October 1, 2018

Loving Light Exposes Abortion’s Darkness

“A lot of people are pro-choice but they don’t want to see the abortion, they don’t want to know about it,” stated former Planned Parenthood (PP) clinic manager Annette Lancaster on September 22 at Washington, DC’s Omni Shoreham Hotel.  Yet she and her fellow panelists at the 2018 Values Voters Summit provided an invaluable service to some 50 listeners by exposing the “truths and the grotesque things that happen” in the “other side of the industry.”

Lancaster joined a panel hosted by And Then There Were None (ATTWN), an organization founded by the ex-PP clinic director Abby Johnson to help other abortion workers leave the industry.  ATTWN’s Meagan Weber noted that Johnson had “recognized that abortion workers are the missing puzzle piece in the pro-life movement.”  Therefore, she started ATTWN to “help facilitate their conversion and get them into hope and healing in Christ.”

Weber noted how difficult walking away from the culture of death could be:

“Working in the abortion industry is very much like a cult mentality at times, and leaving it is not like quitting your job at Walmart or McDonalds.  You literally walk away from everything you believed; you walk away from your support system, and you feel very alone.”

Former PP HIV health educator Monica Leal Cline analyzed this cult’s shocking moral depravity, which seeks to entrap as many people as possible in an abortion “business plan or a sales plan.”  This indoctrination “begins with sex education.  It begins with changing the culture and in communities to teach young people that sex can be treated like a recreational activity and that it is their right to engage in sexual activity at a very young age.”  PP’s comprehensive sex educators are “going to groom and desensitize and encourage children to be sexually active” in order “to dehumanize and take the humanity out of sex” and then “take the humanity out when people start to consider abortion.”

Cline explained that PP’s dehumanization included abortion clinic workers not reporting to legal authorities cases of statutory rape and human sex trafficking.  Young female sex crime victims deserved what they got, according to these cynical PP workers.  The “way they viewed these girls, they wanted it anyway,” said Cline.  An older nurse told Cline during a clinic worker meeting (with unanimous approval), “Honey, if she is not having sex with this man this month, she will be having sex with another one next month.”

By contrast, Cline dispelled the universal licentiousness “myth that all teens are having sex.”  While discussing HIV prevention with 12-13-year old girls, one of them said that “I gag when I give boys oral sex, can you teach me how to do it better.”  She astonished these teenagers, who had undergone brainwashing to believe that everyone should be sexually active, by suggesting abstinence from unpleasant sexual behavior.  Their grateful response convinced her that teenagers “are craving the truth, they are craving innocence.”

Once PP’s sexual indoctrination leads to women seeking abortions, these desperate individuals confront PP’s evil reality in clinics like the one Lancaster managed in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  With her over 3,000 performed abortions, she emphasized that a PP clinic is “not all rainbows and flowers. It’s not all just pretty pictures that they put on the wall to make you feel good.”  A PP abortion hardly differs from the oft-invoked specter of illegal “back alley-way” abortions.

Lancaster described a “cattle-herd-like mentality” in a PP clinic: “hurry to get the patients through.  Hurry to get a certain number of abortion procedures done in a day.”  Negligent sanitary conditions belie the fond belief of clients that, they are “going to this big name-brand clinic, so it’s going to be very clean.”  Meanwhile what passed for a few minutes of “counseling” over abortion alternatives “really was just a bunch of paperwork.”

Weber additionally discussed PP’s false claim that abortion forms only three percent of PP’s operations, even though abortion provides half of PP’s income, making it the “main money cow” for PP, in Lancaster’s words.  Like a fast food chain happy meal, PP “will bundle everything together” for an abortion, Weber noted, and thereby count numerous services as one single abortion. Lancaster noted that PP will “unbundle” all other services like providing birth control packets, which each count as “individual family planning visits,” or performing a simple Google search for an adoption agency, which counts as one service.  Similarly, ATTWN’s Laura Ricketts noted that ATTWN volunteer calls to PP debunked their fraudulent claim of performing mammograms.

Only love can overcome such evil, Lancaster noted while discussing the best means of encouraging abortion workers to choose life over Big Abortion.  Regarding abortion clinic protests with bullhorns, coffins, grim reaper costumes, and Bible passages on signs, she warned that “graphic imagery grabs attention; it doesn’t grab the right attention.”  Rather, “anger and hatred is just met with more anger and hatred.”

In contrast, “If you are really, really trying to love someone out of the clinic, then you are going to come at them with love,” Lancaster explained.  Abortion workers “know the work that they are involved in.  They need someone to meet them with love and respect.”  She thus noted the “eight workers I loved out with me” when she left PP.

Like the pro-life celebrity audience member David Daleiden, who continues to endure legal battles for exposing PP’s aborted baby organ sales, Cline has had her own personal abortion traumas, but love won out.  She recounted how abortion’s dark shadow had even touched churches—like one she left after a counselor there told her that abortion “was a necessary evil,” and that “some people just shouldn’t have children and should abort them.”  By contrast, her 19-year old son, whom she raised as a single mother after her unplanned pregnancy almost ended in abortion, says that she is a “pretty fabulous mom.”

7 Responses to Loving Light Exposes Abortion’s Darkness

  1. David says:

    Many medical procedures will make you cringe–ever watch an eye operation? Just because it is not fun to watch does not make it bad. Abortion services are not an “industry” as you would have it. Planed Parenthood does many more things than abortions such as cancer screenings. Remember that God is responsible for aborting about 75% of all human conceptions and for a human to cause a miscarriage is not considered murder (Ex. 21:22).

    • William says:

      Providing those other non-abortion services DOES NOT justify a single on demand, birth control option abortion. Please dispense with this rhetoric. Calling the taking of over 320,000 human lives annually by Planned Parenthood a medical procedure is the antithesis of the hippocratic oath. Planned Parenthood is a murder for hire factory, with a few necessary emergency exceptions, and those they’re murdering are defenseless. Those who do not HATE this form of birth control are psychotic at best or evil at worst.

    • Steve says:

      Your arguments are too simplistic. Some things make us cringe because they are painful to watch (eye surgery). Others make us cringe because they are also morally wrong (torture). The author is making the reasonable argument that we cringe when we see abortion because it is morally wrong, and we know it. You may disagree, but your response doesn’t address the author’s point. Second, abortion is not miscarriage. Abortion is the intentional death of an embryo or fetus or baby (in the case of late term) that is otherwise healthy and would have been born had natural progression been allowed to happen. Your quip about God doing this is silly. Further, why would the Torah demand restitution of any kind if a miscarriage is caused, if there was no belief that something wrong had happened? Even today, pro-life argument distinguishes between abortion and murder in judicial terms. There had never been a call to put women in jail. We make the case that life begins at conception, and ought to be treated with dignity, as Torah teaches. You should learn more about these sorts of distinctions: a good place to start is Michael Gorman’s book “Abortion and the Early Church: Christian, Jewish, and Pagan Attitudes in the Greco-Roman World.”

  2. David says:

    Why a Christian would put much store in an oath to “Apollo the Physician” is beyond me. Though this seems reasonable given that ancient Greece had probably the greatest oppression of women in the western world even rivaling orthodox Muslim culture. Women had to be covered from neck to ankle while men wandered about completely naked—see your local art museum for the details. Women were married off at an early age to men nearly twice their age. They would then spend the rest of the their lives in the back of the house weaving and having children. They never appeared when male visitors were present. The women you see in depictions of parties were “professionals.” The whole may be summed up in the then popular expression, “A virtuous woman is one whose very name is unknown outside the household.” Some of this cultural attitude spills over into the New Testament.

    The equivalence of abortion/miscarriage with murder is of relatively recent origin. The Law of Moses, Code of Hammurabi, and Hittite Code treat it as a property crime when caused by others and not murder unless the woman died as a result. Likewise, the early church considered the born and unborn as having different status. There were no antiabortion laws in the US prior to the 1820s. It would seem we need more originalists on the court.

  3. Patrick98 says:

    So, battering, beating, cutting, burning, dismembering and killing a woman outside the womb is oppression.
    But battering, beating, cutting, burning, dismembering and killing a woman inside the womb is empowerment.
    Got it!

  4. David says:

    Legal personhood starts at birth and this has always been the case, like it or not.

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