December 11, 2012

Negotiating a Turbulent World

Demonstration against Islamism and Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo, Egypt

By Faith McDonnell

The so-called “Arab Spring” came in 2011 to Egypt. But the events now taking place – the protests against President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, signifying a resistance to the Islamization of Egypt, confirm the disastrous nature of “Arab Spring.” Many now call the conditions in the Middle East the “Arab Winter” or the “Christian Winter” – because it has brought new levels of hardship and persecution to Middle East Christians, not to mention new threats of terror and destruction to Israel. It is hard to know how to negotiate through these turbulent world events and come out with something that is close to the truth. We learned this lesson the hard way with the “Arab Spring.”

I don’t call the Arab Spring a failure, because I believe that it accomplished exactly what it was intended to do, what my friends from Sudan told me it was intended to do from the beginning. The demonstrations and desire for change by people who truly desire freedom and democracy were commandeered in a longstanding plan to “replace tyrants with terrorists,” exchange corrupt, oppressive secular regimes with homogenous, oppressive Islamist regimes. The Islamists follow Rahm Emanuel’s well-known maxim, “you never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

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2 Responses to Negotiating a Turbulent World

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  2. Davey Wavey says:

    It be refreshing if you had some concern for Palestinian Christians bombed by the IDF or those whose homes have been demolished to make way for Jewish “settlers” (really, thieves!) But you have no interest in that. Why not?

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