February 2, 2010

Why the Israel Bashing by Church Liberals?

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IRD was founded when liberal mainline and ecumenical groups routinely bashed the United States for its human rights failures while largely ignoring the repressions and crimes of the Soviet Bloc. That pattern continues today, with the evangelical left joining the fray with the old religious left. While 30 years ago these church groups were obsessed with supporting Marxist insurgencies in Central America, now they often obsess over Israel’s perceived aggressions while remaining largely silent about terror and repression by Palestinians and other Arab and Islamic entities. Why the bias and double standards?

Brian McLaren is a prominent liberal evangelical and chief voice for “emergent” Christians who recently led a tour through the Holy Land that slammed Israel while minimizing the threats it faces. Here’s my article. Andhere’s our press release.

Walter Brueggemann is a renowned old Testament theologian who, though belonging to the very liberal United Church of Christ, is also popular among many liberal evangelicals because of his social justice themes. He, unsurprisingly, has joined the anti-Israel chorus. In the forward to a newly published book, he identifies Jewish “exceptionalism” as the chief cause for strife in the Middle East. Here’s my article.

Hostility to Israel by the religious and evangelical left is motivated by some of the same biases that fuel anti-Americanism and that once animated church support for Marxism. These liberal prelates and theologians believe that Western Civilization, shaped by Judeo-Christianity, is the focus of corruption in the world today. They will not criticize radical Islam or Marxism, which they justify as understandable reactions against the imperialist West. IRD will continue to challenge their double standards and blind spots!

Speaking of radical Islam, here’s a report from Faith McDonnell about what Islamists are doing in Nigeria, with help from Islamists in Sudan. And here’s Faith’s report about the need for prayers for a courageous Christian human rights leader in China.

Of course, we American Christians do not struggle as Christians must in places like China and Sudan. But we have our battles, even in our own denominations. Read Alan Wisdom’s reports about the Presbyterian battle to protect traditional marriage.

Finally, here’s my report on why pro-abortion rights church lobbyists may have overreached with their demands for government funded abortions in Obamacare.

Please pray for Alan, Faith, myself, and all IRD staff as we strive to contend for the faith and in behalf of others who struggle more courageously than we. Your prayers, and your donations to our work, are much needed and appreciated. Please donate easily here.


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