Abortionist: ‘My last boyfriend was a pastor’

on September 15, 2015

Dr. Kermit Gosnell and his Philadelphia “House of Horrors” is what many of us picture when we imagine abortionists. Curmudgeon older men. Dirty clinics. Cold hearts. No sense of ethics, much less Christian convictions. But this imagery fails to capture the full picture when it comes to the abortion doctors who participate in the slaughter (and harvesting and selling) of 4,000 unborn babies per day in the United States.

What about an abortionist with blonde hair, compassionate motivations, and even a pastor’s girlfriend? This is the portrait of an abortionist as portrayed by the online women’s magazine, xoJane.com. In a xoJane op-ed the abortionist-in-the-making, Caroline Payne, declared her love for performing abortions. The op-ed was shared across 48,000 social media outlets.

Responding to her own question, “Who wants to be an abortionist?” Payne answered, “I do. And I don’t have a nose-ring or a tattoo. I’m a 5’ blonde from Ohio and my last boyfriend was a pastor.”

“In fact my Midwest, Christian upbringing is largely responsible for my belief that providing abortion services is one of the most meaningful ways I feel I can contribute to making the world a more fair and equal place for women,” Payne continued regarding her Christian social witness.

Sadly, Payne probably harnessed the words “Christian upbringing” for reasons other than garnering a broader audience and greater sympathies. She likely believes that Christian teaching is truly synonymous with acting in whatever way makes her feel like a good, helpful person. In reality, the evil of abortion clashes with Christianity, and hurts women. But I guess her pastor boyfriend missed that seminary lecture.

Beyond that, I’m simply stunned that Payne continues pushing the tired old narrative that tells women: “Without abortion, you are inadequate.”

“Women should have every opportunity to explore their potential in the public sphere,” Payne wrote. “[A]nd they will never be able to do that if they cannot exert agency and autonomy over their bodies. Republicans know this. Misogynists know this too.”

Maybe Payne should have listened to women speaking to Congress on abortion’s impact on their lives last week during the House Judiciary Committee’s investigation into Planned Parenthood’s illegal harvesting and trafficking of fetal parts. Gianna Jessen is an abortion survivor who asked Congress, “If abortion is about women’s rights, then what were mine?”

Payne rambles on about gender inequality, privilege, the Pill, and eventually substitutes the word abortion with healthcare. She writes, “I provide abortions, and actively take every opportunity to advance my abortion skills, because without abortion and family planning, women will never live in an equal world, let alone rule the world.”

Indeed, abortion is about women, but not in the way Payne said. It is about the murder of innocent, vulnerable baby girls who are never given an opportunity to go to school, play sports, or “compete along the career trajectory with men,” as Ms. Payne put it. Abortion allows for sex-selection abortion and robs largely unborn baby girls of life’s opportunities — because abortion snuffs out unborn women’s lives.

Misogynists know this, and so do abortion advocates. According to the Population Research Institute, because of sex-selection abortion 71 million more boys than girls born have been born since 2000 across the globe. This is what gender inequality looks like my friends, and you can thank abortion.

If Ms. Payne really wants to act out Christian compassion and to advocate for women, then I suggest she immediately stop advocating and participating in the destruction of their unborn lives and try another avenue. Perhaps she could get involved with Medical Students for Life, whose motto is “putting every patient first,” especially the most marginalized, belittled and neglected within our society.

Another option for Ms. Payne is to offer her medical expertise to aid crisis pregnancy centers. Or work alongside YoungLives, a worldwide pro-life group run largely by volunteers that offers ongoing support, resources and counseling to women in crisis pregnancies. These private programs – meaning they receive zero federal dollars – supply everything from diapers to bottles for scared and/or disadvantaged pregnant teenagers and women who would otherwise view abortion as their only option.

Talk about a way to help empower women. By allowing them the chance to live. This is what Christian compassion looks like. Because no matter how much we swallow our own lies about feel-good Christianity, compassion in the name of Christ will never look like murder of these innocents.

  1. Comment by Jason Wert on September 15, 2015 at 3:03 pm

    I actually feel sorry for how deceived by the enemy this girl is (based on her own statements.) There’s so many like her that believe they’re Christians but advocate that which goes directly against the Lord they claim to love and serve.

  2. Comment by RoverSerton on September 16, 2015 at 5:00 pm

    You make abortion sound like great fun. You don’t go into the difficult challenges it is for a woman that feels trapped and alone. You offer no thoughts on this but hone in on the sex selection angle. Most women I know that have had abortions labored under the decision. Most were for medical necessity but that doesn’t matter in your world. Let a woman die rather than have an abortion (rare but it happens). Women are more than chattel but not in your world if they are pregnant.

    A person should have autonomy of their bodies and no one should be able to supersede that (fetus or government).

  3. Comment by Byrom on September 24, 2015 at 10:56 pm

    As I have matured in my faith in God and Jesus Christ, I have come to understand that the unborn are unique lives and precious to our Lord. That is one reason why I do not like the term fetus. It is a baby, a unique human being from the moment of conception. An unborn baby is dependent upon its mother for sustenance, just as a born baby is dependent upon its mother. An unborn baby is not part of its mother’s body, but it has no say in what its mother plans to do with it. I also believe that in those admittedly rare cases where the choice is between the mother’s life and that of her unborn baby, there are prayerful decisions to be made. But here, we are not talking about an abortion because the baby is an inconvenient fact of life. We are talking about saving life, and I believe that God does not disapprove. That is an entirely different issue, as long as it is not being used as a cover for an abortion of convenience. In today’s world, which often puts little worth on human life, that is a real concern.
    Abortion has also become a spiritually emotional issue with me. When we were young marrieds, my late wife and I very much wanted to “make babies” together, my sperm and her eggs. We were not able to. She was thus also not able to fulfill her desire to nurse a baby at her breast. Fortunately for us, two unmarried couples chose not to abort babies which they were not prepared to care for. As a result, we were greatly blessed by God with a son first, and then a daughter. We could not have our own biological children, and yet thousands of unborn babies are murdered each year purely for a woman’s convenience! Forbid it, Almighty God!

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