Colleen Derr

Indiana Wesley Seminary’s Colleen Derr

on June 17, 2020

Here’s my interview with Colleen Derr, president of Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University, affiliated with the Wesleyan Church, an evangelical denomination.

The seminary was founded in 2009, and Derr has been president since 2017. The Wesleyan Church broke with the Methodist Episcopal Church in the 1850s over slavery and now how over half a million members globally, about 140,000 of them in North America. Wesley Seminary, not to be confused with United Methodism’s school of the same name in Washington, DC, has over 500 students.

I ask Derr about the importance of Wesleyan distinctives in seminary education, about maintaining theological orthodoxy in an increasingly adverse culture, and about possible future collaboration with a traditionalist Global Methodist Church after United Methodism’s anticipated schism.

Enjoy our conversation!

The IRD · Interview with Colleen Derr

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