Why I Left a Non-Denominational Church for the SBC Southern Baptist

January 9, 2018

Why I Left a Non-Denominational Church for the SBC

My family has attended our area’s most well-known non-denominational church for over 20 years. I spent my childhood within the Bible-teaching, family-loving, community that my independent church offered, and watched the congregation slowly outgrow the little white church that we started in, moving to our high school auditorium, then to the gym of a local elementary/middle school, and finally to a shiny new building all our own.

Through the years, I participated in Sunday school, VBS, and youth group while my parents served as an usher and greeter. I often heard sermons that emphasized our church’s commitment to the “word of God” and its supreme authority and power. I still remember the words of our (now resigned) pastor during each pre-sermon prayer, asking God that through the message, “believers would be edified, and lost people would come home.”

I would generally describe the teaching and feel of my childhood church as somewhere between Baptist and Presbyterian, which, based on my experience at other conservative non-denominational churches, seems like an attractive theological flavor for many church-going millennials. Alongside today’s young, restless, and reformed movement is a subculture of non-denominational churches accommodating the needs of theologically curious and culturally aware young people who desire real community, and who are dissatisfied by the religious rhythms of their youth.

When I went to college, the first church that I was invited to attend was a small multi-ethnic church plant affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). There I saw Asian-American students from neighboring schools, white and black families from the local community, and a Korean-American pastor. This community is very different than the >95% white congregation that I grew up in, and more committed to engaging cultural issues and the church’s place in a changing society.

Right now, both the multi-ethnic SBC church and the independent church of my youth are growing exponentially. Both seem to have healthy leadership structures, a seemingly diverse age demographic, large children’s ministries, and the gospel is shared weekly from the pulpit. So, does it matter if your church is affiliated with a denomination? Long term, I think so. Let me share two primary reasons why I am leaving non-denominational churches behind and committing to the SBC as my Christian community and home.

I’ll first start with a reason for leaving the independent church for a denomination that may be distinct to my own story. I left the non-denominational church for the deep roots that life in the SBC provides. Like many young Christians who are growing up in an increasingly secular America (by which I mean that it is becoming ever more difficult to find Christian influences on secular culture, or traditional Christian values being welcomed into the public square), I am eager to learn how my faith applies to the world around me. Salvation is important, especially for the young restless and reformed sub-culture of millennial Christians, but there is a growing collection of young people who recognize that salvation is not the end of Christian faith and community, and that Christ-likeness and day to day acts of faithfulness are just as crucial to cultivating a mature spirituality. For the generation before us, and especially for our revivalist parents, salvation was central. As a result, many church communities became insular and committed to conversion instead of wide-reaching cultural engagement or personal discipleship. As these latter emphases are coming back into focus, emerging leaders from my generation are leading a charge to make Christianity relevant and applicable in all the right ways.

For me, seeing a collection of young leaders who are affiliated with and committed to the historic denominations, while simultaneously upholding a call to engage the culture and make disciples before converts stoked in me a desire to see Christ grow more and more central to my life. Following leaders like Russell Moore, Jared Wilson, Jen Wilkin, and Jackie Hill Perry who use the resources and channels that large denominations have to advance the gospel, and speak boldly about issues facing real people, in real cities and towns around the country. The SBC community, both through its teachers and scholars, but also through its various ministries, including the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, International Missions Board, and North American Missions Board has shown me that there is a whole world to learn from and engage with outside of my local community.

One major advantage that most denominations have over independent churches is that established denominations have more access to focused ministries that promote consistent theology and worldview. The reality is that these non-denominational churches, apart from smaller coalitions and collections of pastoral or missionary partnerships, have very few leaders with enough influence and resources to move seamlessly from the local to the global.

Within the SBC, I have found that the current approach to church life and Christian witness being promoted by our leaders is both refreshing and motivating. Men like Al Mohler at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Bruce Ashford at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary give me hope that the next generation of leaders within the denomination will be well equipped to speak, write, and teach for the glory of God and the edification of the church. These are men, among other men and women, who I trust to direct the church toward radical discipleship, distinctly Christian moral and ethical worldviews, and renewed affection for the scriptures.

The second, and perhaps more universal, reason that I decided to commit to growing and leading within the Southern Baptist Convention is because of the historic theological and philosophical traditions that inform modern church life as part of an established denomination. I appreciate, (and I think that all serious church-goers should) that the decisions our local church leaders make are not only bound to the accountability of the other elders, deacons, and church members, but also to the historic confessions, statements, affirmations, and denials that have shaped denominational life for years.

While SBC churches are officially self-governing, I find a great deal of security in knowing that our denomination has collectively upheld and returned time and time again to the confessions that make us distinctly Baptist; set apart by emphasizing our commitment to the reliability of the Christian scriptures, the importance of fighting for religious liberty for all people, and submitting, as a collective church body, to God’s sovereign will.

Al Mohler’s entrance into the office of President at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1993 is one example of how boldness and conviction by our leaders to uphold the historic and documented faith tradition of protestants broadly and Southern Baptists specifically can lead to revival and restoration. In the face of immense pressure from his colleagues and students at Southern Seminary to do otherwise, Mohler clung to the tradition’s storied adherence to the scriptures as God’s inspired and un-corrupted word, and to the Seminary’s purpose of equipping men and women to do ministry wherever God may call them. Mohler faced fierce opposition, yet maintained the confessional integrity of the denomination and solidified the seminary’s future as a decidedly Christian, and purposefully Southern Baptist, institution.

I want to be part of a community of believers that celebrates the sort of leadership that conserves what is necessary to the faith while working to understand how the church is meant to continually adapt and grow in the face of cultural ostracization. Now, as I become an increasingly more informed and theologically aware member of my church, I want to know that my local church leaders can be held accountable in some way to the commitments that our other 47,000+ Southern Baptist churches have made and upheld for generations. This is one aspect of denominational life that cannot be equally replicated in non-denominational churches. It becomes especially important to have checks and balances that reach further than your local body when inevitable disagreements and scandals threaten the well-being and integrity of the church community.

Notice that I haven’t proclaimed the SBC as the nation’s only right and true denomination, nor have I announced the supremacy of my current multi-ethnic church over the homogeneous church of my youth. What I want to emphasize is that the expressions of Christianity in America take on many forms, stem from many cultures, and at times emphasize different aspects of the faith. The SBC is one expression of Christianity that I have grown to appreciate and resonate with. I love that our current leaders are bold in the face of cultural opposition, and I like that we collaborate well with other denominations and communities that share the broader expressions of our faith. I am grateful for the growth that I had during my time in an independent Bible church, but I’ve chosen a wider allegiance to a larger body of believers that will endure wherever life takes me. I know that wherever I am, like-minded Baptist believers will welcome me into their church with open arms.

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  1. Jim Korn says:

    Very well written and thoughtful article, Brady. Much of it resonates with Nita and me, who since leaving UBC have joined an Anglican (ACNA) church.

    • David says:

      Interpretation is at an all-time low lacking the TRUTH of the SPIRIT of God’s LOVE. So words of God is easly misinterpreted. Jesus calls the churches in these days FOOL’S!

    • Danny says:

      My wife and I visit an SBC church regularly, and at one time were thinking about joining. The pastor has wonderful sermons, and the people are very friendly, loving, and service/missions oriented. What I disagree with is the proclivity to pick and choose which scriptures to follow. For example Mark 16:17-20 that talks about accompanying signs to them that believe and how the Lord confirms the message that way. You can’t have full salvation by picking and choosing which scriptures to follow. Too often they’re swept under the rug, and hidden from the “scripture take-aways. That hinders us from joining.

  2. Jackie D. Miller says:

    The problem is, the false doctrine you are embracing. The plan of salvation (Acts 2:38), the plan of Worship (Acts 20:7), The plan of Church Government (Acts 20:28-31, and Jesus prayer and Paul’s plea for unity John 17:20-21; I Cor. 1:10-13. You have departed from the faith, once delivered Jude 3

    • David Powell says:

      Looking at the scriptures you cited, I don’t understand your comments towards Brady. I don’t see any false doctrine in his article based on those references.

      • Eric W Ramsey says:

        There is no “official polity” for SBC churches. Each church is self-governing. SBC churches uphold both the autonomy of the local church and the priesthood of the believer. In addition, they collectively uphold The Word of God (Canonized Scriptures) as the only source of authoritative truth.

    • Larry says:

      Acts 2:38 salvation was for the jews only who were under the law.Paul is the apostle to the gentiles. He teaches salvation is by grace through faith to them who Believe that Christ died for all sin and was raised for our justification. It is not by works, being babtized,repenting,or asking for forgivness(Christ already forgave all our sins) There is nothing to do but believe his finished work on the cross was for your atonement. Stop trying to earn your salvation and making what Christ did for you at Calvary to no affect for you. Christ was a jew he had to be babtized according to jewish law because he was starting his priesthood, read it for yourself in Levitigus . you do not need to be dunked in water, You are not going into a priesthood. That was for the nation of Isreal only. Just accept Gods grace through faith, you need do nothing more for salvation.

      • Cd says:

        All I know or feel about church is that it does not matter what denomination each believer requires but that the head of the church is leading those to whom he teaches in a true direction in Christ. This is what I was taught: follow God’s laws through Christ, have total faith in him, and in all you do let him lead as you follow faith in the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Total love for all. Charity and love, compassion for all mankind. Charity starts at home and spreads forth. God bless you all. Amen, the church the body of Christ.

      • Sheila Gillett says:

        Well said that was the truth and nothing but the whole truth that makes us free, I truly needed to hear this I got off my course and was feeling so confused. I’m of a confused mind looking for Pacific churches yet all I needed to do was repent and get back in the race. I’m so grateful to God we must not be over SPIRITUAL that were no earthly good. Ecclesiastes.

      • Claudette Campbell says:

        Matthew 28:19
        Go therefore and make disciples of “all Nations,” baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

        John 3:5
        Jesus answered,”Truly, truly I say to you, unless one is born of the water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter the Kingdom of God.
        Getting dunked is a requirement for all nations. Says God Almighty!!!

  3. Byrom Wehner says:

    I’m not sure that I understand what you mean by “make disciples before converts.” We are called by New Testament Scripture to go into all the world and make disciples of the people in all nations. I see that as bringing them to a saving personal relationship with Jesus Christ and then helping them to become disciples and grow in their relationship with Christ. Simultaneously, we who have that personal relationship with Christ have to also grow as disciples, so we can then share our stories with those who don’t know Him. It seems to me that we have to try to create a good balance between conversion and discipleship, if we are to fulfill God’s calling to bring all people to Him. I belong to a United Methodist church in probably the most diverse city in the US and in the most diverse part of that city. Within a 5-mile radius of our campus, there are 170 languages spoken by people who for the most part are non-believers in Jesus Christ. We are currently trying to understand what God has in mind for us to do to bring those people to Christ.

    • David Powell says:

      I understood Brady’s comments to mean his church does not make converts and let them flounder and disciple themselves like many ministries do. Discipleship is an extension of the conversion and growth process.

    • John says:

      I left a church because they started to preach reformed theology which is calvinism.
      it took years for me to break free from this gnostic philosophy of AUGUSTINE.
      My church posted as a non denominational
      while slowly bringing in their false calvinistic doctrines. I dont believe calvinism to be biblical CHRISTIANITY. I’m now looking for a new church that doesnt teach reformed theology but biblical TRUTH.
      be blessed.

      • Debra says:

        I recommend that you seek a better understanding of the Catholic faith. A couple of authors that discuss their concerns and studies about the church’s belief are Scott Hahn and Patrick Madrid.

  4. Brady, thanks for the confirmation for our recent church decision. I planted our church in 1965 as an independent, classical Pentecostal church, but made a doctrinal change to fully evangelical/baptististic in 1970. However, I did not go into a denomination at that time, but stayed non-denominational for another 45 years. When I prepared to step from the Senior Pastor role after 50 years, the church elected my son as the new Senior Pastor. During the transition, we began to look for a “covering” among the various evangelical groups and landed, were you did, with the SBC. I can say that we made the change for the very same reasons you did, and believe it was a good move. The depth and breath of resources, and opportunities for outreach and missions are vast. However, we also feel that our church can be blessed, and that we can help other churches in our City and State SBC Associations. Thanks for articulating so well.

  5. Leigh says:

    I grew up in a First Baptist SBC church in Texas as did my parents and grandparents. Let me say you couldn’t be more wrong in thinking that the SBC cares about discipleship.

    They are extremely focused on “getting you saved” especially as you come forward during the invitation time while the pianist plays “Softly and Tenderly”. Then boom….nothing. oh you might be encouraged to join a age/sex segregated Sunday school class or if a youth maybe a pizza party. But other than being told to have that daily quiet time there isn’t much discipleship.

    It continues today as my husband has us go to a SBC church and when our daughter “accepted Christ” the pastor waits until 30 min before the baptism service starts to see if she really understands! Let that sink in..check at 10:30 and baptism at 11:00. She wasn’t rrquired to give her testimony or asked specifics about the faith. Nope just wants to make sure she knows baptism doesn’t wash away sin.

    Why? Because it’s about numbers, baptism numbers. Think Billy Graham and you’ll get the idea. Just be aware of this and don’t forget that I told you so.

    • Cherryann says:

      I see a lot of comments about what churches and pastors are not doing to disciple converts.
      How about us as believers and parents? What is our role in helping new believers? D

  6. Barry says:

    My greatest concern with joining the Southern Baptist convention is that they are okay with masonry. Masonry at its deepest roots is not only polytheism but at the top of their god chain is raw the sun god.

    Any denomination who allows their pastors to take part in Masonry without any open reprimand needs to be corrected.

    Masonry goes hand-in-hand with the Babylonian system of churches made by man for self-exaltation versus churches led by sons of God.

    A large percentage of Southern Baptist convention Pastor have joined Masonry, and this is none other than a great deception. A form of godliness.

    Masonry as Rebellion against Jesus.

    • Raymond Kasey says:

      Have you ever asked to become a Mason? To what extent do you know about being a Mason?

    • Jack and Judi Hawes says:

      My thoughts as well. I could never join a Southern Baptist church knowing they straddle the fence with Freemasonry. Likewise, as do the Methodists, United Church of Christ, Presbyterians, General Baptists, American Baptists and others. I continue to search…

  7. Martha says:

    Traditions can be good, but they often come with rigidity and perhaps even a sense of pride that sometimes will not allow the Holy Spirit to move and have His way. That being said, I have no problems with any denomination so long as they teach according to His Word.

  8. Phillip says:

    I am leaving the Christian faith period. The New Testament was written years after Jesus’s death..based on oral tradition..so we really do not know precisely what Jesus said or did. Many of the miracles surrounding Christ seem impossible by today’s knowledge of science..so they are metaphysical indeed..like walking on water..and ascending into Heaven without a spaceship..no oxygen..it’s freezing in space. And why do humans need a sacrifice to forgive them for their sins? I think the answers lie elsewhere..

    • Rose says:

      The New Testament was written years after his death….by his disciples who were in his presence at the time and knew what he said because they were with him.

      “Many of the miracles surrounding Christ seem impossible by today’s knowledge of science…” You realize what you just typed, right? It’s a miracle. The very definition of a miracle is something that defies human understanding and/or the rules of science. It’s Divine. It’s also called having faith that God performs miracles at times to help us.

    • Dianna L Zachrey says:

      Philip please listen to John Lennox on God and science. Excellent in regards to your question has science buried God?.

  9. s. coffey says:

    im just confused/lost as a sheep in a blizzard..i was raised in a small country Christian church, an the whole process, was saved/baptised in 8th grade, probably way to young like a 16yr old w/a CDL & new truck..since then ive experience’d a lot of lie’s/deception, loss/hypocritical living by so called “must go every time holly rollers”..ive been homeless 3x in 10+yrs, had 2 wives cheat/leave, raised a daughter in church & through the courts, has since stop church all togehter, very little contact..i join’d a club look’g for freindship/fellowship w/a yrly $..cant afford the fellowship now so no friendship now..smh go figure..i though i knew how religion worked, then i became homeless a couple times, 1 failure after another, including family..to me religion seems to work better if life is working out in your favor, i learned that there are 2 kinds of people..those who are ment to be successful & those who meant to struggle..i just want true friends who understand where ive been/talking about & tell me what kind of church to attend..obviously what i know/understood isn’t working..im trying marriage the 3rd time, w/a son on the way..but life still isnt what what it should be or is this as good as it gets?? thxs for reading /respond’g..really lost/confused/disgusted?!


      What you seek cannot be found online. Perhaps god has spoken to you many times and showed you the way but you were so full of self pity you failed to see the wonder of your own life. How does it go let me see if i recall…..I was sad because i had no shoes until i met a man who had no feet. Pray, pray hard, pray often, pray for undetstanding then stop and listen for the answer.

      • Gfm says:

        I liked ur reply! Pray pray & pray! AND THEN LISTEN! Even tho I don’t always follow this way, I know in my heart it is the right way. I’ve heard that One doesn’t need a building to go to, to pray, or visit God on the Sabbath day.. but if you pray, WHEREVER you are HE will hear you. So always pray wherever you may be, whenever you can but don’t forget to really try to listen to what HE’S saying to you. God bless us all in this world today. I too feel confused, lost & scared when it comes to finding a church and do I need to? But I still pray, just not enough as I feel I should. Also, dont forget to thank HIM & not just ask for help.

    • Tina says:

      You may need some true Christian counseling who are professionals. God has given gifts in the body to build us up and guide us. Also, you may have a learning difference that makes it hard for you. Again, someone can help you find out and what could help you. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you. God loves you! I am saying a prayer right now for you!

  10. I’ve been. Member of my church since 2012, and I be always seen ungodly things the but I always told myself I’m not here for myself

  11. My children and I have been a member of this non-denominational church since 2012. I’ve always seen ungodly things and heard ungodly things about others from people the hold high positions in the church. I just told myself not my battles not my problem I’m only here to serve the Lord. Until it became my problem and for the last 6 or 7 years it’s been hard. I’ve thought on many occasions I would go insane and my mom would say baby why don’t you just leave that church and I told her if I do the devil is everywhere. But what I can say what did it for me is I got a divorce and the pastor started coming to my home, then it became frequently and I would always ask where first lady and he just say she’s not coming and even as of today and that was 5 years ago my pastor States I still can’t date yet and anyone who try he degrade my name and my character to them as if I’m a harlot. I left the church for a while and I just returned 4 Sundays ago and he’s doing it again. Am I wrong if I never go back or should I stay and let God fight my battles. Sincerely heartbroken,unloved, &and Scattered

    • Sheila Gillett says:

      I would trust God by faith no man of God should be in your presence along there is wisdom as men and women of God in leadership, my concern is God says don’t let our good be evil spoken of God loves you Beautiful Queen and I’m your sister in Christ Jesus Amen. I would pray but I would step out in faith and visit there’s no perfect church but ain’t no Pastor or any man in leadership coming in my home alone weather I’m single or married. First you are accountable to the authority of God’s word. But I would expose why is he going to see you without his wife. Never let anyone make you think that God loves pastors more than us all we are all call to something in the body of Christ and all have to give an account. I pray God gives you SPIRITUAL boldness to confront him in an Godly matter asking God for His wisdom my message is late but I believe your best is yet to come remember Queen you already married to God first so lift up your help and take a dance with your King Jesus because He wants to dance with you. Agape love Queen💃💃💃💃💃😍😍😍😍😍🙏🙏🙏🙏💪💪💪💪💪☺☺☺☺

    • Cordelia says:

      Bless your heart- I am so sorry you are going thru that- your pastor is not doing as the WORD of God says- HE IS JUDGING AND I believe your church is more about RULES THAN ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS WITH CHRIST AND LOVE FOR EACH OTHER- religion is about rules and Christianity is about relationship with Christ and living a life daily with the Holy Spirit- I pray that you seek a church that teaches and understands the importance of the Holy Spirit – and don’t forget PEOPLE AND CHURCHS WILL FAIL YOU but GOD NEVER WILL – so pray that THE HOLY SPIRIT WILL LEAD YOU to the church that can help you grow your relationship with Christ – God Bless and I will pray for you and your journey- GOD LOVES YOU AND HE HAS PLANS FOR YOUR LIFE AND HE WILL HELP YOU IN THE DAYS AHEAD just SEEK AND CRYOUT for the Holy Spirit every day as often as you feel needed and I promise you will begin a journey with God that you have never had before –

  12. Rajean Craig says:

    I changed to nondenominational Churches after I had to pull my teenagers out of the denominational Church due to the fact the board members got in a FIST FIGHT at a Board Meeting over denominational differences! I visited a Bar and learned how God expects people to love one another while dancing to ‘come on people now smile on your brother everybody get together try to love one another right now’. I got tired of listening to people fight over doctrinal issues for 30 years. The Bible says to work out our own salvation.

  13. Raymond Kasey says:

    I find the “laws” of a denominational church to be man-made rather God-inspired. For example, I was excommunicated by the Christian Reformed Church for being a Freemason; denominational church rules, not God rules. However, since that time I have been going strictly to unaffiliated good God-fearing, Bible teaching non-denomination churches and haven’t regretted it. I still go to denominational churches, Baptist and Presbyterian, for some good sermons by good preachers but only do this when traveling.

    Mr. Weller hangs his hat on “historical” denominational churches but that doesn’t hold water if the churches don’t or won’t even sing traditional historical hymns from great lyricists such as the Wesleys but rather sing “Jesus Jingles” [4 words, 4 lines, 4 times] which have no meaning and no teaching value like the old hymns. The churches are changing to attract younger members but it is not fulfilling it’s commission to teach these younger people to be mature Christians utilizing junk music.

    • Alwazel8 says:

      Amen! I have really been struggling ever since my church got a new “minister of music.” He is all about the new, repetitive, “praise” choruses. It is like I am a spectator watching his concert, as he ad libs nand has his own little show up there. That is not even meant to be congregational, so we, the congregation, are not really able to take part in worship. They built a new sanctuary, and did not even bother putting any hymnals in there. I am not that old-in my 40s- but this type music does not speak to me at all. I was told they are trying to appeal to the lost, as they would be more attracted to this type music. So much for shepherding the flock you have, especially the ones who were there long before the new music minister. If it isn’t enough watching him and the new “praise team” perform while we watch, they also put closeups of them on three big screens they have now. It just feels like I am there to watch somebody else perform, or maybe even have their own type of worship experience, but I am in no way included.
      The other problem I have is man-made rules and such. There are some things they want you to sign to adhere to if you are going to be a deacon or Sunday School teacher, but it is not anything found in the Bible. Just what THEY, men, came up with. I do not like that, and refuse to sign anything saying I believe this is right. They can surmise what they want from that. It isn’t that I want to or plan to do anything ungodly. I am just not going to sign that the Bible says something that it does not say.
      This is a SBC, and I really do not know where else to go from here.

  14. Christopher Hudson says:

    I think people worry to much about denominations.I believe that as long the church preaches from the Bible and it is the sole authority on what they preach and teach,the denomination does not really matter.As long as you are a true believer you should be able to worship with any other group of believers of any denomination and feel at home in God’s house.

  15. Donna Wood says:

    I actually grew up in a well established traditional denominational church then left for a non denominational experience. Lately, I have been feeling pulled back into it. Your article helped me begin to understand that pull a little bit more. For that I thank you.
    Pay no attention to the negative nay sayers. Some of them are instruments of the enemy. Your relationship with God does not always meet man’s expectations or acceptance. Continue to do the work of God wherever He laces you

  16. Yvette says:

    I’ve just moved to a new area and was in search of a place to assemble with other believers. As usual what I’m seeing here (based on the replies) is a lot of disputing and finger pointing; as if we’re still fine leaning to our own understanding (that of any man) rather than trusting in the clarity given by God through intimate , one-on-one relationships with God. If anyone is all knowing enough to argue about clarity of the word of God why are we forgetting this : Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye;: and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye. None of us will ever be free from having some sort of beam in our eye (something we need to improve on spiritually); and since we are instructed to remove our beam FIRST then there is never a time when we should be calling another out on what we ‘feel’ is wrong with them. This is disheartening. Is this what Love is supposed to look like?

  17. KT says:

    There is ONE Jesus, I don’t understand why churches are so divided based on some petty issues and doctrines.

  18. Liz says:

    Iam an evangelist. My. Heavenly Father has sent me to different nations and I had the opportunity to preach or only to seat and watch the work of the Holy Spirit in that congregation. I have learned to love the church of Christ in earth. I grew up as a Baptist, but by God’s grace I have never been attached to any denomination. Jesus did not come to preach denomination, but to save men. There were times that I was sent by God to some local church just to pray for them. There were times that was just to cast out demons from that place. I don’t wave any flag, but the Kingdom of God. Jesus Bride can be found in all denominations and nondenominational churches, but only through the Holy Spirit we can discern His Church. Grace and peace to you all in Christ Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Amen!

  19. Cordelia says:

    Wow- I’m happy your happy- but I grew up as a SBC preachers kid- and well in the end the legalism and the lack of teaching about the Holy Spirit in the SBC was a near detriment to me-
    The politics of many SBC is not spiritually good – the church people I’ve been around were more judgemental than anyone at church should be- there were people and church’s thst hurt me and my family so great that caused years for us to heal-

    And FYI SBC WAS ACTUALLY CREATED because they split from the American baptist BECAUSE THE SBC WAS FOR SLAVERY AND THE SBC WAS FORMED because the Baptist would not allow slave owners to become missionary’s-

    Sooo I’m happy your happy but it’s sad that the HOLY SPIRIT IS TOTALLY left out of most baptist churches and guess what – THATS WHY THERE IS SO MUCH DIVISION AND CHURCH SPLITTING And termoil – because the Holy Spirit is 1/3 of the Trinity so I would have to say in closing that any church that wants to LOVE OTHERS AND BRING OTHERS to salvation and help others understand and grow their personal relationship with Christ better start teaching and understanding the VERY IMPORTANT GIFT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT- because without the Holy Spirit present and accepted and taught about – there will always be turmoil and division in those churches – because it is the Holy Spirit that is given as a gift from God Following baptism that guides believers daily in a closer walk with the Lord and is the part of the trinity that leads our lives into the life God planned for His children and what guides us to LOVE OTHERS LIKE CHRIST – those in all places – prisons, the streets, and all around the world – without the Holy Spirit we fall back into the darkness of this sinful world …. MOST IMPORTANT NO MATTER what church you go to REMEMBER THIS; people and churches and religion often fail us and if your in a chitch void of the Holy Spirit then sooner or later it will have big problems and be dead

  20. Aku says:

    This seems to boil down to $$ and the opportunity to reach out to a broader audience. That can come with the cost of loosing independence and having controlling overseer’s in conventions and associations. Every soul is invaluable and equally important, no matter what space they occupy on this planet. A believers ministry is their sphere of influence, wether it be in a large well-heeled denominational church or small less heeled independent non- denominational church. The fact is that God uses both and both are important, needed and necessary in reaching the lost with the Good News of Jesus Christ. One is not better than the other.

  21. Angrenetta says:

    All I know is no matter what church, assembly, congregation, etc no place of worship is teaching from the Bible scriptures as they should for confused individuals like myself. I was a Baptist, then when I became a wife and parent, I tried to seek God in other places of worship. I attended a Methodist church, non denomination church, a holiness church, and even a kingdom hall congregation. No place felt like a place of worship for my family most places taught that God was Jesus and the other one taught about Jehovah and living life as Jesus but really didn’t cause Jesus was nice to everyone. Reading the book of John, Matthew, Psalms, Job, Genesis, and Israel ( main chapters of the Bible that remains steadily in my brain. Too many places in the Bible identified God as the Alpha and Omega, the only True God, and no One before or after could be God. If Jesus is God who was he referring to when he was teaching and praying saying, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do?” God states Jesus as His son. So why would I believe Jesus is God? Jehovah Witnesses want to believe that God would want them cast out members for not believing in everything as they do when if they were really Jesus’s disciplines, he didn’t cast people out from his teachings were not like him. I seek a true place of worship. I believe in God as the Father, Jesus as God’s son, and the Holy spirit as not a Higher Power like God but what He possesses and gives to who He wants to.

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