February 22, 2010

Remember Norman Lear’s radical People for the American Way?

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Remember TV producer Norman Lear, who introduced then-controversial 1970’s sit-coms like “All in the Family” and “Maude?” Back in the 1980’s he founded People for the American Way (PFAW) to counter the Religious Right. PFAW is still around and now is going after the pro-marriage and pro-life Manhattan Declaration as “poison.” Here’s my article. Last November, I was privileged to join with many distinguished Christians like Chuck Colson in releasing the Manhattan Declaration. Now, over 400,000 have signed it. If you haven’t already, please do so here.

Far-left lobbies like Lear’s PFAW, and sadly many of our church denominational groups, think defending traditional marriage and the sanctity of all human life is “poison.” But what they advocate, which is the break-down of all moral norms in favor of radical individualism, is the real poison.

Thank God that, for all of America’s problems, many pillars of truth, law, and morality still stand. Here’s an article by Faith McDonnell about the 1970’s era martyrdom of a Ugandan Christian murdered by the brutal then-dictator Idi Amin. Uganda’s Christians still honor that martyr today.

Persecution of Christians continues in China, even as some of the worst forms of communism have receded. God continues to bless and expand the Chinese church in exciting ways, despite its sufferings. Read Faith’s article here. And especially note her call for specific prayers for Chinese Christians during Lent.

The church in Gaza is tiny and often under siege by the radical Islamist Hamas regime there. Of course, left-leaning groups like the World Council of Churches (WCC) mostly ignore that reality and instead fault only Israel for nearly all problems in the Middle East. Here’s my article. The WCC claims to be so concerned about the Palestinians. But what anti-Israel church groups like the WCC advocate would tragically only fuel greater suffering for the Palestinians and others.

IRD has been exposing irresponsible church groups like the WCC for nearly 30 years. Thankfully, our exposés have sharply reduced the influence of once powerful church organizations like the WCC and National Council of Churches. But now the same spiritual and political fads that undermined Mainline Protestants are creeping into the evangelical world. IRD’s important work continues and expands!

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