GBCS headquarters at the United Methodist Building

November 2, 2016

GBCS Repackaged

5 Responses to GBCS Repackaged

  1. Joan Watson says:

    Maybe the GBCS is like the local UM church that stated they were against freedom of religion because it promoted “discrimination” against LGBTQ+ people. Overall, the UMC has lost sight of the fact it is not about us changing the world, it is about God changing us into the truly human persons he envisioned when he created the world and everything in it.

    “…one of the reasons for the failure of our local churches is this: We have allowed our local churches to become institutions characterized by collective responsibility for charitable activity at the expense of growing people characterized by real compassion, which comes from the particular brand of personal responsibility native only to the love of God. In other words, the church has bought into the myth of scalability. The problem is love does not scale…

    …Finally, we must remember that love does not scale. It cannot be delegated. Institutions cannot love. Only people can love. And love will only grow large as it grows small in the everyday ordinary interrelationships between people in the Body of Christ. Our love for the world beyond the Body of Christ will never exceed our love for one another within the Body of Christ.”—J. D. Walt, “All We Need is (Hot White) Holy Love”, Daily Text, October 11, 2016,

  2. Philip says:

    You want to fix the GBCS? Make the GBCS write a quarterly report of their actions and require individual churches to publish said report to their congregation as part of the Sunday announcements. For far too long this organization has operated in the shadows, claiming to represent us, and doing things that would make most congregants quit the church if ever publicized. Let us see how long pointing to the vague Book of Resolutions as justification for politicizing church dollars lasts under scrutiny of ALL members of the church.

  3. gh says:

    Do away with GBCS and sell their very valuable building! Use the funds from the building to invest in UM Foundations that are doing advocacy work on a local conference level. Do away with the bureaucracy of GBCS altogether!

  4. Polish Bear says:

    Same song,
    Second verse,
    Should get better,
    But it just gets worse.

  5. the_enemy_hates_clarity says:

    The best way to predict future behavior is to look at past behavior.

    In Christ,

    The enemy hates clarity

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