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Ken Collins and Rob Wall on Wesley One Volume Commentary

on July 10, 2020

Abingdon Press has recently published an important book produced from an extraordinary collaboration across denominational lines from the wider family of Methodism. The Wesley One Volume Commentary is a compilation of in-depth biblical commentaries by dozens of different scholars from various denominations tracing their theological roots to John Wesley: United Methodist, Free Methodist, Nazarene, Salvation Army, Pentecostal, and others.

The project was begun by Kenneth J. Collins, who was later joined by Robert W. Wall as co-editor. Collins is an ordained United Methodist and Professor of Historical Theology and Wesley Studies, Director of the Wesleyan Studies Summer Seminar, and Director of the Wesleyan Holiness Pentecostal Studies Center at Asbury Theological Seminary. He is also a member of both IRD’s board of directors and UMAction’s Advisory Board. Wall is an ordained Free Methodist and Professor of Scripture and Wesleyan Studies at Seattle Pacific Seminary.

They joined me for a brief video interview on why this resource is needed for us today, John Wesley’s approach to Scripture, the historic ties of Methodism and Pentecostalism, “speaking Wesleyan,” and distinctively Wesleyan/Methodist understandings of salvation, holiness, prevenient grace, and the definition of sin which are different from what we find in commentaries written from Lutheran or Calvinist perspectives.

The video is below:


Or if you prefer, you may listen to or download an audio-only version via Soundcloud:

The IRD · Interview with Wesley One

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