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October 3, 2016

Puppet Time for Yellowstone Methodists

The liberal, tiny Yellowstone Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church took steps this year towards voting itself out of existence. Most readers of this blog won’t shed tears about the development, since – at the same gathering – the group of churches in Wyoming, Montana and a sliver of Idaho also voted to affirm abortion provider Planned Parenthood and a host of other lefty causes tied up in sexuality and gender identity.

Yellowstone has shrunk to such a small number of members that merging with the neighboring Rocky Mountain Annual Conference is the only viable way forward. But in case you needed another reason to shutter this progressive regional body, the Yellowstone Annual Conference offered at its June 16-18 gathering … puppet ministry:

Note that this is at a church business gathering, not a children’s activity (the bored-looking young adults corralled to the front of the group don’t seem to be experiencing any Kermit the Frog nostalgia). Puppets sometimes crop up in weird lefty gatherings (remember this Catholic dissidents’ mass?) but we at IRD are still puzzled by attachment to felt and papier-mâché creatures (or interpretive dance/flute performances) as a primary mode of self-expression.

If your appetite for puppet ministry hasn’t been satiated, head over to the web site of Bozeman United Methodist Church for more.

2 Responses to Puppet Time for Yellowstone Methodists

  1. The “Christian” Left is a deadly self-parody.

  2. LeeRaleigh says:

    Did y’all let the Babylon Bee guest post again?

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