October 21, 2013

Billy Graham Against the Machine

8 Responses to Billy Graham Against the Machine

  1. Joyce Hatfield says:

    What an excellent article. I wish there were more young men out there like you! Your mama has every right to be proud of you!
    Joyce Hatfield
    PCC Nursing Faculty (and a friend of Aunt Teresa!)

  2. Sam Cannon says:

    I see a blockage to defining man’s good spirit in terms of “Christian” because it is bigger than that. There must be a way to connect people through a “healing spirit” that is above our names for it. For example, Abraham Maslow was a healer and good worker for the “spirit” but was an athiest trying to define “good spirit.” The only thing he missed was pointing his “Famous Hierarchy” toward the sky rather than the ground, but his definition of “Eupsychian Capitalism” at UncleAbe.blogspot.com speaks to Christians as well. I guess my beef here is that Christians are a vector to something beyond that man-made definition. Something like that.

  3. Sam Cannon says:

    It has been said, “Beauty is vanishing from our world because we live as though it did not matter.” But look at Maslow’s B-values, where “Beauty” is on a pedestal.

    It’s our sensitivity to the higher values that counts, because that’s our best defense against the anomie that haunts us.

    Sure glad you moderate these. Please clean up for me. Thanks.

  4. Sam Cannon says:

    Real world example: Google “Naamitapiikoan” and note in your mind what they mean is “sky.” He missed the spiritual aspects: “You don’t grow a tree from the top.” See how the “Famous Triangle” blocks good works? If it were upside down, it would be a better guide for all of us.

  5. Sam Cannon says:

    Real World Example: A fellow Southerner, William Faulkner speaks to the same notion in a secular way, but speaks to Christians as well as others endowed with what makes man unique among creatures:


  6. Sam Cannon says:

    All the machine needs is a Universal Quote of the Day.

  7. FAMiniter says:

    I am really curious as to when and where this interview took place, who was present and how it was recorded and transmitted to the author of the article. It has seemed for some years now that Billy Graham has been getting the Howard Hughes treatment. Then when I read the style of what he is alleged to have said – at 95 – I get even more suspicious.

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