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IRD writers and contributors comment on what social justice is, and how Christians can advocate for it based on the Gospel and natural law.

Social Justice

October 15, 2018

Evangelicals, Social Justice, and Schism

2 Responses to Evangelicals, Social Justice, and Schism

  1. Michael Whte says:

    As long as people hold onto the theory of Federal Headship they stand opposed to Ezekiel 18.
    As long as people hold to systematic racism they stand opposed to Exekiel 18.
    The soul that sins shall die.
    No one dies for Adam’s sin but Adam.
    No one dies for their forefathers’ sin unless they agree to it and do it themselves.
    Consistency counts.

  2. Michelle says:

    I would love to know how the authors (and signers) of this document came to the conclusion that social justice was the focus of churches that promote it. Because the last time I checked Barna reported that Blacks had the highest Biblical literacy rate, and these would be the most likely to be involved in social justice. I would also wonder how placing so much energy into creating, promoting and having speeches-conferences-blog posts etc about the statement does not equate to them falling into the very behavior they accuse SJM’ers of, namely elevating issues above the gospel.

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