Islamic Drag Queen

March 21, 2019

Methodists to Host Anti-Israel Islamic Drag Queen

Readers of this blog are already familiar with Glide Memorial, a radical progressive congregation in San Francisco that recently severed ties with the United Methodist Church (UMC). Legal fights between Glide and the UMC’s California-Nevada Annual Conference continue, but occasionally there is something or someone that we suspect regular readers will find noteworthy, such as an Islamic Drag Queen.

Enter “Drag & Spirituality: Claiming Our Sanctuary” –

“This talk show-style conversation will explore the intersections of drag, gender, sexuality and spirituality. Our host & event curator, B0NNi33 Vi0L3T, aka Duane Quintanaa queer chaplain, will interview ground-breaking local drag queens, providing an opportunity for the audience to peek into their minds, listen to their hearts and appreciate their transformations.

Please join Duane, Ms. Carolyn HenryFaluda IslamLanda Lakes and the GLIDE community for a very powerful and unique event as these artists lace their narratives with a spiritual thread and excavate the resilience from their herstories, building strength in their present and giving voice to their hope for a brilliant future for themselves and for the broader LGBTQ+ community.”

The March 24 event promises to be an over-the-top intersectional jamboree, promising “local drag queens from Islamic, Native American & Christian spiritual traditions.”

While the “Two Spirit” concept (male and female spirits coexisting within a single body) has been ascribed to Native American spirituality, it is unclear what part of the Islamic tradition embraces drag – at least as Faluda Islam embraces it.

A quick glance at the linked Facebook pages indicates that Faluda Islam is also engaged in – you guessed it – anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) advocacy. An anti-Israeli Islamic drag queen panel appears to be the sort of cosmic event that only Glide could facilitate.

12 Responses to Methodists to Host Anti-Israel Islamic Drag Queen

  1. Anyone going to that “church” is getting exactly what he wants: Romans 1 suppression of the truth and mocking of God’s created order.

  2. David says:

    If the church “severed ties” with the UMC, then the members are no longer Methodists in the usual sense. The headline is misleading.

    • Jeffrey Walton says:

      The church no longer considers itself legally part of the United Methodist denomination, but considers itself the historic Glide Memorial, which is Methodist in identity.

  3. Kansas Episcopalian says:

    San Francisco is a wicked, wicked city. Are there any theologically good Protestant liturigcal churches left?

    • Jeffrey Walton says:

      You might be surprised. While wacky churches like Glide (or, for that matter, the Episcopal Church’s Grace Cathedral) get the headlines, there are many good churches ministering in San Francisco, and some of them are liturgical.

  4. Terry says:

    Has the former Glide Memorial UMC paid anything for that building, or has the “gracious exit” plan been miraculously enacted?

  5. L. Cary says:

    Lunacy abounds.

  6. D King says:

    I heard it’s hotter’n hell in Frisco this time of year.

  7. Diane says:

    When women started wearing bloomers and then, oh my goodness, trousers, slacks and pantsuits, their cross-dressing in stereotypical male attire attracted plenty of paranoid bullies who couldn’t wrap their pea-brains around women wearing men’s clothing. They were called “she-males”. Today, many women never wear a dress or skirt, choosing to cross-dress (even in conservative churches). They may choose to wear their hair short, men might choose a ponytail. What’s the big deal about drag in the church? Is it because women are now permitted to cross-dress and work in formerly men-only occupations, but men can’t wear a dress and make-up? Who cares? There’s a place for women who dare to cross-dress in God’s kin-dom and there’s a place for men who choose to do so, too. Get over your paranoia, folks.

    • George Nixon Shuler says:

      This website wouldn’t exist without paranoia.

    • Steve says:

      Pea-brains? Nice language.
      Incidentally, there’s quite a bit of difference between cross dressing and drag. But you knew that and chose to make the misrepresentation anyway.
      Are you looking for a dialogue, or just trolling? Answer seems obvious to me.

    • Rebecca says:

      Yep, and in the Castro district in S.F. they walk around naked and the videos can be seen on you tube along with the gay parades. I guess if they have no morals nothing about dressing would bother them in church or out. God made us all with a conscience, and if we don’t use it we will pay for it someday.

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