Persecution is Real!

Faith McDonnell on September 28, 2020

Christian Persecution is Real was the topic of 2020 Saints Peter and Paul Conference at the Basilica of St. Mary, Alexandria, Virginia. I was honored to be one of the speakers at this event facilitated by Save the Persecuted Christians (STPC) on September 11 & 12.

The topic is appropriate for a “Saints Peter and Paul Conference.” Those two saints and Apostolic church leaders certainly knew the reality of persecution. . . and martyrdom. But some 21st century Western Christians are unaware of the extent to which their global brothers and sisters are suffering right now! Many thanks to St. Mary’s Rector, the Very Reverend Edward Hathaway, and Parochial Vicar, Father David Dufresne, for wanting to help change that situation. And to Dede Laugesen, the Executive Director of STPC, for making everything happen in spite of all of the difficulties we have all faced in 2020.

Thanks also to the staff at St. Mary’s. They have provided a full video of the conference — all seven and a half hours, as well as individual videos of the speakers. They have provided this recording of the conference on the Basilica’s website, their YouTube channel, and their Vimeo channel. You can also watch the wonderful film Christians in the Mirror that was screened on the first night of the conference. Here is a quiz for those who watch the videos and the film, or perhaps to whet your curiosity and inspire you to watch the videos and the film!

Christian Persecution is Real: The Quiz

  1. What connection does the song “The Impossible Dream” have to slavery?
  2. How did the colors red, white, and blue become associated with the idea of freedom or liberty?
  3. What does Antoine from Aleppo say is the best way to fight the jihadists?
  4. Fr. Dufresne says that the conference is “not just about learning information” about the persecution of Christians. What else should it do?
  5. Congressman Frank Wolf asked that we commit not just to each other, but to God, to do what three things?
  6. What is Faith McDonnell’s version of an Ebenezer?
  7. What did a Christian leader tell Dr. Sayo Ojiboye is the thing Nigerians need most of all?
  8. What was Bob Fu showing attendees by having them do some physical movements in their chairs?
  9. Which of RNC 2020 speakers was present at the conference to introduce one of the speakers?
  10. According to Stephen Rasche, what are the three character traits that come out of persecution?

(I will post the answers to the quiz at a later date.)

Finally, here is a four minute video of highlights of the conference:

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