January 9, 2013

McDonnell: Action Needed in Sudan

Sudan children Nuba Mountains

FRED GRANDY of the Center for Security Policy discusses the bleak future of the Defense Department’s budget, as well as the laughable hypocrisy of Al Gore selling his Current TV to oil-rich Qatar.

Former Congressman PETER HOEKSTRA gives his concerns for the future of the Middle East in 2013 and the threat posed by Al Jazeera having access to 40million American households thanks to Al Gore.

FAITH McDONNELL of the Institute on Religion and Democracy talks about the ongoing yet often overlooked genocide in Sudan.

The Washington Free Beacon’s BILL GERTZ chats with Frank about a recent Pentagon report that estimates there are tens of thousands of Iranian spies working around the world to further their country’s nuclear goals.

Listen to the full interview at Secure Freedom Radio.

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3 Responses to McDonnell: Action Needed in Sudan

  1. ontogram says:

    “threat posed by Al Jeezera…”? What threat? The threat of free speech, unfiltered video of American and Zionist assaults on native peoples? Is that the “threat.” The real “threat” is the controlled mass media that Americans are subject to — the Zionist flavored presentations while Israel continues to steal land and rights from others, demolish homes and bomb civilians. And DOD has a “bleak future”? Americans spend more on defense than the rest of the world combined and everyone knows it. “(B)leak?” Americans forgo universal healthcare so that the defense industry will prosper and make a handful into billionaires.

    Sudan is no doubt a crisis. So is Gaza. The US govt has no interest in these unprofitable ventures.

    • J P Logan says:

      The libs always fall back on the “Zionist” theme.

      Funny, if you disagree with them, they’ll call you “Nazi,” but “Zionist” is also a favorite slur. Kind of a contradiction there, but then, libs aren’t much into rationality or consistency.

  2. cody watson says:

    I have to agree with the controlled mass media in the USA. We, I are brainwashed! Al Zezera could stir competition. I also have to agree with the comments as well on Israel vis a vis the West bank and stealing land. But what drew me here is the need in Sudan. In 2008 both presidential candidates said Sudan would be a high priority and we have done nothing. The tragedy of 60,000 lost lives in Syria is tragic but pales in comparison to the genocide of hundreds of thousands up to three million in Darfur, the Nuba Mts and elsewhere. If anywhere our intervention is justified it is in Sudan. And why Libya? Gaddafi had been an ally and Sudan has been crying out since the Comprehensive Peace Accord in 2005.

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