August 12, 2018

Churches Back Anti-Western, Unhistorical “Discovery Doctrine”

Christianity claims that humanity is fallen. We need to be redeemed, both personally and socially. Western secularism offers an alternative story. It thinks man is largely good but corrupted or oppressed by systemic injustice. But even this clear view is distorted by a sort of a weird mix of self absorption and self-loathing. Western secularism declares the West itself to be the main oppressor in the world. Some Christians, who tend to focus on systematic sin over personal sin, prefer this alternative myth to orthodox Christian view of man.

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One Response to Churches Back Anti-Western, Unhistorical “Discovery Doctrine”

  1. William says:

    Using hand picked sins of hand picked fathers to blurr or distract from the sins of contemporaries won’t fly — especially when those sins are isolated out of context and cherry picked from the annals of history to arrive at a preconceived and biased hypothesis. Legitimate historians should be pushing back strongly against this rigged, egregious revisionism. And shame on these liberal Christian bodies for using this methodology as a wedge or justification in pushing their revisionist (liberal) theology. God has not changed in all of history. As the article truthfully points out, it is the fall of man and his human condition that has historically and to this day needed the saving power of Jesus Christ. Isn’t that the call of the historic and contemporary church to bring sinners to Christ instead of engaging in secular politics?

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