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Guest Writer

by Matthew Hamilton

Guest Writer

September 15, 2014

Education: This Time It Really is About the Children

2 Responses to Education: This Time It Really is About the Children

  1. Nohm says:

    My grandmother dropped out of school after 8th grade – not because she was dumb, but because she had learned about enough for someone raised on a farm, and who would marry a farmer. Despite her 8th grade education, she writes more correctly and knows more of American history than the typical HS grad of today, can also do math in her head. Obviously our schools must be doing something to the kids other than actually educating them.

  2. Greg says:

    Matthew: I cannot disagree with your assessments about some of the downsides of an inadequate education, but you overstate the tragedy of it all. There are many uneducated people in our country, and throughout the world, who go on to great success, or who, more commonly, are quite content being middle class and working at a trade, or even an unskilled labor job. A lot of these people instill values into their kids, pay their taxes, go to church, and send their children to college. But college isn’t for everyone.

    But to your point, the social justice angle of education is lost on me when the vast majority of “news” coming out about schools is concerning the leftist agenda of the NEA, and how teachers need and deserve more money. As always . . . .”it’s a matter of justice.” Why can’t Johnny read? Because his teacher had to give back two personal days in the latest contract negotiation. Hog wash!

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