Genocide in Iraq & Syria


September 10, 2014

Six More Facts about ISIS

6. Over 100 children are being held hostage in an Iraq orphanage by ISIS.

In Mosul there is now an “ISIS orphanage” where some 100 children, half Yazidi and half Shiite are being held captive. The children range in age from 6 to 10, according to YNetNews. They have been “kidnapped in Iraq during the course of Islamic State’s spree of conquests in the country.” 

Kurdish human rights groups told YNetNews that the children are “being brainwashed and given large dolls and knives to learn how to behead people.” They revealed that the older children are undergoing “combat training” that includes firing range exercises and physical fitness drills, and also that the children are being forced to attend executions and are witnessing the beheadings that are taking place.

5. Thousands of Yazidi and Christian women and children are being sold as sex slaves.

The International Business Times Australia reported on August 18 that at least 500 women who are believed to be Christian had been kidnapped to be sold as sex slaves as sabaya  (the booty of war). Here is the testimony of a girl who was one of a group of 40 captured by the jihadists in August.

In addition, Yazidi women in Europe appealed on September 8 to the EU saying that there 7000 Yazidis, mostly women and children, being held captive and turned over to sexual slavery by ISIS. This is the same fate suffered by tens of thousands (if not more) women and children in the south of Sudan particularly in the late 1980’s through the 1990’s under the Islamist jihadist government that embraces the same ideology of Islamic supremacism and caliphate-building as ISIS.

4. Iraqi Christians and Yazidis are to be evacuated from 600 schools in the Kurdish Regional Government where they have been seeking shelter. Other Iraqi refugees are sleeping in parks, on construction sites, and on church pews.

It’s hard to conduct school when the schools are full of refugees, but the displaced Iraqis are desperate. According to, “With nowhere else to go, the hundreds of thousands of displaced Iraqis that have poured into Kurdistan since June have found shelter across schools, churches, mosques, public parks and unfinished buildings, causing a shelter crisis.” They report that at the latest count there are 1.4 million refugees in the Kurdistan region. 

ReliefWeb reported that Dr. Yousif Othman, Director General of Educational Planning, at the Ministry of Education in the Kurdistan regional government declared that “schools used as shelter by IDPs need to be evacuated.” UNESCO has pledged to build more schools for the IDP children to attend, but no one explained where the evacuees, who had been seeking shelter in the school, are supposed to go.

3. In villages where ISIS has been chased out, Iraqi Christians and Yazidis have returned to their homes to find them booby-trapped by the jihadists.

The booby-traps have also made things more difficult and dangerous for the Peshmerga forces. From an report: Mosul: An officer in the Kurdish Peshmerga forces revealed on Tuesday that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ISIS booby-trapped bodies of its dead northern Mosul, to impede the progress of the Kurdish forces. The Islamic militants have also booby-trapped streets, some departments and houses that they withdrew from during the last two days under the impact of the American aerial bombardment and attack of Peshmerga forces. “ISIS has booby-trapped the bodies of its dead in some areas near Mosul Dam and Tilkaif district (25 km west of Mosul),” the source said. He added “We have found the bomb bodies in the center of Tilkaif district after the withdrawal of its jihadists due to aerial bombardment and progress of Peshmerga forces to these areas.”

2. More people in the United Kingdom have signed up for ISIS  in the last 12 months than for the British Army Reserves.

According to a Breitbart London column by Andre Walker in June 2014, British Foreign Secretary William Hague reported that as many as 400 “have gone to fight alongside the jihadists of the Islamic State” while only 170 have enlisted for the British Army Reserves. 

For a clue as to why so many are enlisting as jihadists to build the global caliphate, read Bat Ye’or’s prophetic EurabiaThe European Leftist elites of the 1970’s made a conscious decision to allow massive immigration and cultural change, hoping to weaken the power and influence of the United States and to assure the flow of oil and the availability of Muslim markets for European goods.

1. Some Middle East minorities warn if Abu Bakar al Baghdadi succeeds with caliphate, the Islamic world will follow him because the world will no longer be Dar al-Kufr, but Dar al-Islam.

On June 30, 2014, the Daily Mail reported that ISIS had “formally declared the establishment of a caliphate, or Islamic state, in the vast stretches of the Middle East that have fallen under its control, and has outlined a vision to expand into Europe.” They commented that this announcement was described as the “most significant development in international jihadism since 9/11.”

Just a couple of weeks ago, pro-caliphate Islamists held the first of a series of national “Khilafah” conferences in West London to discuss Gaza, Iraq, and Syria’s role “in shaping the Ummah’s (global world of Islam) Future.”

The Khilafah website had a very interesting and enlightening document, which has been removed. Thanks to an enterprising and aware longtime student of terrorism and jihad, this document was saved and is available. If you want to see it, please sign up for the Religious Liberty Program e-newsletter. I will be revealing the whole document in my next letter.

Here’s a sample from the “What is the Khilafah?” document.

1. What is Dar al-Islam? Dar al-Islam is the land where Islamic Law is implemented in all matters of life and ruling and whose security is maintained in the name of Islam even if its citizens are non-Muslims.

4. What is The Muslims Duty towards His Country? Islam makes it a duty upon all Muslims to work to change their countries from Dar al-Kufr to Dar al-Islam, and this can be achieved by establishing the Islamic State i.e. the Khilafah, and by electing a Khaleefah and taking a bay’ah on him that he will rule by the Word of Allah (Subhaanahu Wa Ta’Ala) i.e. he will implement Islamic laws in the country where the Khilafah has been established. Then the Muslims should work with The Khilafah to combine the rest of the Islamic countries with it, hence the countries will become Dar al-Islam and they will then carry Islam to the world through invitation and jihad.


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