Seven Steps for United Methodism's Future

December 31, 2018

IRD / UM Action’s Top-Ten United Methodist Stories of 2018

2 Responses to IRD / UM Action’s Top-Ten United Methodist Stories of 2018

  1. April User says:

    The UMC is not the church; it is an institution. The prayer of unity that Christ prayed for in the Gospel of John is for the mystical church, not the institutional church. Let’s not waste energy shoring up an institution in which rebellion is now its hallmark. Are there not other denominations/institutions that we can partner with to be the Church in mission? Perhaps the UMC has served its purpose for the past 200+ years and is now time to move on. There is nothing sacred about the UMC. Christ died for the Church and the world. God help us to discern the difference!

  2. Victor Reynauld says:

    I was a ‘cradle’ Methodist, spent my entire childhood and formative teen and early young adult years as a practicing Methodist. The UMC no longer holds the same values. Which each passing year, they’ve become far more liberal, twisting scripture to justify their moves. From softening their position on sexual issues to promoting the brain dead Common English Bible, it’s clear Methodism is following in the footsteps of Presbyterian Church USA and Episcopal Church USA: Attempting to appease the 21st century liberal progressives who actively despise people of faith by kowtowing to their identity politics.

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