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August 6, 2014

Social Justice Includes Defending Religious Liberty

5 Responses to Social Justice Includes Defending Religious Liberty

  1. Hermonta Godwin says:

    Hi Chelsen,
    Where do you find a basis in the Bible or Natural law etc, that one has a moral obligation to defend any and all deeply held moral convictions? I dont believe that such a basis exists. If that is correct, then one must pick and chose which moral convictions to defend and which not the defend.

    In order to non arbitrarily defend strongly held moral or religious convictions, one must be able to defend the position that the conviction in question is either morally neutral or morally good. To defend a person’s right to do that which is moral evil is incoherent.

    In the case of various levels of opposition to same sex marriage, one should defend such on the basis that such is morally righteous and therefore should be allowed without negative repercussions.

  2. Billy Bobb says:

    I left the far left UCC when I could no longer tolerate their being a political organization posing as a church. Whenever they say that they are fighting for “social justice” they really mean Marxism. They had better be careful what they wish for, as they just might get it.

  3. Thomas says:

    Liberalism specially pro-homosexuality is the new fascism. The gay agenda fundamentalista basically want everyone to be forced to accept same-sex marriage and other abominations. Pope Francis is right, same-sex marriage really is an invention of the “Father of all lies”.

  4. Meg Watkins Ishikawa says:

    Let’s stop referring to this bunch as “evangelicals” – they are not. JI Packer encouraged us to stop calling certain denominations “Christian” as they no longer held to what truly makes one a Christian. Let’s do the same with this hurting bunch who do not want God or His Word to be their authority.

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