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Saint Augustine and the Earthly City of God

Obeying Christ without Withdrawing from the World

October 30, 2015

A good mission statement for the “Augustine option” would be God’s admonition to the captive Israelites through the prophet Jeremiah to “seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find welfare” (Jer. 29:7)

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Correctly Understanding Jesus’ Condemnation of the Pharisees

February 25, 2015

We should not be misled, unnerved, or defensive when adversaries of Biblical faith condemn traditional Christians as Pharisaical. Like Jesus, we agree with the moral ideals of the Pharisees, which God gives us in His Word, and like Jesus, we condemn those who depart from them. But unlike the Pharisees (and those who advocate moral autonomy), we do not depend on our own righteousness to be good, but on Jesus Christ.

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Following Christ in the Future

December 22, 2014

As churches and Christian institutions succumb to the intense intellectual, social and legal attacks of our day, it may be necessary for us to understand, as we always should, that our faith is not dependent on any particular human association of Christians, but on God’s revelation in Scripture, confirmed to our hearts by the Holy Spirit.

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Obeying God Rather than Men

April 21, 2014

We need to understand that our commitment to obey God is a matter of duty, not part of a strategy to either recover dominance or religious freedom. Perhaps, however, if the wider society sees a significant minority of Christians who do not comply with state law and regulations requiring them to sin, and the resultant loss of talent and service to society, there will be accommodation … But whatever happens in the status of Christians in the wider society, our duty to God is clear. Our first commitment is as disciples of Christ – Christians – and only after that as Americans, or whatever other identities and allegiances we have.

Jesus Teaching His Disciples

The Kingdom of God and Relativism as a Norm

March 8, 2014

Moral autonomy, the reigning doctrine of our age, is seriously inhibiting both truth and freedom for the gospel … Because the relativist challenge to truth and morality is so wide ranging, a successful strategy has to be on many fronts. It has to affect the “core of what people believe.”

Staunching Baptist Decline

June 12, 2013

by Barton Gingerich (@bjgingerich) Over at Religion News Service, Jonathan Merritt has taken up keyboard and monitor to advise the Southern Baptist Convention on how to avoid a disastrous membership slump. His article is…

As Iron Sharpens Iron

January 10, 2013

Much has been written recently about the potential drift of Millennial Christians (those between ages 18-30) out of the church and into a vague, rootless spirituality – or out of faith entirely. Although it…