2019 UMC General Conference


February 25, 2019

United Methodist Traditional Plan Advances

Delegates at United Methodism’s General Conference in St. Louis, meeting as legislative committee, endorsed the Traditional Plan by 56% to 44%. The plan, which would strengthen the church’s policies defining marriage as male/female, will be voted on again by the delegates in plenary tomorrow, Tuesday.

The One Church Plan to liberalize the church’s policy on sexuality was rejected 53% to 47%. It is now defeated unless there’s an attempt to bring it tomorrow’s plenary as minority report.

Also approved were two petitions allowing congregations who can’t abide the church’s marriage teaching to leave the denomination with their property. Potentially some liberal churches consequently would leave United Methodism.

Most liberals opposed these plans for “gracious exit.” But pro-LGBTQ retired clergy Mike Slaughter of West Ohio spoke in favor of one petition, saying he did not wish to remain in a church that was not entirely affirming for all.

About 800 United Methodist congregations out of over 30,000 in America have declared themselves “reconciling” i.e. opposed to church policy on sexuality. These exit petitions also will go before the plenary session tomorrow.

The Judicial Council, top court for the denomination, will rule tomorrow on the constitutionality of all these proposals going to plenary. USA evangelicals and overseas delegates provided consistent majorities for these petitions.

Delegates voted not to address any other legislation except the “Simple Plan,” which was rejected 60% to 40%. It would have deleted all church teaching limiting sex to husband and wife, including premarital sex, adultery and same sex behavior.

Many liberal church activists and institutionalists remain surprised by the global support for the Traditional Plan, having assumed the liberalizing One Church Plan backed by most bishops would prevail. Efforts by USA church officials to cajole overseas delegates into supporting the One Church Plan have so far failed.

It remains to be seen whether liberal churches will form a new denomination after General Conference if the Traditional Plan passes. The next General Conference in 2020 will see a further shift in delegate strength towards Africa and away from America, making change in traditional church policy even more unlikely.


74 Responses to United Methodist Traditional Plan Advances

  1. Don Gillaspie says:


  2. Luke says:

    Congratulations from a Lutheran praying earnestly that the UMC doesn’t follow our path. Giving the congregations local control is just a fig leaf. Sure, the local congregations can choose….but we’re going to make sure the national body, bishops, and seminaries all march to our tune.

    Anyway, one question: the progressive Methodists I follow on Twitter keep going on about how the Traditional Plan is unconstitutional, that everyone knows it, and this is all a pretext for the conservatives to push through the “gracious exit” legislation so the *conservatives* can bolt the denomination and get off the hook regarding pension costs etc.

    Anyone care to fill me in on what they’re talking about and whether there’s any merit to it, or just a complete smear?

    • Paul Reed says:

      the items in the traditional plan that didn’t pass muster have been modified so that is no longer an issue. as far as gracious exit we want ANYONE who cannot abide by the doctrine to exit. who ever prevails in this I suggest he other side exits so everyone can be at peace and get back to business

  3. I am so happy there was a great deal of support for the traditional plan.

  4. Sahr says:

    May the Holy Spirit convict the liberals to abide by the instructions of the Bible, homosexuality is an evil spirit related act

    • John Horany says:

      Didn’t Jesus comment about the sanctity of marriage and command that no one should remarry after divorce? When will the traditionalists accept this clear Biblical instruction:
      When the Pharisees tested Jesus on this controversial issue of divorce, His response focused on the “one fleshness” of a married couple (Mark 10:2–9). Later, the disciples privately asked Jesus to explain His answer (10:10). As was His custom, once He was alone with the disciples, Jesus underscored the salient part of His teaching. He clearly stated that marriage is to be a permanent bond between one man and one woman. To break it off and marry another is adultery (10:11–12).

      • Tom says:

        I know the liberals love to use divorce as a “gotcha,” when discussing the church and homosexuality, but A) there are acceptable reasons for divorce in the Bible, and B) it’s never smart to try to fight battles on multiple fronts, particularly when the toothpaste is already out of the tube.

        But you already knew all that.

      • John abbott says:

        Jesus also defined marriage as between one Man and one Woman (Matt 19:4+5 ) and not between people of the same sex.

  5. Bruce says:

    Another AMEN! I’ve been a Methodist for more than 75 years, and I hate to leave now. However, I can’t support a Church than not only condones but promotes sin.

    • Marvin E Wells says:

      Amen, 63 years plus parents and all grandparents.

    • ron nichols says:

      Been a Biblical Wesleyan all my life and feel very firm in my beliefs. Our tradition are based on The Bible not the wishes of men.

    • Wendy says:

      Agreed!!!!! Life-long Methodist/United Methodist for my 63 years here in this world — have been troubled by the shift in theology of my Eastern PA “leaders”. Praise God! Given what we’ve been listening to for the past decade(s) in Eastern PA, this is truly a miracle unfolding before us. I’ll continue to pray in earnest for this Special Session of General Conference

    • Charles L. Black Jr. says:

      I have been a United Methodist for more than 50 years. I praise God that a majority of delegates rejected the One Church-plan.

    • Jerry says:

      It’s really a shame you are all missing the point of what’s happening here. Jesus walked the earth mixing with all forms of life. His teachings were of LOVE!!!!! We all fall short from the Glory of God and Blessedly can lay ALL of our sins at the foot of the cross and be forgiven from whatever that sin may be. It really IS a SAD DAY for the UMC.

      • Joni says:

        We aren’t saying Don’t love the homosexuals. Just don’t allow them to be leaders in the UMC.

      • Tom says:

        Jesus said “Neither do I condemn you, now *go and sin no more*”

        Allowing someone to remain in their sin is not love, but the opposite.

      • John Abbott says:

        Sorry Jerry, but let me say in love and humility,you are missing the point. And the liberal media and the so called “progressive ” Methodists are missing ,or ignoring, the point which is really obvious. The LBGTs etc are wanting the Church to accept sin , sexual behavior that is clearly forbidden throughout the Bible, Old and New testaments. This is the Christian’s standard of Truth, not the fads or trends of men. I was commenting the othetr day ,saying, what are they going to vote on next year, adultery? Well, I just read in this article, that in the Simple Plan they voted on, and defeated, it would have deleted all Church teaching limiting sex to husband and wife,including ADULTERY, Premarital sex and same sex behavior. In other wo0rds these people want to change the standards that are clear in the Bible. And when the church votes not to change the standards which areset forth in the Bible, these people say, how can you be so hurtful to homosexuals, etc. Well, if you Truly love someone, You will tell them the Truth ,for their ultimate good.

  6. Darin R Lovelace says:

    Having seen the scorched earth policy of the Episcopal Church unfold, it’s refreshing to see another way being contemplated.

  7. Paul E.W says:

    I’m so thankful for our brothers from Africa. >

  8. DEBORAH says:

    Judicial Council ruled some provisions of the TP unconstitutional as the body as a whole does get to approve or disprove of Clergy – that is up to the Annual Conferences.

  9. Scott says:

    Amen! Hopefully we can move on from this issue soon. It’s taken so much of our time and resources.

  10. Steve Zinser says:

    Mike Slaughter and other One Church Plan supporters ignore the fact that the largest denominations in today’s world AND in the US do not accept homosexual ordination or marriage: Roman Catholic, Orthodox, most Baptist-ish, and fundamentalism in general.

    It doesn’t seem to hurt their “relevance” at all.

    • Luke says:

      Agreed, Steve.

      I’m really shocked at how often the talking point that “we have to do this or we’ll die” keeps getting brought up. There’s simply no evidence to back up that assertion. As this site has constantly reminded us, at best the liberalizing decisions in the Episcopal Church, PCUSA, ELCA,UCC etc did absolutely nothing to arrest their decline and likely accelerated it. There isn’t a single bit of evidence anywhere that liberalizing is conducive to church growth – except for the anecdotes of people saying they left/will leave the faith if the church doesn’t approve an accommodation for sexually active LGB people.

      • Anna Holland says:

        Agreed. In fact, I’ve been thinking the last few days that the more the church excepts sin as normal and okay, the more people stop coming to church. We need to get back to the gospel that includes confession of sins and repentance from the same.

        • Steve Zinser says:

          Hi Anna & Luke,

          I agree.

          My sense is that a liberal theology that denies what it’s sacred scriptures advocate, but still wants your money, is not exactly conducive in convincing people that they need what you’re offering. “None of this is true…but…still send cash.”

          • MikeS says:

            Even if you thought the Bible is largely fictional, liberal churches could try to make it interesting and useful by drawing interesting and inspiring insights from it, as can be done from any other literature. But they don’t even do that. Instead it’s 2nd-rate PC stuff that could be read in the NY Times from the comfort of one’s own home. Why bother going to church with that low-effort presentation?

  11. george says:

    The One church plan supporters also need to realize that they have been going against the Methodist churches rules for some time. Just because these churches were “allowed” to without punishment doesn’t mean that they were not breaking the rules.

  12. ron nichols says:

    I was born and raised in the Biblical Wesleyan tradition. This tradition was never based on man’s wishes but God’s laws. May we never abandon that great tradition and Biblical based theology.

  13. Jose Guatemala says:

    The irony of staying “relevant”, i.e. changing your beliefs and values to suit a cultural shift, is that it ultimately fails to capture the people considered at-risk for leaving in the first place. I’ll elaborate:

    Currently, western culture is promoting the belief that a person’s best life is lived by fulfilling every desire and eliminating any and all threats to that fulfilment. Identity obsession (intersectionality) provides a medium to engage in warfare against those threats. This is why the battle is so fierce.

    But church acquiescence to self-fulfilment culture is the cause of irrelevancy, not the solution. After all, why belong to a church if it’s telling me that I have nothing to gain by being there? I may as well join a club or group that reflects my interests. And we’ve already seen this play out in the other mainline denominations.

    That’s not to say conservative churches don’t also fall for the trap of self-fulfilment culture, because they do. But they at least hold to orthodoxy and we can hope the next generation does better.

    • James Sperry says:

      Very well stated. Thank you!

    • Matthew Gotthardt says:

      This is a good day for Methodists. I appreciate the witness and testimony of the overseas churches.They are already putting their lives at risk by professingtheir faith. The evil of other cultures puts their very lives at risk. They recognize that God stands with Christians who stay true to his Word. We n eed to draw strength from the past of the Methodist Church as it adapted to changes in society. This meant Methodists decision to side with American patriots in the revolutionary war rather than with John Wesley, Using circuit preachers on the frontier, to the great revivalsof the late 18th century. We as Methodists have relied on our past innovations to carry us. The eccessiastical structure of the Methodist church is unresponsive to their members . It does not function in a timely manner and does not address the members wishes and concerns. Most of all we need to address heresy at our seminaries.

  14. Diane Snead says:

    I’ve been praying for God’s will to win out at this conf. Since 2018 and am anxiously awaiting the full outcome. I still pray for God’s will , not mine be done. The Churches One Foundation is Jesus Christ Our Lord. Still praying
    Please join me.

  15. Vicki Delph says:

    Thank you Jesus ✝️
    Your Will has been done…..

  16. Nancy Stoll says:

    Amen. Thank you Lord ❣️

  17. William Young says:

    Hooray! Enough of this LGB stuff! Leave our church in the hands of those who supported and built from its beginnings.

    • Jerry says:

      Obviously you have not learned anything about the teachings of God and his LOVE for ALL and his FORGIVENESS for ALL.. Shame on you!

      • Matthew Gotthardt says:

        Jerry, why would staying true to God’s desires and commanments not be about love. Jesus came to fulfill the law not change it. I don’t know what turnip wagon you came to town on but what gives you the right to judge someone else. UNREPENTENT sinners have no business being or continuing to be ordained. I don’t care if theyare murderers, thieves, dope dealers or practicing homosexuals, they belong in our church but until they repent and change, they do not belong in the pulpit . They surely do not belong here as bishops. Now, we need to get back to the scriptures and doing the work God sent here to do . Protecting our children and supporting our missionaries should be at thetop of that business to take care of. May God bless us all with fortitude , wisdom and always love.

  18. Andrew Hughes says:

    Praise God for faithful scriptural delegates.

  19. Jody Stevens says:

    Praise Jesus our Creator for His wisdom and patience for His stubborn peoples. Praise God our Father for the delegates abiding to our Scriptures given to us to guide us in JESUS, The WAY, The TRUTH & The LIFE!! Amen!!

  20. Jerri Linke says:

    So grateful! After 82 years……It broke my heart to think of leaving!

  21. Wanda says:

    Amen! I was so afraid of the possible changes. I have been a Methodist for 53 years and didn’t want to change but will if the new plan passes.

  22. David Lee says:

    MY wife and I, former UMs, are so grateful to God for this news. We will continue to pray for y’all and for all the churches to believe God and His written Word and submit to its authority. All glory to Him!

  23. John says:

    This Anglican is praying for the faithful Methodists to stand strong for the Bible and what it teaches. After all this is over maybe we can all get back to the work of sharing the gospel and work toward healing our denominational division so that we may be one church.

  24. senecagriggs says:

    Generally the people in the pews are more conservative than the leaders. The question generally is; will the leadership be able to fool the people in the pews with political shannanigans.
    As has been said before however, “It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings.”

    I certainly pray the fat lady sings.

  25. Bob says:

    Wonderful. And let the liberals leave. Let the Word be relevant again.

  26. Part of the 7% says:

    I would only say that regardless of your position – I think that it’s interesting that of the delegates that are voting at this Special Conference – only 7% are age 35 and younger. Seems that number doesn’t accurately represent the UMC fairly, AND leaves me to wonder first – if the demographics of the voters more fairly represented the church body if the vote doesn’t go differently. And secondly, because that number is SO low it causes me pause in whom was pushed forward as delegates so as to ensure this far more conservative and I’d argue – NOT representative of the next generation of churchgoers – plan is passed.

    • Fred Ayers says:

      I am so sorry that you and the 7% (which, as you say, is probably a larger percentage of the overall US membership) are taking your moral education from the culture instead of God’s Word, and failing to understand that God’s perfect will for humanity and human sexual relationships is to see the complementary parts of God’s image united in the sacrament of holy matrimony. In the supposed “enlightenment” of western society, there is much that we have forgotten. Thank God the UMC has our African brothers and sisters to remind us.

  27. Len Johnson says:

    Why would we say we are Christians, followers of Christ, and not heed Jesus words when the disciples asked Him regarding marriage? Jesus said, “marriage is between a man and women”.

  28. Logan Welch says:

    I was raised in the umc from birth till 23 and it saddens me that the church has taken this long to figure out the scriptures that speak out against going against Gods plan for marriage. I am now a general baptist minister and have family that supported the one church plan and I couldn’t get through to them that they weren’t seeing the whole of the scriptures but with the passing of the tastional plan I pray that the people of the umc are able to go back to their biblical Wesleyan roots and start spreading the biblical gospel not their versions that fit the world’s views. And an amen to the traditional delegates for standing with the Word!!

  29. Jon Thompson says:

    Even if the Traditional Plan wins we are stuck with the liberal bureaucracy and bishops who were for the One Church Plan. The rules have meant nothing to them in the past why will it now?

    • CBByrd says:

      Unless most of them exit with the liberals it’ll likely just be more of the same resistance and defiance with no consequences.

    • Logan Welch says:

      Perhaps they can start appointing Biblically minded bishops however I did hear that the modified traditional plan got the teeth taken out by the judicial committee that didn’t allow for a global accountability coalition to keep non abiding bishops in check which makes no sense to me but all we can do is for them to get guidance and direction from the good Lord.

    • David Lee says:

      Good point. Pray.

  30. Jim says:

    The UMC is proving to be one of the last hold outs in this assult on the local churches all to adopt this sinful practice. Very glad to see the UMC is unwaivering in biblical truth on this mayter.

  31. Eric Howell says:

    One gentleman talked about condoning sin. I suggest that you study what Jesus had to say about divorce and fidelity in marriage. We have pastors and congregants that have been allowed to have grace for these sins yet you want to be he judge of other’s sin? I would recommend that you pull the plank out and quit picking and choosing sins to condem or those to ignore.

  32. Cynthia Campbell says:

    The Methodist church sends in hostile, uppity black ministers to all-white, Conservative congregations in order to divide and destroy traditional churches. Methodist hierarchy is EVIL and GODLESS!

    • Scott says:

      I am a white, very conservative southern minister who serves a traditional southern rural church. Me DS is black, as is my Bishop. They are both men of find upstanding character. My DS serves a mostly white district and is highly respected and popular with his ministers. I find your comments offensive and racist. Perhaps you would be happier in the Southern Methodist Church which is where most of our racists ended up years ago.

    • Tom says:

      Obvious troll is obvious.

  33. ElleS says:

    “… hostile, uppity black ministers to all-white, Conservative congregations in order to divide and destroy traditional churches.” Sounds like the DS and church is not on the same page. It also seems like the agreement for White and African American churches to accept the pastors sent to their were to be accepted, regardless of the race of the pastor does not want to be upheld my some churches. that was made when the UMC asked This agreement was made with the African American churches were invited to be a part of the UMC conferences. I’d like to understand your statement that I reposted in this comment. Please elaborate.

  34. ElleS says:

    OK… Here is the corrected version. Laptop power shut down on me in the middle of correcting.

    “… hostile, uppity black ministers to all-white, Conservative congregations in order to divide and destroy traditional churches.” Sounds like the DS and church is not on the same page. It also seems like the agreement for White and African American churches to accept the pastors sent to their churches were to be accepted, regardless of the race of the pastor does not want to be upheld by some churches. This agreement was made many years ago with the African American churches when they were invited to be a part of the UMC conferences. I’d like to understand your statement that I reposted in this comment. Please elaborate. Thanks

  35. SSFacilitator says:

    As a fervent supporter of the Traditional Plan, it is disappointing to read comments such as, “…Wonderful. And let the liberals leave. Let the Word be relevant again….”; or, “…Hooray! Enough of this LGB stuff! Leave our church in the hands of those who supported and built from its beginnings…”

    Instead of wishes of don’t-let-the-door-hit-you-on-the-way-out, why not pray for these people? Pray to let the Word be relevant in their lives?

    • Tom says:

      Who says we’re not? While I am firmly in favor of the traditional plan, and am pleased it passed, I also recognize the deep hurt that those who opposed it are experiencing.

      Granted, pain and suffering is the logical result of sin, but that does not preclude me and millions of other UMs who are in favor of the legislation that has been passed to still grieve for these souls and we continue to pray that they will repent and find salvation in Christ.

  36. Bob Wyatt says:

    Bible page 1. ‘Good made man (mankind) in his own image’. Please note the lack of exceptions. What would Jesus think of us expending so much time, money and energy on churches rules when there are hungry and homeless among us. He likely would sit with LGBTQ persons and lead them in prayer for all of those who have strayed from caring for all among us.

  37. Carol Moseley says:

    In “Man and Superman, George Bernard Shaw wrote, “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world, the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” I am proud to know Jesus – a very unreasonable man. We will continue to find his words relevant and endeavor to use good judgement about adaptation.

  38. Darrell clark says:

    I’m going to condense all of this into its most simple form, this is not only about homosexuality at ALL! It’s about what we believe the Bible is. Is it polluted by man? Or is it conciderd the divine word of god? As Paul wrote “ breathed by god” We must all ask ourselves that question. I have obsessed over this since 2016, to the point I think I was sinning. I have reached a point in my Christianity, where I have to consider my bible infallible. Why? Because I am not educated enough to read and translate Ancient Greek or Hebrew. I do not have access to ancient scripture, even if I did, I could not interpret them, so I must follow what Jesus taught his disciples, “ you must believe as little children “ . I find the more educated mankind becomes, the harder it is to simply believe! I urge all to read ,understand with your soul not your mind John 3/16 and Romans 10/9 and 10! God bless

  39. Narcisse (Cherie) Philips says:

    A chain is as strong as its weakest link. Once we question the integrity of God’s word and determine sexuality on our terms, then everything is up for grabs. We then become ‘gods’, determining what is right and wrong, making our own rules. And then the next question would be what next do we have a problem with in the Bible, let’s get rid of it!! As it is the concept of sin has been outlawed in many of our churches, hence there is no need for a Savior and so anyone and anything can save us, including our good works. I give God thanks for all who have stood on the integrity of God’s word and say “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord”.

  40. M says:

    As a non-denom, I watched the conference with much interest and praying for those taking the bold stand for the authority of the Word of God.
    It was both disappointing and revealing when things didn’t go “their way” that disruption and disrespect became more and more apparent.
    Watching this invited me to take a look at myself because as I listened the first day while the songs that were sung to the Lord invited Him to “take my heart and mold it/take my mind, transform it/take my will, conform it/ to Yours/to Yours O Lord.”
    YET what I saw was the waving of flags and wearing clothing that clearly demonstrated willful, self-serving attitudes.
    So, I must search my own heart. What flag of willful disobedience might I be waving and be blind to it?
    God blessed that vote — and I personally believe it was those who fasted and prayed and came into that assembly honestly seeking His Will that brought the blessing of God.
    I pray protection and peace on each of them.

  41. John abbott says:

    Why in the WORLD would a Church vote on something like this anyway??? And Then, the vote is a close vote…what kind of Church is this? I guess theyll vote on allowing Adultry next year…..Oh, my bad, they voted on That THIS YEAR, …..The Simple Plan (somehow they actually defeated it 60% to 40%… can you believe that ,40% of their delegates wanted to allow for Adultery, premarital sex and homosexual behavior…like I said, what kind of “Church” is that?

    • Darrell clark says:

      That’s what I have struggled with since 2016! When I first heard, I was somewhat amused thinking this issue could not be even considered by the church I belong to. It violates everything I have ever been taught as a Christian. It is a sexual sin , just as any sexual sin. I think the Bible states it very clearly

  42. Joel Moyer says:

    Sex and sexuality are very prevalent in the Bible. In order to get from Adam and Eve to a world population, certain — what today we would call “scientific” — practices were beneficial. These practices? Monogamy. Heterosexuality. Or: One man and one woman. Sound familiar?

    Homosexuality is not beneficial to the human race. It, genetically, does nothing. Adultery and promiscuity are not beneficial to the human race. These practices can unwittingly tamper with God’s Plan — what “science” calls the gene pool.

    [I put “science” in quotation marks because what man calls “science” is really the logical and rational language of God; we are in the infantile stages of speaking that language, yet consider ourselves advanced.]

    Now let’s take a look at a very poignant scriptural verse in this regard. 1 Corinthians 10:23-24.

    “23 ‘I have the right to do anything,’ you say — but not everything is beneficial. ‘I have the right to do anything’ — but not everything is constructive. 24 No one should seek their own good, but the good of others.”

    [I also would suggest everyone with an opinion on this topic read carefully 1 Corinthians 10:1-13.]

    So, is the LBGTQ movement beneficial to humanity? Specifically, what benefit does homosexual intercourse have for the human race? Is the act constructive?

    These are important points to consider. Sexual immorality is dealt with throughout the Bible FOR GOOD REASON.

    While everyone should be welcome in the UMC, anyone who equivocates (a logical fallacy) to approve their personal desires over God’s will — and written Word — from the pulpit will not be desirable. I don’t care if it’s an abortion doctor saying murder under the right circumstances is okay or a transgender telling me homosexuality is peachy, I should try it sometime.

    Those are “conveniences” and “legalities” of the world — totally unsupported by any Biblical text. Greater is He who is living in me than he who is living in the world.

    And you want to know a deep, dark secret? There are things in my life that would preclude me from being an authoritative person in the pulpit, even though I am in a pew every Sunday and do Sunday School and Bible study and direct the choir and pray every day and do all the things that “good Christians” do.

    So I am not judging anybody. I am recognizing the fact that religious authority MUST be held to the highest standards of BIBLICAL MORALITY if it is to have any meaningful authority.

    Now, whether it were the so-called (and mis-named) “One Church Plan” or the Traditional Plan, the truth of the matter is this: the United Methodist Church is going to split on a schizm between those who are “enlightened” social elitists living in the world and those who seek to know the Word of God.

    It’s all about MONEY. And how the UMC can keep all of it in their coffers after the “split.”

    After all, if you don’t like the UMC doctrine, there are plenty of other churches to attend. It’s not hard to start your own church. Write your own doctrine to your liking. Take your beloved money and start your own denomination. Leave ours alone.

    The Bishops know that. It seems there may be a bit of idolotry going on, too.

    The Liberals also know they can’t force their socio-political agenda in the mainline church if they just go their own merry way and leave the Conservatives (and the doctrine) be.

    I hear the Liberal megachurches are threatening to leave and take their MONEY. But I also hear Liberals say they are going to stay in the denomination to be a persistent “thorn in the Conservative’s side.” Whatever. Do those sound like actions following the Prince of Peace? Or are they actions motivated by the prince of the world?

    Conversely, had the vote gone the other way, we Conservatives would have quietly (and sadly) left — not to punish anyone with monetary threats, but to continue to follow a BIBLE – BASED FAITH without having the worldly desires of the flesh forced upon us.

    You see, the Bishops and the Liberals are worried about money.

    The Conservatives are focused on what the Bible teaches.

    That is the schizm in the Un-united Methodist Church today.

    Money vs. Faith

    Which side are you on?

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