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To Christians in Cuba

Faith McDonnell on August 28, 2020

Yesterday a ministry that works with Christians in Cuba asked me to send our Cuban brothers and sisters a message of encouragement.

We know that life is tough for everyone under that Communist regime. It is particularly so for Christians. As you can imagine, the Wuhan virus pandemic has exacerbated the already difficult circumstances.

In May, 27 members of both Houses of Congress wrote a letter to President Trump. They urged the Trump Administration to enable an enormous donation of humanitarian aid to be sent unrestricted to Cuba. Cuban Americans and other people of good will collected the aid. Their project was called “Solidarity Between Brothers” or Solidaridad entre Hermanos.

The Administration allowed these tons of aid to be sent. But sadly, the cargo has been in the port in Cuba for weeks. The Cuban authorities have arbitrarily detained it. They are depriving impoverished Cubans of much-needed help.

Pray and Show Solidarity

Please pray for a change of heart on the part of the Cuban authorities. And pray that the United States would once again intercede. The US needs to urge the regime to release the aid. Further, please pray for the churches.

Pray for God’s blessing on them as they serve Him in difficult circumstances. And pray that the churches — the rightful recipients of the donation — be allowed to distribute it without government interference.

In the meantime, our Cuban American fellow Christians are urging expressions of solidarity and encouragement. This can happen via 1-2 minute videos that will be sent to the Christians on the island.

A Message to Christians in Cuba

Here’s mine:

Greeting Christians in Cuba

If you are interested in sending a greeting of encouragement and solidarity to our Christian brothers and sisters in Cuba, please let me know.

Back in the days of the Soviet Union some of us used to send greetings to Christians behind the Iron Curtain. We wrote messages on cards. Then we brought them to the Post Office, purchased a “return receipt requested,” and mailed them. Now you can send a greeting to Cuba via WhatsApp on your cell phone so simply. And it will be a great encouragement to them!

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