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February 1, 2018

What in the World is Happening at Moody Bible Institute?

Julie Roys is an evangelical voice that I’ve admired for a while now. She is an author, blogger, speaker on culture and Christianity, as well as the respected host of Moody Radio’s Up for Debate program. So, I was disappointed and frustrated to learn Roys was fired from her radio program on January 8 for, seemingly, her investigation and reporting of the serious contentions surrounding Moody Bible Institute (MBI) in Chicago, Illinois.

In the midst of a household of runny noses, I’ve been struggling to keep up with the brewing storm surrounding MBI. Perhaps you have too. Tracing back to the beginning of the controversy, one finds a thorny, complicated—and in some ways, mind boggling— situation. What follows is my best attempt to compile a helpful (yet non-comprehensive) run-down of events and revelations alleging questionable spending practices and wavering Biblical orthodoxy.

The Allegations

November 9, 2017— Hints of the Bible college’s financial problems were first visible when Christianity Today’s Kate Shelnutt reported MBI was preparing to close its Spokane campus and Pasadena satellite site and cut Chicago campus faculty in order to “preserve Moody’s long-term financial wellbeing.”

In late 2017, Roys began investigating the extent of the troubles at MBI behind the scenes.

January 4, 2018—Roys tweeted:

According to Roys’ report, the Executive Committee of the Moody Bible Institute Board of Trustees and President Paul Nyquist planned to meet on January 5 to discuss allegations including:

  • Allowing professors who deny the inerrancy of Scripture to teach at the institute and write curriculum
  • Allowing a professor who supports Planned Parenthood, liberation theology, and a host of other liberal causes to teach at the school, and even spearhead missions conferences
  • Permitting a top education official to violate the institute’s bylaws repeatedly, and openly practice reverse-discrimination
  • Fostering an atmosphere of fear and intimidation, silencing whistleblowers by reprimanding, or even firing them
  • Refusing to allow shared governance with faculty as stipulated by the Higher Learning Commission, which oversees accreditation for Moody

Further, Roys points readers to an open letter submitted to The Moody Standard in November, 2017. The byline of the open letter is attributed to “Anonymous,” but is apparently written by faculty who explain “we truly don’t know if we would be fired for publishing this.”

The letter (now a pdf link on Roys’ blog) details questionable spending and student and faculty frustrations with a non-responsive administration in the wake of nearly one-third full-time faculty cuts. The author(s) write:

Employee and student trust has never been high at Moody. The most recent employee survey placed trust at squarely below the average. The majority stated that they didn’t believe anything would change as a result of the survey. After what we’ve experienced this month, we don’t feel that the administration is willing to listen or respond in wise ways.


How do you expect us to still provide this level of quality education for the same number of students when we’ve lost one-third of our faculty, with similar degrees of corporate infrastructure and program cuts still on the way?

January 9—Roys’ investigation revealed the school lent a $500,000 interest-only loan to MBI President Nyquist for a condominium, provided a luxury suite for Left Behind author and former Chairman of Board of Trustees Jerry Jenkins, and advanced a multi-million dollar new building project in the midst of the institute’s financial woes. You can read Roys’ detailed report—including her confrontation of Randy Fairfax, the chairman of MBI’s Board of Trustees—on her blog here.

Julie Roys Fired, Up for Debate Cancelled

January 8-9—Most confusing is MBI’s abrupt dismissal of Roys from her Moody Radio show, seemingly as a result of her report. She was notified of her termination in an email from Greg Thornton, MBI senior vice president of media. (Thornton is now serving as MBI Interim President)

On her blog, Roys shared:

Then yesterday at noon, I received an email from Greg Thornton, MBI senior vice president of media, informing me that “after consulting with the Executive Committee of the Moody Board, leadership is terminating your employment.” No reason was given and I was informed that my boss, Program Manager Dan Craig would be at my house in two-and-a-half hours to pick up my laptop.

Moody Radio announced the cancellation of Roys’ show Up for Debate in a vague explanation posted on the radio program’s website, stating:

After much prayer and careful consideration, Moody Radio has ceased production of Up for Debate. We are grateful to the Lord for how He has used the program to equip listeners to discern various matters of the Christian life through the lens of Scripture, and we look forward to continue ministering to you through our other programs.

Moody’s “New Season of Leadership”

January 10—Moody notified employees of the resignation of President Nyquist and Chief Operating Officer Steve Mogck and retirement of Provost Dr. Junias Venugopal, citing MBI’s need for “a new season of leadership.” Roys posted the full letter to Moody employees on her blog here. It states, in part:

As you know, the Board of Trustees has been discussing issues related to widespread concerns over the direction of Moody. Today, we accepted the resignations of President, Dr. Paul Nyquist; Chief Operating Officer, Steve Mogck; and the retirement of Provost, Dr. Junias Venugopal. Let there be no mistake that the Board of Trustees holds these three men in high regard for their ethical, moral, and spiritual leadership. They are godly, honorable men to whom we entrust to the Lord and offer our deep gratitude for their years of faithful service to Christ and to Moody. However, we are unanimous in our decision that it is time for a new season of leadership.

A Crisis of Orthodoxy?

Most alarming are the allegations of an unorthodox theological shift among MBI faculty and staff.

According to Roys, MBI Board of Trustees were set to discuss a “professor who supports Planned Parenthood, liberation theology, and a host of other liberal causes” and “professors who deny the inerrancy of Scripture.”

January 23—Despite sudden executive resignations and retirement, an official statement from MBI Board Chair of Trustees Randy Fairfax, Interim President Greg Thornton, and Interim Provost John Jelinek insists “there is no corruption, or any illegal and unethical activity taking place at Moody” and “Moody is steadfast in our wholehearted commitment to the historic, orthodox doctrines of the faith and to the inspiration and inerrancy of the Word of God.”

The letter continues, “[I]t grieves us that some of our faculty have been falsely accused of being in direct opposition to Moody’s stated beliefs and mission.”

January 25—Roys cited MBI Theology Professor Richard Weber’s allegation that Assistant Professor of Theology Dr. Ashish Varma and Professor of Theology Dr. David Tae-Kyung Rim hold a postmodern view of truth and elaborates on nuances surrounding Moody’s statement of faith. She pointed out:

In today’s postmodern environment, it is entirely possible for someone to sign a statement claiming that the Bible “is free from error” and yet simultaneously admit to what many would consider errors. The question facing the Moody Bible Institute today is not whether all its professors have signed a doctrinal statement on inerrancy, but what do they mean when they sign that statement?

January 29—Roys penned a response post doubling down on her evidence seemingly affirming allegations of questionable financial practices and faithfulness to orthodoxy. She argues, “[A]ll is not well, and Moody’s latest statement has only further muddied the waters” and “confusion persists, and Moody’s latest statement obscuring the facts has not helped.”

Unity in the midst of Confusion

For Roys, her investigation is about furthering moral clarity, not confusion. She agrees with MBI’s leadership’s call for unity and prayer, but asserts, “unity requires dealing with sin, not denying it. “

“So please MBI leadership, own and name your mistakes. And then let’s move on with a clean slate and fresh vision,” she urged.

Despite the confusion, the Almighty is reliable and capable of rectifying the messiest of situations. We pray the Lord grant wisdom to MBI’s leadership, and conviction where necessary. May the Lord guide faculty and staff as they ultimately train the rising generation of global ministry leaders.

For further detailed reporting and analysis on the allegations surrounding MBI, I recommend the following two articles:

The Stream, “Whistleblower Asks: Is Moody Bible Institute Downplaying Its Own Middle Name?,” by Josh Shepherd

World Magazine, “Moody Blues: Financial errors, insider dealings, and theological concerns force a change at an evangelical powerhouse,” by Paul Butler & Marvin Olasky

37 Responses to What in the World is Happening at Moody Bible Institute?

  1. Bob Jolly says:

    There are also other recent complaints making headlines that are not related to Roy’s complaints. Examples:

    “Female ex-instructor sues Moody Bible Institute, says wrongly fired for advocating gender equality”

    “How White Privilege Is Destroying One of America’s Oldest Bible Colleges”

    • Rebecca says:

      Please re-read the article. Julie Roys’ complaints include MBI teaching a liberal philosophy instead of traditional Christianity, along with pointing out other types of corruption.

  2. Julissa says:

    NO PROFESSOR AT MY SCHOOL DENIES THE INERRENCY OF SCRIPTURE. THAT IS A FLAT OUT LIE. You would know if you went to Moody and actually heard why those allegations were made in the first place. Please stop spreading these misrepresented and understood issuess and speaking out about a school unless you know all the details. You do not go to Moody and you do not teach at Moody. All these blog posts hurt us as a student body!!!

  3. Pamela Kemnitz says:

    Sad really sad. I can sure understand why God said there would be a great falling away and the fact that, many are called but few are chosen

  4. Chip says:

    I lived through a similar battle in the early 80’s at my alma matter. The school not only survived, but has thrived and remained true to the Faith. Pray that the Lord will move, cleanse and heal. He can do it again.

    • Dana Rzechula says:

      The Holy Spirit is the spirit of truth. To serve God we must seek truth. No institution should be valued above truth. God wants unity but not at the expense of truth. So I too, believe God will cleanse and heal to the extent that we are transparent.

  5. Dreamer says:

    Both parties are guilty.
    I worked there for more of a decade, First hand knowledge of what’s going on.
    It’s true there’s cover activities, it’s true they wasted money earned honestly by donors, and about faculty members teaching another biblical worldview, that’s right and also good.
    I’m also know Ms Roy, my perspective working close to her show me that she was a kind of arrogance and superiority persona. Too Calvinist to keep working there. Is not like “I believe TULIP therefore I existed”.

  6. David says:

    I was looking for a bible college that teaches from the KJV and holds it up to the light of what it is i.e. 100% the word of God. Any college that deals with liberalism, ecumenism, casting doubt on the word of God or pandering to gender equality, is not a college I’m interested in. Neither am I interested in a college that has not filtered it’s staff properly and has allowed leftists, homosexuals, communists, atheists, evolutionists, libtards, satanists, witches, romanists, jesuits, brainwashed so called politically correct, feminists and freemasons to infiltrate.

    The Almighty has preserved his word via the Old Testament manuscripts and by the many thousands of Textus Receptus manuscripts that make up the New Testament. To this is what I am wanting to study to become an ordained minister of the gospel and nothing else. It appears that the Moody institute has been infiltrated and that I must look elsewhere.

    • Bob Roberts says:

      There are better translations that the KJV, and you have falsely slandered Moody Bible. Witches, Satanist, etc? You seem mentally unstable or at least extremely misinformed. .

    • Jeff says:

      So, you’re a KJV only cultist.

    • Bill Opperman says:

      I read the Bible daily for 32 years. Sadly, I only read it 14 times in 6 different translations. My final conclusion is that the Bible is garbage. Please let me explain. The Old Testament is extremely biased oral history, and the New Testament is backwards, giving totally the wrong message.
      Much of the Old Testament is oral history passed down from generation to generation then finally written down. We believe Moses wrote the first five books. Where did he get the information to write Genesis? Oral history most likely.
      Remember whispering stories around a classroom to see how the story changed after being retold 30 times? Imagine the stories being retold person to person over thousands of years. Everyone tweaking the tales towards their favorite part. Stories may get amped up to draw bigger crowds. Which in turn brings in more money. “Ten percent please”. I believe the different religions improved their gods to keep ahead of the other gods (I Cor. 8:5). They finally had to claim their god as the creator of all things. Then no one could out god them.
      One of the Old Testament stories tells of thunder, lightening and the noise of trumpets when Moses went up for the commandments. Another of the pillar of smoke by day and fire by night for forty years. Zechariah 5:1-2 tells of a flying roll whose length is 20 cubits (36 ft) by 10 cubits (15 ft). These all sound a lot like spacecraft. Which would be normal in a living universe (Heb 1:2).
      Wikipedia notes under the history of Jewish kings that in contemporary scholarship the united kingdom (Judah and Israel) is believed to be “a literary construction and not a historical reality, due to the lack of archaeological evidence” of David and Solomon’s reign. There was a House of David and he may have been chieftain of the small tribe of Judah. The northern kingdom was unrelated to this ruler.
      The New Testament was compiled in the 300’s c.e. and is backwards. Paul was dead (68 c.e.) before the gospels (70’s), Acts and Revelation (93 c.e.) were written. He was not answering them. They were answering him.
      Their writings assert Paul is wrong about the law (Romans 10:4), circumcision (Acts 15:1-2), and food offered to idols (I Cor 8). Matthew in chapter 5:17-19 quotes Jesus stating the law was forever, until Heaven and Earth pass away. Luke 1:59 affirmed Christ’s circumcision. Both of these were written 6-10 years after Paul died.
      In Revelation 2:14 & 20 John is calling someone Balaam and Jezebel for causing gods people to eat food offered to idols. Paul did this and said an idol is nothing (I Cor 8:4) and eating such won’t matter (v.8).
      I believe the New Testament was compiled to legitimize the paganized church of the time.
      With the lack of credibility of the Old Testament and with the New Testament being backwards it as hard to accept this book as anything but trash.

      William Opperman

      • Roque says:

        2 Timothy 3:16-17. So you simply can’t trust the Holy Spirit compensating for human frailty and fragmentation of the faculties. Instead you adhered to the old textual critics of higher learning. Yet their liberals ideas all came to a screeching half as of May 14, 1948. And the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls. The inerrancy of scripture is held by the ancients who trusted their lifes to the Lord of Hosts.

    • Dana Rzechula says:

      Paul wrote, ” In Christ there is no male, no female…
      Would you brand him as a feminist and dismiss him, too?

  7. John says:

    Firing a whistle blower is not a way to resolve things. Do the hard work of righting wrongs and healing wounds.

  8. Carrie Cleaver says:

    I am heart broken at all that has gone on at Moody. As a 77 year old I have supported Moody financially and was also an evening school student back in the 60ties. I was shocked when I learned that the President was making $300,000. Moody is not suppose to be like other liberal Colleges or Universities where the president makes that kind of money. I live on Social Security as do many other older folks, and to think that I have been helping to pay that kind of salary has shocked me. I’m finding it hard not to cancel my monthly giving…..Will you be posting, for people to see, how you are planning on adjusting those enormous salaries. I’ll hold off stopping my monthly giving until I see how the Lord works out these serious issues.
    My prayers will continue too, only our Great God can “cause all things to work together for good.” Thank you. Carrie

    • Laurel Hurst says:

      Carrie, I realize $300,000 seems like a great deal of money, but please consider the salaries and benefits of other university presidents that are ridiculously much more.

      The president of Moody must not only maintain a home for himself, but for the hospitality of faculty, donors and international guests. That doesn’t come cheap in Chicago.

      I think you’ll find the Moody president is payed a quite modest salary considering the size and scope of the school and it’s associated ministries.

      • Michael A. Hite says:

        I almost hate to say it, but coming from an outsiders point of view looking in, it sincerely sounds absurd to think that any Christian being paid to represent the Lord could somehow receive so much money for simply serving within the faith. WOW! Over a quarter a million dollars a year? REALLY! That’s alot of money!

      • Ron says:

        Laurel, I totally agree with Carrie Cleaver concerning the Moody president’s $300,000 salary as being inappropriately high. Even if he sometimes hosts guests or donors at his home, he doesn’t need a mansion of a house for it. And even if his salary was more modest, say $150,000, he could still afford a beautiful home to live and entertain guests. Also, he may not make as much as other college president’s, but Moody is probably a lot smaller of a school than those that pay higher salaries and they have larger budgets, so proportionately Moody is over-paying their president. I also used to send money to Moody, before I realized the truth about Moody. The name you CAN’T trust anymore and you all should be ashamed of how ungodly things have become at Moody. P. S. Why is James MacDonald still allowed to preach on your radio station?

      • Ron says:

        Laurel, I totally agree with Carrie Cleaver concerning the Moody president’s $300,000 salary as being inappropriately high. Even if he sometimes hosts guests or donors at his home, he doesn’t need a mansion of a house for it. And even if his salary was more modest, say $150,000, he could still afford a beautiful home to live in. I used to live in a 3000 square foot house in Barrington, a very nice house, and I didn’t make any where near even $150,000, let alone $300,000 a year. Your just trying to put a lot spin on this issue. PS-Why on earth is James MacDonald still allowed to preach on your radio station, WMBI?

      • lulu mtz says:

        A humble servant and follower of Christ would never accept such an amount of money as a yearly salary! never! All these looks extremely corrupted

  9. Bob says:

    Attended Moody Grad school but did graduate. As a Christian who is African American, I did think I had made to Heaven yet or that I would agree with all of the doctrine and theology I enjoyed the experience. It’s a great institution but it ain’t Heaven. I pray that God will continue to Bless MBI. Know all of Christianity is under attack.

    • Dana Rzechula says:

      You are wise in recognizing we are under attack. We do need to be unified but always in Christ and not by idolizing the institutions created by man. Only God is good and we could all use some Grace. But we must be for the truth however inconvenient since that is where the Holy Spirit dwells.

  10. Jodi says:

    I am so shocked and that is an understatement of what is going on at Moody. Satan is having a heyday. Of all
    schools I thought Moody would falter biblically. Why are we hiring teachers that don’t believe in the inerancy word of God. That is our foundation!

    • Laurel Hurst says:

      Jodi, rest assured there is a huge difference between denying biblical inerrancy and holding a view of scripture that doesn’t conform to Ms. Roys’ strict adherence to and insistence on Calvinism (-ism indicates a system of teaching based on the interpretation of a man, John Calvin) and calvinistic interpretation of scripture.

  11. Friend of Chelsen says:

    I can’t believe i found this article. I am thrilled! I’ve been seeing this for myself, and was berated by an individual later learned to be a professor at the school for my conservative views. I hit the FB page and was astounded that the prof was a member of the proud progressives…whether you agree or disagree, many of the views appear in direct violation of what USED to be MBI’s views…its unbelievable. this article was TOTALLy on track, and I’m absolutely relieved someone else saw the same things. other things on the prof’s page were equally disturbing, since I was trying to wrap my head around the fact they were a teacher…..clearly they put the views out where others could see…keep up the great work

    • Dana Rzechula says:

      It is interesting that so many Christians have forgotten or never learned how progressive Christ actually was. He constantly violated societal and religious norms. He touched lepers, dead bodies and valued the disabled. He was berated for talking to “that woman” and abandoned by his own disciples for revealing who he really was. We must all look carefully at our false idol whatever their source and seek the truth if God’s word and his living example. All things created by man are inherently flawed. Only God is good.

  12. Carol Cassady says:

    1- Audit all 2- FIRE NYQUIST & all anti-BIBLE/Jesus teachers 3- consult : Hillsdale College/ Liberty Uni . / Pastor Robert Jeffries of 1st Baptist Church, Dallas, TX!
    Stand up to the EVIL your board/Nyquist allowed ! Can’t wimp out! Devil fills the void!

  13. Mary says:

    Follow the money trail. I went to moody for their “graduate program” in the 90’s. They offered no assistance to actually transition into ministry and suggested for those of us nearing graduation that we “return to our old jobs”. Now that was near impossible for many of us older students who had left our careers to live and study on campus. Now years later still receive frequent mailings reminding me that I can leave my estate to them . Ha! They will never see a dime from me. Same with the radio stations, constant begging for money, I’m sure they all have very handsome salaries. So much for money being the root of all evil.

  14. Suzy says:

    What Moody has turned into is so incredibly sad. I have family members who graduated from Moody long ago…back when it was THE Bible school to attend. Now, it has changed for the worse. Sad sad sad. I’ll pray for Moody and the current and future students.

  15. lulu mtz says:

    sad, sad sad and shocking

  16. C. J says:

    If it wasn’t for Moody I wouldn’t be here on this earth. My parents met in the 40’s. Let me tell you, it saddens me to see how the devil has creeped into this “stand for the truth” Christian based institution fir do many years. I’m praying for spiritual healing for Moody, our President, our country our world. I’m looking up and waiting for the Lord to come!!

  17. Don Honey says:

    With the Lord’s leading MBI can return to the strong force it has been for so many years. I have not supported MBI since Stowell left and rather have turned my support to Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO where I know how the money is used, what is being taught consistently and the caliber of leadership there.

  18. Sharon says:

    There is No perfect place in an imperfect world. Even if there is as soon I step in, it becomes imperfect. Therefore let’s examine ourselves and try with the help of The Holy Spirit to live Godly/God fearing lives keeping in mind that Each one of us are accountable to a HolyGod!

  19. John Dvoracek says:

    Driving past a Kingdom Hall daily and watching Mormon missionaries peddling bicycles in my neighborhood moved me to (try to) learn more about how cults begin, how deviation from historical Christianity occurs. Cults vary in degree, and I include the prosperity gospel and many other modern deviations as additional examples. Last night I remembered how we have been warned this will happen:

    2 Timothy 4:3 For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 4 They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.

    My formulation is that Satan never ceases to attack, and he is very good. He knows scripture, used it to tempt Christ, and knows to slowly, subtly, and insidiously weaken us, our churches, our theologic colleges. Moody was/is under attack. Encouraging if incomplete repudiations have been mounted. Let us pray for Moody to reaffirm historical Christian Biblical truth and COMPLETENESS. Let Moody be Biblical, not socially popular!

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