November 27, 2012

@TheIRD, #GivingTuesday, and You

Giving Tuesday

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Following Black Friday, Buy Local Saturday, and Cyber Monday if you have any money left there is a new campaign called Giving Tuesday. The Institute on Religion & Democracy is funded by people like you. We are the only organization dedicated to holding denominational bureaucrats accountable to their constituents in the pews. We call upon the churches and especially their leaders to be obedient to His commands as they have been revealed in scripture and to the universal church. We challenge leaders who, while claiming to speak for the church, advocate what contradicts Scripture and church teaching. We pray for church leadership and church bodies to seek faithfulness and church unity based on God’s Word. We advocate for millions of fellow believers globally who are silenced by persecution. We believes all churches are called to defend all who are persecuted for Christ’s sake.

Will you join us as we commit to these challenging tasks? Go here.

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One Response to @TheIRD, #GivingTuesday, and You

  1. Gus Ravenwheel says:

    Really? You’ll ask for money as if you were an actual charity and then when people call YOU on it (you know, like you suppose you “hold denominational bureaucrats accountable…”), you delete the message? That’s a bit cowardly and craven, isn’t it? Not to mention, hypocritical?

    After all, if you think it’s a good thing to hold other Christian people accountable in the way you do, but you don’t like people holding you acccountable in the same way?

    At least have the maturity and courage and decency to accept what you dish out to others, my brothers and sisters.

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