Backbiting Bishops

on May 10, 2012


^The above picture has little to nothing to do with this post, but it looked funny.

As the UMC General Conference wound down to a close, the Love Your Neighbor Coalition met for a final news conference in the Tabernacle. Despite their numerous disruptions during the previous days, LYN and its supporters could boast no great victory to the media. Indeed, they had to head home with a resounding defeat on the delegate floor. However, as I listened and recorded the speakers, I noticed they masterfully imposed a positive spin on the situation.

To start off, let’s look at this clip:

The LYN representative bubbles, “Before, we used to be the conscience of society, but now we have to come along society.” This juxtaposes with Central Conference African delegates who argue, “When you came to us with the Word of God, we gave up our immoral practices. When the Bible came into conflict with the culture, we submitted to the Bible.” Also notice how the revisionists are chomping at the bit to disobey the church and its authority. Is this an authentic love for Christ’s body? Yes, that’s a leading question, but I think it merits asking.

Next, we have Bruce Robbins:

He boasts “biblical obedience and ecclesial disobedience.” I’m kind of shocked by this statement, since the ecclesiastical authority of the General Conference affirmed the 2,000 year old teachings of sexuality on the basis of Scripture. Have fun with that one.

The Rev. Mary Kay Totty gave a step-by-step guide for getting a UMC congregation to host same-sex weddings:

It always does my heart good to see a pastor toeing the covenantal line.

Ok, here’s the biggie. A collection of bishops came forward in faux-solidarity with the LYN attendees. Bishop Talbert informed his audience that he was not “speaking on behalf” of his colleague bishops or the Council (since that could lead to some serious job-endangerment) but the bishops were there as a “presence.” Nevertheless, it wouldn’t hurt to give these church leaders a good once-over so that you know who they are and understand why so many congregants mistrust their leaders.

With a faith worthy of the kingdom of God, Talbert proclaims the inevitable acceptance of the LGBT lifestyle.

So, let’s do what the good bishop teaches and throw off those limits the good Lord imposed on humanity!


  1. Comment by calskinner on May 12, 2012 at 9:39 pm

    Would you please provide a list of bishops who were in the tent in the text?

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