January 13, 2020

TBN Presents INEXPLICABLE: How Christianity Spread to the Ends of the Earth

Tonight at 8PM Eastern Time the TBN Christian television network will premiere a new documentary film series about how the Gospel spread across the globe. The series, titled Inexplicable: How Christianity Spread to the Ends of the Earth, is narrated by well-known, velvety-voiced Dennis Haysbert (“24” “The Unit”).

I was fortunate enough to attend a premiere screening of Part 1 of this series at the Museum of the Bible on January 4. The film was terrific — both in terms of content and presentation. The story is both inspiring and challenging as we reflect our own role as the spiritual descendants of these saints who have gone on before and now populate the Great Cloud of Witnesses described in the Book of Hebrews, who are cheering us on. But it is also beautifully and sensitively portrayed, going to the very limits of our capacity to understand what the early Christians endured, but bathing it in the light of the resurrected Messiah. I urge everyone to watch this series and to share it with your friends and fellow church members.

TBN explains that Inexplicable will “chart the historical path the Gospel journeyed, exploring where, why and exactly how it spread from 12 followers of Jesus to more than two billion believers worldwide.” It will do this throughout 2020. On an affiliated website of TBN: The State of Faith 2020the six parts of the series are laid out, but only Part 1: “From the Cradle of Christianity” will be available for viewing in January.

“From the Cradle of Christianity” combines dramatic reenactments of the birth of the Church and of the miracle of how Christianity spread even as its first leaders, Jesus’ Apostles, and early Church leaders, men and women, were martyred for their faith with interviews from numerous Biblical and theological scholars. The viewer will also find helpful and interesting resources to go along with each part of the series on The State of Faith 2020 website and other social media.

I will share my thoughts about Part 1 in my next blog post.

This series is a great gift from TBN to the Church, to Biblical scholars, and to anyone interested in understanding more of the miracle of that mustard seed that has become the Kingdom of God on earth.

2 Responses to TBN Presents INEXPLICABLE: How Christianity Spread to the Ends of the Earth

  1. Roger says:

    Christianity did not spread from the 12 Disciples.. Please read Acts 8 : 1. This is about 7 + years after Pentecost and the Disciples stayed in Jerusalem and did not go out. The Apostle Paul & Barnabus are the one”s credited in the bible who turned the world upside down. Paul carried the Gospel of Grace to the Gentile world, through Macedonia and onward. God put the Jews on hold after the Romans destroyed the Temple in 70 AD.
    It is the time of the Gentiles , Age of Grace, the Church age because of mainly the Apostle Paul.

  2. Paul Guenther says:

    Here in Clarkston, WA we watch TBN on DISH. Inexplicable Part II was aired at mid nite!!! Couldn’t believe it. Will it be available to watch on y our website, as part I was.

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