at odds with official church and Christianity.

      This all reminds of another task ahead for the church —- a house cleaning and a restructuring of the general church so as to reestablish it as a Christian witness again, and to make it known, open and transparent to its members so they know where their apportionments are going and for what.

  2. Robert P Fulton says:

    Yes , It is DOA. I will not be approved. This is just another attempt to shove an agenda down the people’s throat that is not supported by the people who support the church with their tithes and offerings.

  3. David F Miller says:

    Why do we need the GBSC? It is a bloated bureaucracy that no longer reflects the church or historic Christianity.

  4. Pat says:

    One of a number of attempts and strategies the progressives will try once again to rebuke the Traditional Plan regarding marriage in the book of discipline at the 2020 General Conference. The conservatives have to remain alert and on guard to quickly recognize all that will be attempted at the 2020 General Conference. Conservatives must remain faithful and engaged until the last vote, the last attempt is made to destroy the Methodist Church of John Wesley. I was raised in the Methodist church many years ago and to observe the changes and moving away from all the Bible says has just broken my heart. I judge no one with their personal beliefs as each person’s relationship with Jesus is just that personal. But, I believe all of the Bible including those verses that confront me with my own sin. May the Lord help all of us to focus on Christ and what His word says, not what we think.

  5. David says:

    Marriage and divorce are legal matters of government and not religion. Churches may have ceremonies if they wish, but none are valid without the permission of the state. Churches may restrict their rites to members, persons of certain races, or whatever other criteria they wish. In many countries, it is customary to have the legal civil ceremony followed by an optional religious ceremony.

    “A an institution, Christianity remained overwhelmingly ambivalent about most forms of heterosexual marriage during the first millennium of its existence. This is hardly surprising for a religion whose founder was supposed to have no biological father, whose parents were not married at the time of His conception, who was believed to have no siblings, who Himself never married, and whose followers—in direct opposition to those of Judaism and most pagan religions—considered celibacy the most virtuous lifestyle.”—John Boswell

    • Laura says:

      Would you please provide context for that statement from Boswell? He was a much-respected, brilliant man and a devout Roman Catholic who also was gay. I have never seen a statement such as this one attributed to him. Where did it come from? Thanks!

    • Jeff says:

      David, Boswell’s work has been seriously undercut by historians over the years since publication. He drew conclusions not supported by the evidence, and most importantly, neglected to take into account that institutions such as the Church rarely make a teaching crystal clear until a situation demands it, such as a challenge to accepted teaching/practice.

      • David says:

        Boswell implied that a mysterious same sex male union ceremony was the same as modern same sex marriage. I do not think he made the case for that, though his history of western marriage is well documented.

        • Elisabeth Staton says:

          Boswell has been completely debunked, see particularly numerous articles in First Things magazine. Characterising him as devout is incorrect.

  6. td says:

    Why would they write a social principles document that contradicts both 2000 years of christian belief and also contradicts 40 years of consistent umc decision making by the umc?

    • William says:

      They have had their cake and have been eating it also for far, far too long. While funded by the deceived and ignored church donors(the cake), they have used their unaccountable positions to push their own mostly liberal agendas (eating of the cake). They have become so accustomed to this arrangement that they have come to believe they are entitled to it without question and completely protected from oversight. It is way past time for this to end. Like I said, future General Conferences will be compelled to bring this to an end.

  7. Kay Hawks says:

    Why are we wasting money on this and other agencies? It is unnecessary.

  8. Tracy says:

    Where are the salaries of each member of this board listed? I would be very interested in knowing the budget and the money that is wasted instead of doing real mission work. They don’t represent the majority of the membership of the Methodist church. When we split and restructure, we need to ensure that these boards go with the progressives. I have no wish to further have ministry funds used for this liberal board agenda. And that is what it is, a very liberal agenda. We must not be silent and trust that the leadership and administrative boards that have been appointed are truly following our Methodist discipline and vision. Follow the Methodist news daily, believe me they are going to pull out all stops to topple the UMC as we know it and try to turn it into a liberal “church” that want to follow society’s lead and let society dictate what the church should follow. We need to separate sooner rather than later.

    • David says:

      The MEC/UMC was a liberal church for many years. Bible literalism and anti evolutionism were not favored in the north while workers’ rights and reproductive rights were. As the membership shifts south, we see these policies being reversed. Given all the prayers for discernment at GCs, it seems heaven is sending rather mixed messages.

    • John Smith says:

      The boards would gladly go if you let them go with all the trust funds and bequests they’ve accumulated since the early 19th century.

  9. Rick Detjen says:

    Lets see…the US voting contingent for the 2020 Gen Conf has been reduced by 19 delegates, while the African contingent has been increased by 19 delegates. Add to that the additional Western European and Philippines votes.
    Want to waste more liberal dollars with another vote? Good luck!

  10. Paul W. says:

    Not the least bit surprised by this. GBCS is a rogue apostate agency.

    They’ve done an overall horrible job on the rewrite so far, so why would we expect this to be any different. Seriously, their first draft included fake John Wesley quotes and the scriptural support provided for their positions often seemed to be written by seminary dropouts who knew little about the Bible and cared even less about context. I’m not joking; I’m convinced our youth group could have done a far better job than GBCS has! In a healthy organization, most of the folks on the task force would have been terminated.

  11. Roger says:

    Traditionalists are going to have a hard fight again at GC2020. Delegates will be voted on at Annual Conferences very soon and through the Summer to attend the GC2020 meeting. We need a strong strategy to combat the Progressives again. We cannot let our guard down yet.

  12. Loren Golden says:

    Does United Methodist polity allow for the General Conference to dismiss the current board and call for new elections to fill the vacancies?  Or failing that, could the General Conference vote to defund the insurrectionist board?

    • td says:

      I have no idea. But I assume that General Conference does not have any authority except while it is in session every four years or in special session. I am not sure it has any authority to call itself into special session when it is out of session. It may not even have the authority while it is in session to remove a board member. The only authorities that I would assume that they have is to abolish the Board or to defund it.

    • John Smith says:

      Defunding of boards and societies is complex. Much of their money comes from trusts and bequests that are not fully tied to the GC. I remember something from a few years back on how the Temperance fund was repurposed by one of the boards but a major reason that was successful was no one fought it. I can’t see any board or society not fighting tooth and nail for every red cent to counter the heinous and cruel decision of the GC.

      • Loren Golden says:

        How, under UM polity, are these trusts and bequests apportioned?  Do any of them name the GBCS specifically as beneficiaries?  If not, is there GC oversight intended to prevent the misuse and abuse of the funds toward causes that would be deemed reprehensible to the donors?

        • John Smith says:

          The GC exercises very little oversight of anything. The time is too short and the number of issues too great. Throw away the time wasted on COB approved political stunts, procedural games designed to run out the clock, etc you get the idea. If there is any oversight it is exercised by the COB and occasionally the GC in its selection of agency heads and board members. This is one reason why they run an independent fiefdoms that routinely criticize the GC and the UMC in general.

  13. John Smith says:

    There are but humble servants of God striving valiantly to correct the errors of the naive, superstitious, uneducated fools who went of the rails at the GC. The worst part is they actually do believe this is a true self portrait.

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