Wild Goose Festival

July 24, 2018

The Religious Left’s Top 5 Distorted Teachings at Wild Goose

Picture Woodstock, Birkenstocks, and unorthodox Jesus references. You have an image of the Wild Goose Festival. It’s an annual summer gathering of the Religious Left on a campground in Hot Springs, North Carolina.

Last weekend’s sweltering heat did not deter the overwhelmingly white, older Mainline Protestant participants from convening under scattered tents to acknowledge their own privilege and power. I was huddled among them.

Year-by-year Wild Goose Festival speakers grow more dissident and unpredictable. Their teachings align less with Scripture and ever-closer to the political left. Considering this, it’s no wonder I learned a lot of fascinating, albeit deceptive lessons this year…

(Read the rest of article over at The Streamhere.)

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