October 31, 2012

Help Broadcast This Story to the World

In June of 2012, Operation Broken Silence, a Memphis-based non-profit dedicated to abolishing mass atrocities and modern slavery, sent an assessment team to Sudan to investigate and document the genocidal war of the National Congress Party Government of Sudan against the people of the Nuba Mountains. Help the story of the Nuba to be heard by joining a Thunderclap — a simultaneous sharing of the message on social media.

Operation Broken Silence CEO and Executive Director, Mark Hackett, explains that while the team was there, “they bore witness to a story of humanity’s greatest failures and evils, but also to a story of bravery, forgiveness, and depths of human resilience in the face of calculated hatred.” You can help broadcast this story, if you join the Thunderclap before 12 noon EDT tomorrow.

“Across the Frontlines,” is Operation Broken Silence’s finished product. Having had a sneak preview, I can tell you that it is an excellent documentary both in terms of production and content — tracing the history of Sudan genocide back to its beginnings in South Sudan and the Nuba Mountains in the 1980’s, through Darfur, to the border conflicts today in Abyei, Nuba Mountains, and Blue Nile.

The documentary’s online worldwide premiere is tomorrow, Thursday, November 1, 2012. (If you are lucky enough to be walking in Memphis, you can see the documentary on the big screen there at 7PM at the Malco Ridgeway Four.) Sudan activists are urged to inquire about hosting screenings.

(Photo for this post taken by photojournalist and human rights activist Tomo Kriznar.)

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