Save Sudan Pastors

on June 30, 2015

Another week, another hearing for the Reverends Yat Michael Ruot and Peter Yen Reith in Khartoum, the capital of the Islamic Republic of Sudan.

If you are a regular reader of Juicy Ecumenism, you will know that I encouraged you to watch this space to see what you can do to help Pastor Michael and Pastor Peter. I am pleased to announce the creation of a new website, Save Sudan Pastors, by our friends of Mute No More. As with our efforts for Meriam Ibrahim last summer, we hope that our Save Sudan Pastors advocacy will attract dozens of organizations to show their solidarity and co-sponsor the effort with Mute No More and IRD.

The hearing last Thursday, June 25, proved to be no more effective than any of the numerous hearings before it for establishing the guilt of the pastors for the “crimes” with which they have been charged. As the June 25 hearing about which I wrote here, the prosecution had only one more witness, and that witness offered no new evidence. You can read more about the pastors here and here. Their only “crime” was encouraging the churches in Sudan to be strong and endure the government’s persecution.

Now there will be another hearing at which the pastors have an opportunity to speak in their defense and be questioned by the judge. Please pray for Pastors Michael and Peter, their courageous attorney, and the judge. We are particularly asking that God give wisdom and clarity to the judge, that he would judge justly and in accordance to truth.

This hearing will take place in Khartoum on JULY 2. And please remember that Khartoum is 7 hours ahead of Washington, DC, so there is no time to lose if you want to add your voice to those being raised in a letter to Sudan President Omar al Bashir.

Please visit the new Save Sudan Pastors website. From there you can automatically send a letter on their behalf to President Bashir, that will also automatically go to President Obama and to the U.S. Congress, along with State Department, United Nations, African Union, and Sudanese government officials.

Let’s work together for these courageous Presbyterian pastors. Our Sudanese friends always tell us that the government of Sudan cares very much what the world community — and particularly the United States — thinks about it. They are motivated to avoid negative publicity and will respond more favorably towards Pastor Michael and Pastor Peter if we speak up. Please, speak up now!


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