Nabeel Qureshi

January 17, 2017

7 Highly Inspirational Quotes from Nabeel Qureshi about His Faith

As a former Muslim himself, Nabeel Qureshi knows how to make the case for Christianity to followers of Islam. And with more than a decade of rigorous academic study under his belt, he speaks as a biblical scholar and expert on Christian apologetics. He presents this unique perspective in his latest book, No God but One, which I reviewed last week for Juicy Ecumenism.

Qureshi writes from the heart as he presents the evidence for Christianity in No God but One. He aims to convince Muslims of the Gospel, but his message is bound to encourage his fellow Christians in their faith as well. Qureshi’s entire book serves as essential reading for both Muslims looking for answers and Christians interested in sharing their faith.

Below I’ve compiled seven quotes from No God but One which I found particularly inspiring. May Qureshi’s words kindle (or rekindle!) your love of Christ, whether for the first time or as a seasoned disciple:

1.) “This is the synergy of Christian teaching: Christians can follow Jesus and die for their enemies because the gospel promises and enacts salvation, taking away all fear of death. This frees us to love everyone, friend and foe, enabling us to live according to the image in which we were made, the image of a God who is love in his very essence.”

2.) “Death is nothing to be feared. Jesus has conquered it, and we are in him. His resurrection has been the locus of Christian confidence from the inception of the church.”

3.) “The gospel is the answer to our individual pains, to the world’s sufferings, and to life’s mysteries. There is no God but one, and he is Father, Spirit, and Son. There is no God but one, and he is Jesus. It is worth all the suffering to receive this truth and follow him. God is more beautiful than this life itself, and the one who loves him is ready to die when death comes, not just to glorify him but to hasten to his arms. Though we die, we will live.”

4.) “As a Muslim, I had been taught from childhood that the doctrine of the Trinity was not possible because it was too complex and even self-contradictory. But the more mankind probes the universe, the more we discover its dazzling complexity.”

5.) “The message of Islam is that Muhammed is the best man who ever lived on earth, but I think this world needs an example that is beyond this earth. It needs a heavenly solution, something that makes no sense from a natural perspective and yet leaves all who witness it with a deep sense of awe that this is the answer.”

6.) “If Muhammed, after gaining an army, commissioned or participated in eighty-six battles over the course of nine years, one would consider such an activity among his follower to be inevitable. By contrast, it is beautiful that Jesus Christ, the exemplar for Christians, is never once reported to have even carried a sword.”

7.) “After studying the historical origins of the Christian faith, I came to these conclusions: that Jesus died on the cross is as certain as anything historical can be; that he rose from the dead is by far the best explanation of the events surrounding his death; and that Jesus claimed to be God is the best explanation for the immediate Christian proclamation of Jesus’ deity. Putting it all together: Jesus claimed to be God, and he proved it by rising from the dead. The case for Christianity is powerful. Despite my ardent desire to believe in Islam, I had to admit that history was in favor of Christian claims, and even more reluctantly, that it challenged Islamic teachings.”

5 Responses to 7 Highly Inspirational Quotes from Nabeel Qureshi about His Faith

  1. JR says:

    Amen Brother Quereshi, Praise GOD!! Thank you JESUS! Hallelujah

  2. Christian Ali says:

    Rest in Christ’s peace and presence brother. We shall see you again before long when we come home to Christ.

    We miss you already,

  3. Lonnie says:

    We all miss you deeply brother Nabeel. Your message has always been ingrained with Love. Love are enemies – love those who persecute us – love those of different cultures – different lifestyles – unbelievers – different races…try to love like Jesus loves. You’ve changed my heart in so many ways. Your walk with God has set an example that few in history will ever live up too. “Love & peace should be are motivation.” Nabeel final video

  4. stanley says:

    Though you have died, yet yo still live and your works will bring many Muslims to Christ. My prayers over your family and may the Lord use them greatly.

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