January 8, 2013

IRD, @HudsonInstitute Premiere New Film about Genocide in the Sudan

Institute on Religion and Democracy Cross

Contact:  Jeff Walton 202-682-4131, 202-413-5639 cell

What:             Washington premiere of “Across the Frontlines: Ending the Nuba Genocide”
Who:             IRD, End Nuba Genocide Alliance, Hudson Institute
Where:           Hudson Institute 1015 15th St, NW 6th Floor Washington, DC 20005
When:            Friday, January 11, 2-3:30 p.m.
RSVP:             fmcdonnell@TheIRD.org or 202-682-4131

Washington, DC—For almost two years the regime of Sudanese President and indicted war criminal Omar al-Bashir has been waging a relentless, targeted campaign of forced starvation, aerial bombing, and on-the-ground massacres against the various peoples of the Nuba Mountains. Now genocide in the Nuba Mountains of the country’s South Kordofan region is exposed in a new film by Operation Broken Silence, a nonprofit group for the abolition of genocide, slavery and human trafficking.

The 45-minute documentary provides rare footage of the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in this region. Despite the dangers, Mark Hackett and his film crew managed to enter South Kordofan in June 2012.  The result, in his words, is “the first singular, large-scale media project to document this war.”

The film is intended to help the international community understand the level of violence now aimed against the Sudanese Nuba people by their own government. Hackett reports, “Our findings were absolutely horrifying.”

Following the film screening, Director of Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom, Nina Shea, will moderate a discussion with the film’s Director Mark Hackett, CEO and Executive Director of Operation Broken Silence, and Dr. John Hubbel Weiss, Associate Professor of History at Cornell University.

This event will be streamed live here: hudson.org/WatchLive

IRD Religious Liberty Director Faith J.H. McDonnell commented:

“IRD is pleased to be working together with the End Nuba Genocide alliance of genocide scholars and Sudan activists.

“We will continue to demand to know why the U.S. and the world community supported Al Qaeda affiliates in Libya and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, but will not support the black, African indigenous people groups of Sudan that actually do want freedom and secular democracy without Sharia.”



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