August 3, 2013

Act for Sudan: Join the Obama’s Stained Legacy Campaign

Act for Sudan’s Obama’s Stained Legacy Logo (Photo credit: Act for Sudan)

IRD’s Church Alliance for a New Sudan is proud to be a member of Act for Sudan, a coalition of individuals and organizations from across the political spectrum working to stop genocide and mass atrocities against Sudan’s marginalized and persecuted populations by their own government. Oh that folks in all church coalitions and ecumenical groups acted with as much consideration, appreciation, courtesy, and affection towards each other as I have witnessed from this very diverse secular alliance!

One demonstration of the dedication and priority of the members of Act for Sudan is the new Obama’s Stained Legacy Campaign. Some have been obligated to put aside their political preferences in this public call out President Obama for letting them down on Sudan, but they have cared more about stopping genocide than their political preferences.

The Act for Sudan Obama’s Stained Legacy campaign reminds President Obama of  his promises about Sudan, quoting his own words back at him. It expresses great disappointment with Obama’s failure to follow through on those promises, failure to act on ongoing multiple genocides perpetrated by Sudan’s jihadists against the black, African Sudanese in Darfur, the Nuba Mountains, and Blue Nile regions. This inaction became more and more unfathomable as “Arab Spring” took place, and the Obama Administration took action (many would say ill-advised and incorrect action) on Egypt and Libya. The inaction becomes more and more understandable by discerning the pattern of action/inaction from Iran’s 2009 aborted pro-democracy movement to Nigerian slaughters under Boko Haram, to funding and supporting Syria and Libya’s Islamist militants, to increasing pressure on Israel, to failing to support the current People’s Revolution in Egypt.

Regardless of all of this, Act for Sudan has understood that the Obama Administration considers the progress that has been made to bring about the nation of South Sudan during Obama’s presidency will help to make a shining legacy for President Obama. But because of the failure of the Obama Administration to implement a pro-democracy (secular, religious freedom for ALL democracy)/civilian protection-oriented policy on Sudan, Act for Sudan says “not so fast!” While campaigning for the presidency, says Act for Sudan, “Mr. Obama said that genocide is ‘a stain on our souls’ and promised that ‘as a president of the United States I don’t intend to abandon people or turn a blind eye to slaughter.'”

Act for Sudan continues:

Yet today, more than four years into his presidency, President Obama continues to oversee a disastrous approach to the ongoing genocide in Sudan. This approach has failed to prevent the tragic loss of countless lives and the mass displacement and starvation of countless more innocent people. Unless President Obama ACTS NOW to protect innocent civilians from their genocidal government, he will ultimately be remembered for his stained legacy on genocide.

Please check out Act for Sudan’s Obama’s Stained Legacy Campaign on the Act for Sudan website and consider joining. More information and suggestions for action coming this weekend, right here on Juicy Ecumenism!

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