9 Reasons Why I and My Community Love to Sing at Church

on May 1, 2018

For most Christians, singing is an essential part of a worship service. Some churches’ music takes the form of a rock concert, while others sing a cappella. Whatever the style preference, Christians across the globe lift their voices to glorify our King, Jesus. But according to a recent article published by Renewing Worship, author Kenny Lamm offers nine reasons on why people do not sing at worship

The reasons Lamm believes that people are not singing worship during church services include:

  1. They do not know the songs.
  2. We are singing songs not suitable for congregational singing.
  3. We are singing in keys too high for the average singer.
  4. The Congregation can’t hear people around them singing.
  5. We have created worship services which are spectator events, building a performance environment.
  6. The congregation feels they are not expected to sing.
  7. We fail to have a common body of hymnody.
  8. Worship leaders ad lib too much.
  9. Worship leaders are not connecting with the congregation.

While this may be true for some, the majority of young Christians I know adore singing worship songs during the church service. So I wanted to offer nine reasons for why Believers sing during worship at church.

1.  We love to sing!

I am not a talented singer, but I love it! So do my friends and the people in my community. Music gives us the power to express our feelings in a beautiful and artistic way. For my community, we sing because we feel most comfortable. Also, many are musically talented and enjoy using that talent for the Lord by leading worship or singing at church.

2.  Singing prepares our hearts for the rest of service.

Worship through song opens my heart to listen to the sermon that I am about to hear. The Holy Spirit will use the song that I sing to prepare my heart to be open and willing to hear what God has to say through His word. My friends and I discuss the songs that we sang during worship and how it perfectly harmonized with our pastor’s message. 

3. We can learn Scripture and preach the Gospel through worship songs. 

Songs of worship can help preach the Gospel to those who are not yet saved. We believe that the Holy Spirit can use the lyrics of the songs to share what God has done for us. It is an effective — and fun — way to share the Gospel.

4. Singing together creates a close sense of community.

Singing with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ during worship imparts a sense of community. We come together as one to sing about one subject: our God. I remember one moment when my friends began to sing praise songs to our Lord, and at that moment, we all felt God’s presence. Our voices were in sync and we were worshiping the most high God. My community came together to praise our Creator. Singing worship creates this close sense of community. Lifting voices that are in sync up to our Lord creates a beautiful harmony.

5. We are reminded of God’s Goodness.

I don’t know if this has been scientifically proven, but I can more easily recall information when I have sung about it. By singing worship, we reinforce in our memories God’s goodness and His grace and mercy. We can also reaffirm our conviction of God’s goodness and know that He is Lord.

6. Our singing encourages others through worship.

Singing worship can encourage fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. We use worship songs that have encouraging lyrics to uplift each other and direct our attention to Christ. Whenever my peers sing, we sing to not only remind each other of our God’s goodness but to also encourage each other. Encouraging each other during worship service helps us to further fix our eyes on Christ and tune our hearts to Jesus.

7. Singing actively displays our love for Christ.

What better way to express our feelings and love for Christ than singing during worship at church! People sing and write love songs. Why not sing love songs to our Lord during Church?

8. God commands us to sing.

God wants us to sing praises to Him and glorify Him. 1 Chronicles 16:23 instructs: “Sing to the Lord, all the earth; proclaim His salvation day after day.” He wants everything on this earth to sing praise and proclaim to the world about how He has saved us from eternal death. 

9. Jesus deserves all of our praise.

Ultimately, God — who created this lowly servant — has all the reason to be praised. He saved a nobody, who did not deserve to be saved, from eternal hell. However, God was gracious and merciful and He gave me everlasting life. This is only the beginning of why He deserves all praise. But it is the foremost reason. He sent His only Son to die for such lowly people. Therefore, I sing at church.

I encourage everyone to sing loudly and proudly to our Lord Jesus during worship. And just like Bethel Music sings, “May His praise ever be on my lips.”

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