March 1, 2016

Blame Trump and Sanders on Waning Old School Protestantism

Does the popularity of unconventional presidential candidates like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders evince America’s dramatically shifting religious demographic?

Recently, an outspokenly liberal United Methodist bishop in The Hill chastised Christians, especially Evangelicals, for supporting Trump despite his “xenophobic zeal” on immigration.

The bishop likely did not appreciate that the implosion of once pervasively influential Mainline Protestant denominations like her own facilitated Trump’s rise. During the campaign, he has stressed his Presbyterian background but elicited derision for his public unease with religious practice.


Read the rest of Mark Tooley’s piece here

3 Responses to Blame Trump and Sanders on Waning Old School Protestantism

  1. Mike Ward says:

    I really hope most Evangelicals are past caring what non-evangelicals think about them. Evangelicals cannot please their critics. If they bend over backwards to make them happy, they’ll just demand they do something else to keep them happy.

    • Namyriah says:

      Alas, the younger evangelicals are nearly indistinguishable from the young people in the mainlines (not that there are very many of those left). They are being peer-pressured into accepting the PC religion bit by bit. They won’t even discuss AGW with you, it is dogma for them.

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