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November 5, 2017

A Prayer for Victims of the Texas Church Shooting

We at the Institute on Religion and Democracy mourn for our brothers and sisters in Christ who were killed or injured as they worshiped our Lord on November 5, 2017. Our hearts break for the parents of the little children slain, spouses who grieve for lost husbands and wives, loved ones who’ve lost friends, and the entire Sutherland Springs, Texas community. Words seem insufficient in the midst of such a horrific tragedy. So with as much clarity as we can muster in these raw moments, we offer this prayer for all those affected by this evil:

Oh Lord, hear us! Another mass shooting. Another call to prayer. Another time to mourn. We need you now.

Father, we first lift up each grieving family member and friend struggling to process their pain and anger. We pray the hurting find rest and peace in you tonight. If their faith rattles because of their confusion and frustration, please surround them with the comfort of your Holy Spirit. May those mourning remember this life is a temporary placeholding. Your children’s eternal home is with you.

Thank you for the lives spared in the church. For all injured, we ask you to mend their wounds. Thwart any post traumatic stress that threatens those who survived this very real nightmare. Grant wisdom to the doctors, nurses, medics, counselors, and volunteers as they provide physical and emotional aid.

We pray you fortify local ministers, lay leaders, and congregants as they minister to their community’s spiritual needs. Ward off the spirit of fear that might keep anyone from attending their local church.

Use your Church to bring unity in the midst of healing from this evil. We pray this tragedy would not be used for others’ selfish political gains.

Above all, through this devastation, we pray you would be glorified.

In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.



7 Responses to A Prayer for Victims of the Texas Church Shooting

  1. Gwenetta McCloud says:


  2. Patrick Cade says:

    Prayers For The Families, Community, Love Ones Of The Shooting Victims At The First Baptist Church In Sutherland Springs, Texas. Our hearts are truly sadden by the senseless act of violence. God help our nation & world.

    We pray for all those affected by the shooting in the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas:

    Heavenly Father, though we know that You are always there for us, we feel so broken and all alone from the horrific shooting that took place against our brothers and sisters of the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas this morning. It is hard to imagine and process the wickedness of this heinous act. People of all ages were attacked, shot and killed for no reasons whatsoever. Lord, wrap Your loving and healing arms around the Sutherland Springs Community as well as our nation that griefs along side them in their loss and pain. We pray that all those that were wounded in this shooting will fully recover from their physical wounds as well as their mind and soul. Reassure them of Your love, mercy and presence. Allow them all to experience Your strength, Your healing touch and Your restoring power. As we cry out to You, pour out our Your wisdom. Though we can not see Your hand, we know that we can put our trust in You. Bring an overwhelming peace over all of the congregants of the First Baptist Church as well as all of the first responders, those that chased the shooters and those that brought safety back to a very violent and dangerous setting. Thank You for Your love and grace. Do that which we can not do and completely remove all fear from this community. We proclaim Your peace over everyone affected by this shooting and full recovery for this battered town. I pray in Jesus name, Amen!

  3. Brent Muecke says:

    What a tragedy at the First Baptist in Sutherland Springs. So many members of this church lost there life while worshipping their Lord. May God give comfort to the community. Amen

  4. Jillian Gawlikowski says:

    Our household is going to be praying tonight, specifically for these brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you for this.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Dear Heavenly Father,
    Our grief for our brothers and sisters in Christ is beyond what words can express. We pray that you will comfort those who lost their loved ones, heal those who were wounded, and strengthen those who survived this tragedy. Please shine your light into this world, and restrain the evil against your people.
    In Jesus’ name we pray.

  6. Tonya Payton says:

    Prayers sent to Texas!!!!! So sad that this shooter wasn’t caught but least we know the Lord has his hand down on our fellow brother and sisters. I will keep praying the the Lord will help everyone to heal!!!!!

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