China Religious Freedom Doesn't Exist

In China: Religious Freedom “Doesn’t Exist”

Faith McDonnell on January 13, 2021

A sobering and informative interview with one of IRD’s directors, William L. Saunders, J.D. Among other things, Bill is the Director of the Program in Human Rights, The Institute for Human Ecology, at The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.

A few days after posting my interview on Crossroads with investigative reporter Joshua Philipp, the program posted Joshua’s interview with Bill Saunders, That interview also took place at IRD. In it Bill warns the Crossroads audience that China’s religious suppression could spread, if not challenged.

Saunders, a human rights and religious freedom expert, explained the extent of repression and persecution in China. He gave recent worrisome examples of the CCP changing the text of the Bible and of the practice of singing hymns. . . to President Xi. He and Philipp discussed the efforts of the CCP to not only repress religion, but to transform the State into a religion. Maybe to be more exact — transforming all religions into forms of State worship.

Finally, Saunders warned that “there is no bigger threat to the United States” than the Chinese Communist Party. His Chinese former dissident colleague at Catholic University has confirmed that the CCP has their agents placed all of the United States, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere. Shockingly, Saunders revealed that he was “not even sure that the Soviet Union was the level of challenge” to that China is to freedom.

The CCP, says Saunders, “is determined to change us.” As people who value freedom, we should be just as determined that they will not change us. And a Christians, we should pray that the power of God will change them.

  1. Comment by David on January 13, 2021 at 3:28 pm

    I would agree that China is the major international threat to the US. Much of this is due to the actions of American companies that moved their manufacturing to China. We now lack the infrastructure to make many things. Then there is the possibility of introducing malicious things into computer chips that could be activated from afar. Of course, Americans are not willing to pay more for things made in the US and are part of the problem,

    China is a totalitarian state and naturally religion must fall under government jurisdiction. A more distressing action is the “reeducation” of Muslims in western China in order to destroy their ethnic identity. This happened previously to the Tibetan Buddhists. There are currently more Chinese living in Tibet than Tibetans. As much as these things dismay us, there is, in fact, very little the US can do to stop it.

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